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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or Sudden Death of Baby

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or Seeds is a terrible thing for kids aged 12 months and under. This baby’s baby is known as Seeds while sleeping without any signs of illness or illness. According to a 2014 figure, the rate of Syds in the United States is 34%.

This means that 34 children of whom have died during the one year of child mortality, whose age 0-12 months have died during sleep without any illness. Sudden Influx Death Syndrome (Seeds) in the United States, and due to sudden stress or due to stress due to the neck due to sleep due to sleeping reasons every year about three and a half thousand children are killed.

In every case of the Sides, the exact cause is not known. This is why this syndrome creates a mysterious and alarming condition for adolescents. Without a prejudice, a healthy baby may die in this regard. More such cases can be seen in the case of a 2 4 month old baby.

Many such deaths are called Cot Death or Crib Death because most of the time children are found dead while sleeping or crying. But this is a misconception, because in many cases it is possible that such situations can occur, wherever the children are sleeping.

Why is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?

No specific reasons for this are yet to be known. However, researchers have identified some physical and sleeping issues as the cause. But these things may not be the same for all children.

Physical problems:
Some babies may develop with errors in the brain. Most of these children do not form part of the brain that controls their breathing and wakes up waking up. As a result, it can not work properly. These children have more of the risks of the Syds.

Many babies can grow due to pre-matchmaking or for other reasons due to low weight. Even in these children, even if the part of his brain does not develop perfectly, he can not control his breathing and heart rate.

Some children may have respiratory infections, which may cause respiratory problems.

Sleeping issues:
The bed risk may be increased due to the child’s sleeping condition or pill or pillow used for sleeping and combined with the physical problems of the child.

If the child is lying on the stomach or on the side of the stomach, it is more difficult for the baby to breathe. If the child is sleeping on a soft bed or on the mattress and the baby is laid on the bed, then the baby’s breath may stop.

Although the risk of sedation in the same room with the parents of the parents is reduced, the study found that the risk of drying in the same bed increased. It also increases the risk of sedation, but it also increases the risk of sleep during the child’s sleep.

Some other things are considered as risks to Syed.

For example:

  • Childbirth is riskier than the child’s child.
  • If there is such a previous event in the family then it can be again.
  • Children who are suffering from indirect smoking.
  • Pre-mature or low-weight children are more at risk.

Mothers may increase the risk of childhood syndrome due to pregnancy

  • If the mother is under 20 years of age.
  • If you have a mother’s smoking habit.
  • If there is an addiction to drugs or alcohol.
  • If pregnancy care is not taken properly.

When are Seeds more?

The kids are more infected on the seas when they are asleep or they are asleep or they are asleep. It is usually seen more than night, but it can be any time of day. It may be in a child’s bed or even in the mom’s lap while sleeping.

Seeds are seen more in the winter. This may be due to winter infection. Another reason for this may be that in the winter, the parents keep extra clothes for the kids or sleeping at night while keeping the room heater in place, so that the child may feel hotter.

How to reduce the risk of seeds?

Certainly, it is not possible to deal with Seeds, but following some of the issues can reduce its risk considerably. Following the advice of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the risk of childhood seizures and other sleep-related deaths is reduced.

Baby Swaddle
Experts say that the rate of death of children suddenly decreased greatly due to prostration due to shingles. As in 1992, 120 children of 100,000 children were killed. In 2001, the number dropped to 56 people. The death rate decreased 53 percent in a decade.

If the child is lying on the bed but it may feel hotter, breathing can be interrupted, the breathing that he breathes through breathing again allows the oxygen to below.

The baby should not be swaddled because it can make the baby fall very easily. The pressure on the child’s soft lungs in the shawl or prostrate on one side, which is harmful to the baby.

But there is nothing to be scared if the child is able to sleep back from himself. Because the pressure on the lungs at this time, the children themselves change the position.

Safe bed
baby safety bed
Keep the baby strong, in the same bed. Normally we keep soft toys dolls beside the children of the age of 1-12 months old. The reason for keeping the baby’s tears stopped, and of course, remove the babies while they are sleeping. The bigger toy doll from the child is risky for the baby. Baby should not be a pillow and kept in bed.

Do not use soft matres in bed. Soft cushion or matrices have the risk of dying of a baby’s breath. If you use a blanket or a tooth to teach the child, it is possible to have it on his nose so be careful. In the winter the child can use the slip sock during sleep. This is a sleeveless blanket that can be kept in the baby.

Sometimes a child cannot be kept in a sofa, coach or mattress chair. Can not sleep alone or with anyone. Because these places are dangerous. If you have a fear of falling asleep while feeding your baby, then feed your baby lying on your bed; No sofa or mattress chair. As soon as you wake up from sleep, keep the baby in your bed.

Children should not sleep in a carrier, car seat, bouncy seat or stroller, especially children under 4 months old. Because the baby’s breath may stop when the head is tired of the head while sleeping. It is important to keep the child in mind so that the child’s head is straight and the nose does not feel anything in the mouth.You can use baby cribs for baby safety.

Not in the same room but in the same bed
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, if at least six months of birth and possible, then one should sleep with the parents in the same room for one year. But they are against the Shoane in the same bed. Because of this, the child’s breath may stop due to the accidental death of the baby. The child’s parents may be kept in separate crevices beside their mother’s bed.

Use of sleeping bag
Many people use sleeping bags to keep the child safe while sleeping. This sleeping bag is a comfortable, warm and soft bed that has small spaces for the baby’s head and head. The structure of this bag is usually such that when the child turns back or falls down while sleeping, the bag will be positioned as soon as possible and the child will also sleep again on the back or on the back.

The American Academy of Pediatrics is against the use of these things because there is no evidence of child safety in the use of these things, but the soft material used in them is at risk of childcare.

The child does not feel too hot
For the child not to get too hot, use only one layer of clothes more than the older ones. Keep in mind that the child is feeling more hot, such as whether the child is sweating, whether the hair is wet or if the child is cheated, if he is hot, etc..

Stay away from drinking alcohol during pregnancy
Almost all studies have shown that during the pregnancy, mother’s risk of smoking or alcohol consumption increased greatly. They also cause obstruction to the normal growth of the child. So stay away from them. Keep the baby away from cigarette smoke even after birth.

Give all the vaccinations on time
All vaccinations on time can reduce the risk of sys.

Breastfeed the baby
The more breastfeeding the baby, the risk is reduced. If the chest milk comes less, feed as much as you can. Feeding a little rather than feeding at a time is also very useful.

You can use Chestnut
Studies have shown that among the children who use chewing gum, the rates of seed are very low. If the experts are not sure that there is no direct relationship with Sid without having it In the first year of birth, you can give the baby a smoker while sleeping.

After the baby is asleep, it does not need to be given again if it does not smell after its mouth or if the child does not want to take it, but there is no need to stress it.

However, it is important to keep in mind that breastfeeding babies are used properly after breastfeeding. Otherwise, the child will not learn to eat milk properly. The child cannot be hanged on the neck of his face or attached to his clothes.

Dresses are never so tight
Children should wear light clothes without wearing tights while sleeping. In the winter, many parents wear a coat or blanket in a way that children can not move to the nose, the strained condition is created. So wear children’s clothes or cover them in such a way that they can move freely.


It is a matter of hope that the child mortality rates in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome are very low due to many issues related to child rearing. Due to the practice of breastfeeding children in our country, staying in the same room with the child, the tendency to reduce the smoking of mothers, the incidence of this syndrome is much less than the western countries.

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