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Tips to keep the baby healthy during the summer

Tips to keep the baby healthy during the summer

Summer is hot for everyone. Because the kids are very sensitive they cannot easily adapt to the hot weather. The child faces severe health problems in the severe heat. Therefore, parents should always be aware of their care. The child needs his care only if it is winter, summer or rainy season. However, hot weather can really be difficult for the children as compared to other times. During this time children can get various diseases. Let’s know how to take care of the baby in this summer.

Junkyard or chicken pox

At this time the children get watery. It is usually more than 1-5 years old. However, if the vaccine is vaccinated in chicken pox, the risk of getting the disease reduced greatly. During this illness, the baby will need special care. She has to wear soft cotton cloth. Liquid or soft foods should be eaten. To drink more water. It must be accompanied by breast milk.

Leather rays or rashes

This is more common in children’s case. It is usually rash like a red granule on the skin or on the skin. The baby must be kept clean because of this rash or rashes. Regular bathing and wearing clean clothes. You can put baby powder in places of rash. The itch will decrease slightly. Every time the clothes are changed, the child will need to be wiped with a soft wet cloth. Many times it may be due to the diaphragm, so be careful that wet diapers do not have a lot of time for the baby. Once the diaper is damaged, open it immediately and insert the new diaphragm. However, it is better to keep the long diaphragm during the summer, it is better. Sometimes it may become a blow if the ray is too high. In that case, you must consult a specialist.

Upset stomach

Usually, during the summer it is more stomach which is stomach bad. If the baby’s stomach is bad, then he will have to eat saline frequently. There will be water or water in the cab. At the same time, he will also be given fluid food. The rules have to be followed until the child’s latrine is normal. It should be noted that the child does not have infertility and its urine is normal. Besides, if the blood goes to the baby’s toilet, then you must consult a specialist without neglecting it. In the case of six-month-old children, the mother’s milk cannot be stopped at any point in time. There will also be water and other food.

Cold problem

The problem of colds in the children is also high in summer. Extreme sweating can be cold due to the heat. So if the child is greyed out, then he should change his clothes immediately after he washed his body. In the summer, the child will have to take a bath regularly and keep him clean. At this time, there may be a cold cup of baby Moms. Moments are very late for a while. But in the long run, MMR injection was given to the child. Besides, the expert will be able to take care of the expert.

Besides, this summer will also have to look at your little hair. In the summer, the horses of the house are dormant, there is also the dust attack. So first take special care of the children’s hair against the disease. Often, excessive summer hair is exposed to dandruff or voracious skin. So at the beginning of the summer, the hair of the child should be shortened. Initially, if the hair started ghee, it would dry up quickly. At the age of one year and under, children must be fixed during the summer.

If you want to keep your hair long, be careful about it. Wash the hair thoroughly after bathing. Sprinkle the hair with a large sparse comb. Then tie it well when hair is dry. Children’s hair is suitable for their use and good shampoo. Different combinations should be used for them. It is better to have the hair shampoo for two days of the week.

Something worthwhile needed

  • In the summer the child should regularly take a bath and keep away from the dust as far as possible.
  • If you go out, keep the pure drinking water for the child always.
  • The sweat should be erased when the child is dampened. If the sweat of the body gets dry, the baby may get cold.
  • It is also good to feed the child as soft as possible in the summer.
  • The baby’s skin should be kept clean so that there is no national problem.
  • The child will have to drink plenty of water in the summer so that the amount of urine is normal.
  • Newborn babies should always be covered as if their body is warm. However, it should be kept in mind that he does not go to ghee.

During the hot period, mosquitoes, flies, ants, etc. are seen in the incidence of insects. These may be the reason for your child’s illness. You can use aerosol or other insecticides to keep your house free of these insects, but be aware that your child should not be able to reach them anyway.

It is natural that sweating in the body of the child in summer will be sweat. With this assumption, you have to prepare for the summer. This is due to the extreme heat due to diarrhea. To keep the child from this catastrophic disease, regularly feed the liquid with regular meals. If you do not want to eat saline or liquids directly, try eating foods mixed with food. There are also plenty of summer fruits available in the market. Let him eat the fruit your child likes. Bottle-free juices found in the market should not be allowed to eat the baby in any way. If you like to eat juices, you can buy fruit and make the juice in the house. However, it should be kept in mind that babies will not get cold due to cold water mixed with cold water. Many children do not want to eat nutritious food and vegetables. There is no need to be forced to feed if you do not want to eat. Try a little trick and mix it with khichuri or favorite food.

During the summer baby dress must be comfortable. Avoid silk, jeans or linen fabrics. Soft cotton fabrics are suitable for children during the summer. Children are more sweaty, so be careful that the dress is loosened and a little open. Sweat can dry very easily. Parents need to be careful about choosing a colorful dress. Choose a white or light pink or bright light color than a dark color choice. This type of attire is considered less hot. At this time it will not be very wise for the child to wear a flowerpot. So loosen the loose shorts for Babu. Besides, the three-quarters pants of Dhola will also provide additional benefits for summer.

In the summer the baby will have to take bath daily. Many children do not want to take bath for fear of cold or cold-cough. But due to the severe sweating of the body, there is a fear of more disease and diarrhea. During a bath, the baby should be cleaned with soap on the body. However, shampoo is not good enough to use, it is enough for two days a week. After bathing, it is better to add a powder to the baby’s body and head thoroughly. This will make the children safe from scorching pain. Children’s decoration materials are of course good quality.

Also, keep your house clean for keeping the house free of insects. Do not let the water in the flower beds or anywhere else in the bucket. Because these are helpful in the reproduction of dengue-based mosquito mosquitoes. Use the mosquito during sleep. Keep the baby’s bed clean. Consult a doctor quickly with any physical problem.

The prevalence of water-borne diseases in summer and the rainy season is increased. So be careful. Before feeding, the baby’s bowl, wash the plate with boiled water. Drinking water should be well expressed. Wash and wash the hands well before serving and serving. In the summer these days, you can make sure that your baby’s wellbeing is done automatically. So make sure to take proper care of her baby, her health, and a wonderful future.

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