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The baby acidity in the stomach because, observation and doing

The baby acidity in the stomach because, observation and doing

If the baby is in the stomach, then the parents will fall in love, what would they like to do, stop crying or take them to a doctor etc. Some people say that the child likes the air in the stomach, the wind blows, which causes vomiting. Basically, gas is also grown in the stomach and the elderly also. Children can not tell how they feel and therefore we can not understand.

Why is the gas in the abdomen?

There may be several reasons for having a baby’s stomach gas. Neonatal gas problems are very common for three months of birth because at this time the digestive system of the baby is gradually well structured. It is normal for 6-12 months because the child starts eating different types of baby food for the first time.

When the gas is in the stomach, its stomach swells due to the wind, which can be due to the process of digestion of the baby or due to the air entering the baby’s stomach during eating. Some common causes of gas in the baby’s belly are:

Eat very fast: If the baby’s breast milk is high or bottle feeding bottle, if the baby’s bottle nipple is bigger then the baby starts to swallow the milk very quickly and the air also goes to the baby’s stomach, which can lead to the gas.

Eating too slowly: In the same way, when the mother is breast milk or if the bottle hole is much smaller then the excess air goes in the baby’s stomach and the gas is made during the milk of the baby.

If there is a foam in bottle milk: If the formula is fed to the child, the formation of the formula is as much as the shake of the bottle, the more foam is made. It can cause gas in the stomach. So after making the milk, keep them for a few minutes to reduce the foam. Then let the baby eat.

Due to the specific protein of milk: If the child is breastfed, then the protein of the mother’s diet can cause a child’s stomach gas. This problem is seen more than playing mother’s diet products. If you are sure of what is due to it, exclude it from your mother’s diet. If the child eats formulas, then the gas is in the formula no formula can tolerate the child. If you do, then consult the doctor and change the formula. If you think that due to the mother’s diet, you can reduce the risk of breast cancer by taking a meal at a time.

Due to some foods: Children like adults may have stomach gas in some vegetables. Such as broccoli and cabbage. If they are healthy and should be eaten then try it so that they are not fed too much. After six months of age, breast milk, as well as a little extra food, was given. There may be gas in the abdomen too often. These baby foods contain various kinds of fruits and vegetables, including khichuri and fish-meat and eggs. Often, if the quantity of vegetables is high in khichuri, there is a risk of gas and there can be Dalai gas, even boiled oil can be gas. So keep an eye on the food while serving additional meals. For example, to increase the amount of raw banana or raw papaya by reducing the amount of spinach and pulses in Khichuri.

Due to eating juice: Children should not drink anything other than mother’s milk and formula. If it is 6 months then you can drink water. A juice that contains Fructose and sucrose cannot properly digest the baby. This can cause a child’s abdominal and even diarrhea.

Do not drink enough water: After drinking enough 6 months, drinking enough water can reduce the problem of constipation. Due to constipation many times abdominal gas and pain. A 6-month-old child will have to drink 2-4 ounces of water daily as well as milk or formulas. If the child is 12 months old, increase it to 4-6 ounces.

Because of excessive tears of the child: If the child is not able to cry for long periods of time, the air can enter his stomach. Therefore, the child should stop crying as soon as possible.

How do you know that the baby has gas in the stomach?

It is difficult to understand whether a child is having a stomach because the child can not tell his problems to himself. But some symptoms can be seen in them-

  • The appearance of redness.
  • Cry.
  • Wiping after eating.
  • Hold your hand.
  • Bring your legs to the stomach, etc.

If the child raises the pipe or leaves the air, it will surely be able to understand that his gas problem is going on.

But sometimes the symptoms of gas problems can indicate any other problems. If the child is crying after dying or leaving the air, then there is another problem with him, such as reflux, constipation or colic.

If the baby has reflux, then the stomach food comes out of the food nail and comes out of the mouth or vomits. In this case, the child is suffering and his back bent, but do not bring the foot in the gas to the stomach. It is important to understand the difference between gas and reflux because if there is reflux on the baby, it can be worse if the pores are taken.

Causes of constipation can also cause symptoms of a baby’s stomach gas. But at this time the child wanders. However, constipation is easy to understand because it is difficult to break the baby and the closet becomes hard.

Because of excessive tears in the baby, sometimes it seems that the baby has gas in the stomach. But it can be due to colonial reason. According to the children’s experts, if your child is usually crying more than three hours or more, three or four days more than once in the week and continuously for three to four weeks and if there is no explanation, then the child may be cholesterol.

What can be done to solve the problem of gas in the baby?

All the parents feel bad due to the gas due to the gas due to the stomach. But in some ways, you can reduce the pain by taking out the gas in your baby’s stomach.

Milk bottle

If the child is breastfeeding, keep in mind that during the milking, the air does not go high in the abdomen. Hold the bottle up so that bottle nipple milk is full. If the nipple is empty, then the air baby can go to the stomach with milk. Note that bottle nipple should not be too small or too big. If the nipple is larger or smaller, it is more likely to swallow the germination of the body. Anti-colic is now available to buy a lot of feeding bottles in the market, which helps reduce the amount of air in the baby’s belly.

The baby’s position while feeding

While breastfeeding your baby should be raised high so that the milk can be easily and quickly in its stomach. If the child is fed during feeding, the gas can be high.

Feed before getting hungry

Feed the baby before getting hungry. If he is crying because of hunger, as soon as he is breathing in the stomach, as soon as he breathes the food, he swears more because of hunger due to hunger and also accompanied by air. When feeding, try to feed the child in a quiet environment.

Take the dome

The time of feeding, the air comes out from the stomach of the child after repeated puberty. There is no need to wait for the child to finish eating. When breastfeeding, breastfeeding after breast changes or bottle-feeding after a few minutes. Hold the baby in one go and massage your child’s back with another hand or shave it slowly. If the child is fit to raise his head, then take him on his shoulder so that his stomach stays on your shoulders and then slowly slip his back or massage. This will cause more stress in the baby’s stomach. If you do not like the child in this way, you can lay the child on the lap and massage his back.

Baby Bicycles

Let the baby sit down Keep your feet moving in two bumps and bolt slowly. Move the child several times a day in this way. Can change the diaphragm time. In many children, the gas goes out of it.

Massage the stomach

The child can massage his stomach and then slowly massage his stomach. It can be a relief of the baby as well as the relapse of the gas problem. You can also lay your child on the stomach on your knees and massage your back on your knees. As a result, sometimes the extra air is released. Keep in mind that the child’s head should not be leaned. For this reason, the child will need to support the other while doing massage.

Acidity medicines and other

Many experts advise different types of gastric medicines to cure the problems of the baby’s gases. Grap water is used more often. There are no side-effects of the child in these cases, but many studies have not shown that these are very effective. It is necessary to identify why the problem of the baby’s gas is identified and it is necessary to solve the problem. If there is any food that causes the baby’s gas, it will be identified first. Otherwise, it will continue to be the cause of the problem, and he will also be given various medicines. There will be no profit without its loss. It is better to resist than to seek remedy. So try the methods discussed above. If absolutely nothing happens or the child is suffering from it, then you can take medicines with the advice of the doctor.

When to go to the doctor?

If there are other symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea or fever, then tell the doctor quickly if there is a problem in the baby’s gas. They may be symptoms of food allergies, stomach flu or GERD.

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