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Some problems and solutions for breastfeeding

problems and solutions for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding for the first time after birth is very difficult for many mothers. It is also because of not knowing too many times. It is not the case that breastfeeding the mouth of the baby will be eaten with milk. Feeding mother following some special rules of mammals will be beneficial for both mother and child. Other types of problems arise.

For the first 6 months of childbirth, it is very important to breastfeed only because the baby gets all the nutrients from mother’s breast for the first 6 months. But many mothers do not want breastfeeding or breastfeeding for some problems, or they will stop breastfeeding for a few days. There are a few common problems to stop drinking breast milk or suddenly stop breastfeeding. Likewise, today’s discussion about some common problems and its remedies.

Breastfeeding pain / latching pens

This pain is more than those who have become the first mother. It is very normal for the first time to breastfeed while feeding the baby. The pain can be found only when the child starts eating milk. Pain reduces within minutes of starting to eat milk. But if the pain is more than 1 minute, then it is understandable that your child’s face position is not correct. If the child is to drink milk from the right position, then it is usually pain or pain in the breast.

If the position of the child is not correct then insert a finger in the face of the child and take out the breast and take it again in the breast. When the child is completely smiling, then breast should face him. The nipple should be noted (the black part of the nipple is called the nipple) the lower part is more in the face of the baby than the upper part. When the child’s position is right, the baby will remain in the mother’s chest, the head and body will be straight. The nose and the throat touched the mother’s breast. The lip below the mouth will turn outward. It should be noted that the surface of the black part around the mother’s belt is more visible, not the bottom.

And if it is such that the baby’s position is okay, despite the pain, it is understandable that your breast is strong or dry enough. In that case, it is better to read a lot of loose clothes. Soap cannot be used in breasts. You can use lanolin-based creams or lotions to keep the breasts in the hydrates.

Dry or cracked nipple

Many mother’s nipples are broken from which the blood goes out. This problem is very difficult during breastfeeding. Especially when the child is breastfeeding, he feels very loud. The amount of pain also becomes intolerable when blood is released. In the first week, when you first do breastfeeding, there may be some blood out there but there is nothing to worry about. There may be many reasons for this problem – it can be frustrating, dry skin or not able to suck the baby properly.

The breast will be kept as moisturized as possible. It is clear If there is a loss of blood in the face of milk, then it should be remembered. Painful pain medicines can continue for the pain. The decision to not feed milk due to pain is wrong. Because excessive milk gets accumulated, it can cause pain. After breastfeeding after breastfeeding, you can get some good results if you keep some breast milk. There is some ingredient in breast milk that can heal this leaf. In this case, a nylon-laden cream can be planted. But before giving milk to the baby’s face, it will be washed and wet in the warm hot water. Soap or lotion should not be used. You should also keep in mind that during the milking, the baby’s position is OK.

Milk Tie

There are few mothers who are not suffering from this problem. If milk does not go out properly, then the milk tightly tied. Mild fever is a symptom of signs of heavy gravity. It also causes pain in the mother’s breast. To give milk to the baby is also difficult to read in the trouble. This problem can occur if there is a lot of time between breastfeeding the baby. It may be because of tight underwear or stress.

Be careful that milk may be released properly. The baby will be given milk to follow the rules of breastfeeding. Relaxation will be available in light warm clothes. Sometimes the thickness of the milk coagulant becomes very long. A tight bra cannot be read in any way at this time. However, if the fever increases and the breasts are too heavy, then it should be noticed in the infection and then consult the doctor in that case. Please try to get enough rest.

Engergered breast or more milk

When the baby is born on the fourth day after the baby is born, there is an excessive pain in chest sometimes for more dripping and storage. It is very difficult for the mother. Excessive milk in the mother’s chest may be due to consumption of milk or not. The reason for excess milk is because the child cannot eat milk properly, in which case the child removes the face from the milk. If it is fatal, the breast may cause severe pain and the breast may be swollen. In this situation, it is difficult to breastfeed the child. There is also a problem in breastfeeding of the breast due to breast swelling.

In such a case, the mother should press the breast with a hand before feeding the baby so that the flow of milk is okay and the breast becomes a little soft, which is very comfortable for the child, but it is very comfortable for the child. If needed, you should give some milk by hand. However, this problem usually does not last for 2-1 days. And for the comfort of the mother at this time, to support the breast very well, use the right lingerie.

Hormonal causes milk to be less than So it is not necessary to try to reduce it if it is more than milk. Child care is advised to breastfeed carefully so that the milk does not go to the child’s throat at high speed.

Mastitis or Bacterial Infection

Many times after the birth of the baby, some parts of the breast or some parts are red, it is very painful as if there is something inside and fever comes. Symptoms of pneumothorax in these breasts. Mastitis is a bacterial infection that can be seen in the first week of starting feeding the baby. But seeing some symptoms, it is easy to understand whether it is mastitis. The most common symptom is that if fever occurs in the first week of breastfeeding and breast pain in the breast, it can be considered primarily by mice and lactation.

Although antibiotic is good for playing, it is time to cut the pus too. At this time the mother wants to stop milking the baby once. But milk can be used on other breasts. The pressure should be removed by pressing the breast on the breast. Once the infection is regulated, you can milk it again. If you have mastitis, then consult a specialist doctor very quickly.

Trash or East Infection

Trash is a kind of East Infection of the face of the child that can spread to the mother’s breast. If there is a throat, it may cause itching, pain, and rash.

When there are a fever, doctor nipples and anti-fungal medicines for the baby’s face. In this case, both the mother and the child will be treated together.

Not enough milk

This is a very familiar problem. Many new mothers may have fewer chest less milk than their baby needs. Another reason for not having enough milk on the mother’s chest is surgery. If the mother has a breast surgery before, she may have less milk in her breast. Sometimes, due to the absence of hormonal balance in the mother’s body, mother’s breast milk deficit may be due.

In that case, balanced eating and full rest are necessary. If you do not have enough breast milk, it is a big mistake to stop breastfeeding. If you do not have enough milk, then consult with an experienced doctor, you will have to find a scientific solution but stop breastfeeding because if you stop feeding, your breast milk will be reduced further.

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If the child falls asleep during breastfeeding, then fall asleep in the breastfed

Many mothers are very disturbed by this fact that the child is asleep after eating a lot of time after sleeping or after fixing the breast with some time after sleeping. Actually, the first few months after the birth of the baby is a little more sleeping so there is nothing to be worried about it.

Try to feed him again when the child wakes up, or after feeding the child to a child for a few minutes, after raising the baby, or tucking his legs, or talking to him with warmth, if another breast is fed, then the child is less likely to fall asleep and at the same time maintains a balance of milk . Again, it is often seen that the mother’s fatigue has come to give milk to the baby. Mother must take complete rest. Sometimes the child wants more milk. So tiredness is very normal. The matter is settled within 2-1 days. So, without worrying unnecessarily, the mother should take a rest and a decent meal. As the child grows, the problem is reduced. So there is nothing to be concerned about. It should be kept in mind that it is not a substitute for mother’s milk. If it is not fair to do so, the child should not be deprived of eating this milk in any way. The health of the mother, the health of the child depends largely on the breastfeeding. Every child should grow up breast milk!

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