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Do something for the baby in the hot summer

Do something for the baby in the hot summer

In the summer due to the last dawn, the temperature is quite unbearable. Due to the increasing global warming, the temperature may increase further in the coming years. So, we have to be careful about some things.

Summer fruits

To deal with anything, it should be the first to be enthusiastic – among some of the adverse aspects of the summer, some positive things should be found out. God made the nature inherent in nature, but also gave it something that we can continue to fight against the adversity. This summer is a very good direction: the fruit of different fruits. The most effective and cheapest fruit in it is lemon: Leo’s price drops much during this time of year, and there are plenty of supplies. There is no fear of chemical, usually. Eat lemon with only one lemon every day, honey or sugar can be mixed while giving the kids. Sweet sugar contains lots of sugar, which is better than avoiding. Many of us have a lot of bad habit, packaged juices and various packaged instant drinks mixed with water, many are giving kids to these regularly. So, even if it does not like to hear, it is true that despite having a solution in nature, we ourselves are choosing to change them,

When it comes to fruit, the pineapple comes after lemon, the very nutritious fruit is very available at this time. Even if you do not get it every day, pineapple takes in a couple of days each week to increase the immune system.

Mango, Jackfruit, Amara, Catabolic, bell, Ata, many more fruits combine this season – considering the fruits of this season – ice cream, market-bought juice or soft drinks, and counting these nutritious and delicate foods, the summer crime can be forgiven at the same time.

Drink plenty, lots and lots of water

There is no alternative that is to drink plenty of water: a glass of sleep in the morning, a glass before / after breakfast, a glass of water per hour at the office / home, drinking water before going to goose, drinking water back home, drinking water at home Be sure to keep water with the Bayern. And in any way, the kids have milk, juice, soup, pulses, plain water – plenty of food. Only ‘the child is ill, what to do’ in the group of mothers, but not to be given, but to take as much as possible the steps will be taken to increase the immune system.

Tulsi and ginger water / tea

Many people think that this mixture only works in the cold or in the winter. No, this mixture works, regardless of the winter and summer, with the better of honey. Boil a little ginger and tissue with boiling water and let the water cool down. Feed the child with plain water or lemon juice. There will be no different flavor, so children will not mind eating. Can make color.


There is no problem even if the kids shower a few times a day. If the newborn is mixed with light hot water, then it is safe. Many people have a bath – they are scared, they are afraid to bathe the children, but the barbecue powder poured down to sweat or to stop sweating – a very wrong idea. It will be sweat in the summer, it is normal. Sweat is quick to erase. Bathing should be done 2 to 3 times a day, and frequent change of clothes will be done. Keep the baby in front of it so as not to get cold from sweat. A few times a bath in the bath once, and the rest of the time only the whole body once washed with water and washed – it is more effective than sponging.


Instead of fearing the heat in the summer, we have to deal with it, and we have to win all the challenges of nature by donating nature. Be careful, stay clean, outdoor foods – Avoid fried fry completely – stay as ‘Organic’ as possible.

Wherever you can, you can plant two trees. If there is no way the verandah does not have trees on the porch or rooftop. Take care of those who work in the kitchen, share the work.

If you go out, avoid sunlight as far as possible. Use the umbrella to go to work. Be sympathetic to the working people. Courier, milked or roasted booze – Come to the water only or drink lemon sometimes. In the days of Allah, a rain or some wind in the days of rain or wind, but for a time, the fairytale of peace will be pronounced. I pray, let’s get rid of this unbearable heat – all get well-good luck for all.

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