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Premature children – Baby care born before time

Baby care born before time

Although most pregnancies last for 37 to 42 weeks, it is not unusual to have a baby born early. Before 37 weeks of childbirth, it is considered to be a premature or immature baby. In the future, a baby may arrive because:

  • Due to problems in the womb or vaginal.
  • If there is more than one child in the womb.
  • When the water breaks down.
  • Because of high blood pressure or diabetes maternal mothers.
  • If there is an infection of the mother, especially in the microscope.
  • Motherhood at an early age.
  • Pregnancy in a short span of time.
  • Mother’s nutrition.
  • Mother infections during pregnancy.

The women who did not get prenatal care are at high risk for unborn delivery, but in most cases the reason is unknown. If you have any precaution before 37 weeks, contact your midwife, doctor or hospital immediately.

It is safer to be born in a hospital equipped with a large, modern equipment, and a skilled person with special skills (especially those who are 33 weeks before birth). If you are in the village, it is important to go to the hospital as soon as possible. Then they can transfer you to the hospital with a good tool for immature child care.

The possibility of survival depends on how quickly the child reached the hospital and got specialized services. Before 60 weeks, 60 children per 100 can survive. 98 out of every 100 people born in 28-30 weeks survive.

The risk of disability depends on how immature the child is. About 40 percent of the 24-year-old child is at risk of moderate to severe disability such as cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness or intellectual disabilities. Children born near the end of the womb usually do not have the usual difficulties.

The risks that pre-mature or immature children are

Since the limbs of immature children are not fully grown, they may experience the following disadvantages:

Lung Problems

Immature children often need help for breathing because their lungs do not grow completely. Steroids injected before delivery are given to reduce the risk of lung and other problems in the case of early birth.

Breathing stopped

This means that the breathing of the child: breathes off. Breathing that part of the brain: It is because the part of the breathing controls is not fully grown. The untested children should be kept under intensive care so that their breath can be restored to help reboot. Pre-mature may suffer from breathing after birth due to the absence of lung structure. Many times their condition is such that the child has lost the ability to breathe properly. Then their respiratory respiration, which means that the respiratory respiration is continuously restored with the help of the ventilator.

Difficulty feeding

If the child can not suck, he may need to feed with a tube until he is ready for sucking and gel.

Can not control body temperature

The immature baby’s natural temperature control does not grow properly so they can not control their body temperature. Care may be needed by a special heater on their special humid scrub or head until they are mature enough to control their temperature.


The baby’s skin may be yellow because the liver has not yet started the proper work. Most babies have bilirubin after birth, and this bilirubin level is high, in case of pre-match and low berth wet baby. These bilirubin levels are indicative of jaundice.

Disease prevention

Pre-matures have a very limited immune system against other children, so they can often be infected with various diseases. That is why parents should take additional precautions.

Will my child live?

Generally, every extra week spent during pregnancy increases the chances of survival dramatically. Children will grow as quickly as they can be risky. Children born before 32 weeks are more likely to live if they get specialized treatment and services in the neonatal intensive monitoring center.

If your child is born before, then he and his partner are very close to your skin, as long as you have skin in your lap. This is called “Kangaroo Care”.Your stable body temperature helps smoothly control the child’s temperature than an incubator, they grow rapidly and develop. Kangaroo Care helps you to have your child’s relationship with you and helps you feel comfortable staying with them. It can also help to produce and maintain your breast milk. Unborn babies grow well in breast milk.

The possibility of survival before 24 weeks is not given regularly and intensive monitoring services. If it seems that your baby will grow before 24 weeks, your doctor will then talk about this. Your doctor will provide as much information as possible to help you decide which is best for your family.

In 24 weeks, although survival rates are still low, survival rates rise dramatically since that time. In 28 weeks, more than 90 children per 100 children will survive if there is a neonatal intensive monitoring service in a specialized hospital.

Variety of pre-mature babi

When the baby is born a 28 week ago

It is rare that she is under 28 weeks of age at the time of childbirth. These children are usually born with very little weight (less than two pounds) and they require different oxygen for breathing. Even at this time, the children do not learn to open their eyes and eyeballs are not created. The kids do not even learn to cry. These children are kept in Intensive Care Units until they are correct. Tubes have to take help to feed. But sadly, these children often grow up with some physical or mental disabilities.

When the baby is born between 28 to 31st week

Children born in this period with a little more weight than before, but the problems are usually the same. They also require different oxygen and most of them have the ability to feed their mother’s milk and feed them through tubes. Some children learn to cry during this time. After a lot of time, these babies learn to ride the nose and other activities.

Between 32 to 36th week of child birth

The children born during this period are mostly like normal children, although their weight is very low. Feeding and physical obstruction can also be seen in these small amounts. And these children can be very normal. They can feed themselves very quickly and the weight also increases very rapidly. However, they need a special care and these children can lead a normal life due to proper care.

According to experts, it is possible to save immature newborn babies when 75 percent of the normal service is ensured. A pimply baby is not born before the lungs, digestive tract and other limbs become transformed, so to adapt to the wind in the world, it has to struggle more than a stranger. That’s why he needs special care.

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