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Things should be kept in mind while breastfeeding the baby

Things should be kept in mind while breastfeeding the baby

Mother’s breast milk is not an option for proper nutrition for the baby. Mother’s milk is the best food for breast cancer, breast-growth, and mental development. Apart from breastfeeding, a healthy intimate relationship between mother and baby develops. The mother enjoyed her motherhood fully by feeding her baby. It is very important to adopt the right procedure to breastfeed the baby in adequate quantity. The way mother is sitting with the child, the method of eating it should be correct. It is necessary to ensure the proper position of the mother on the mother’s breast and the exact location of the mother and baby.

Things should be kept in mind while breastfeeding the baby

Mother’s comfortable position

While breastfeeding, the mother should sit in a comfortable place. If there is no sofa-cushion in the house, you can arrange a baby to feed the baby while sitting in a chair or an EG chair. Besides, lying on a wall or pillow can be fed breast milk or lying on the bed. If the mother is sitting, then the back should be kept straight, the shoulder should not be raised. If there is a mother’s comfort, there is a kind of relaxation that benefits the milk. If you want to sleep, then the mother should drag the baby near herself as far as possible so that the child is attached to the stomach, chest, and chest, and the back part of the body is in the straight line. While sitting, the mother should sit straight and sit with a pillow behind the back so that the waist is not bent and a pillow is given below the hand, so that the hand does not hang. If you do not pill your back, you will not be able to sit on the front or back of the waist, and you will not be able to stop milk.

Keeping the baby in intensive care while feeding

Regardless of the method or straining of the mother in the baby, always keep in mind that the baby’s eyes are on the face of the mother. The baby’s neck does not cling. In the neck bend, the child cannot eat fat enough to eat, because he has already left the breast. If the mother wants you can give her a baby under the neck. But never mind.

The mother should keep the baby in such a way that the baby’s face is in the mouth of the nipple. The baby’s head should be on the hand of the mother. There should be no gap between the baby’s body and the mother’s chest. The baby’s body is mixed with the mother’s chest. The child must always be sure to get close to the mother’s body. If the child gets close to the time of eating, then both the mother and the child are very relaxed and happy. The children seem to be very safe for themselves.

Keeping the baby in the right position, the mother will put the nipple on the baby’s lips in a few times, it will cause the child to grow up. After that, the black part of the four sides (Ariola), including Nipples (Ariola), have the face. Baby Ariola munch Then get milk properly. But if the only nipples, then nipple can be torn, a mother will get pain, and the baby will also get less milk. Therefore, more than nipples are given to the baby’s face, the baby will get enough milk.

After following this procedure several times after the birth of the baby, after taking the baby to the chest, he can then scrub the right place of the chest. As soon as the child can be taught to breastfeed in the right way, the sooner the child will be able to properly breastfeed and be healthy.

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Follow the sequence of steps

It is necessary to feed the baby from two breasts to the breast. Some mothers seem to have the advantage of feeding one or the other (right or left) milk. So feed one more milk. On the other hand, feeding less than the breast causes milk production and disrupts in it, and the child becomes accustomed to eating milk at one go.

Let the baby finish a breast. The child will have 15 to 20 minutes to suck. Do not feed a little from the two breasts. When you have finished breast milk at one time, give another breast. Because the first part of milk we call foremilk contains carbohydrate and water. The next part is fat at the hind milk. When he was little, he received water and carbohydrate each time.

Water will get out of the baby’s pub and this carbohydrate is lactose, which will be insufficient in its lactose enzymes. As a result, more or more foam or green closet, it will be seen that the lactose intolerance is being done. The child will be hungry again and again. Feeding breasts for a long time will give the hind milk as it is fat and it takes time to break it. As a result, the child will be hungry late. Weighing too fast

However, it may not be necessary to breastfeed from breasts on both sides each time. When the baby’s stomach is full of cuddy breasts and the other is to be fed later. The way to understand whether the child is full of the stomach is: If the stomach is filled, the child automatically releases milk, and the child does not want to eat even after giving it to another chest.

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The mother should be dressed while breastfeeding the baby

While breastfeeding the baby, the mother should take special care of her dress. Avoid tight, heavy clothing. Keeping in mind the breastfeeding of the child at that time, the mother should be dressed in soft, low sweat, comfortable clothes (eg knit gown, button shirt, a cotton gown, nursing bra etc.). A mother should not wear clothing that is difficult for breastfeeding. The clothes should be kept in front of the head and the mother should be allowed to breastfeed after wearing it.

Breastfeeding the child of working mothers

Worker mother has to join workplace shortly after childbirth. For those mothers, it is not possible to breastfeed the baby on time. They can also collect breast milk with the help of breast pumps. Later, another member of the household can feed the baby with the help of a feeder.

Some studies have shown that as long as you breastfeed, even if you put it in the refrigerator, the more vitamin C will decrease and its fat content will be lost. Although the breast milk preserves can meet the needs of your newborn, it will not be enough for him to grow when he grows up. In our country’s hot and humid climate, chest milk can be stored up to three hours at normal temperature. Do not save more than 1-4 oz each time. If it is refrigerated it will be good for 24 hours. If you have special privileges then you can think of taking the child to work.

Drink lots of water

There is a possibility of a mother’s dehydration on breastfeeding. Therefore, a mother should drink at least 3 liters of water per day. Increase in breast milk and regular milk supply. Those who breastfeed children usually eat more than one liter of water than those mothers who do not give breast milk. So whenever you get the urge to drink water, it will be your water needs to be filled.

Look at the child without looking at the watch and look at the child

Nowadays many mothers make mistakes in countless information gathering. Many people think that by feeding the clock to the baby, the child will be built in the middle of a rule from the smallest time – which is a complete misconception. Do not look at the watch and care about the benefits and disadvantages of the child. The time and the situation will create the rhythm of your life and your child’s life.

Be patient

If the child shows disrespect to mother’s milk, do not insist, try to feed your baby to sleep with the baby in the Nicely and listen to listening to the music. Sometimes, when the milk becomes thicker in the mother’s chest, the breasts become heavy. Sometimes, when the milk becomes thicker in the mother’s chest, the breasts become heavy. Besides, if you take a cold or hot water in the water, it will be beneficial.

Sufficient sleep and balanced diet

The adequate sleep and balanced diet of the mother help the baby to get enough breast milk. No need to eat a lot. Be careful about your body’s needs and eat if you are hungry. But eat healthy food. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, fish (no marine fish), and gourmet fatty foods. Even if your baby is breastfeeding frequently, you may also want to eat extra calories or a slice of bread with apple or peanut butter.


If you want to breastfeed it cannot be easily done by mothers who can easily do it successfully. Needed in this regard is enough confidence of the mother, the desire to breastfeed when to know what to do. Mother’s milk is well-developed in the mother and child by providing adequate nutrients, immune system and chest containment for the baby. Therefore, a mother can fully enjoy motherhood by giving her breast milk.

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