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Pre-matriculation or Baby care born before time

Pre-matriculation or Baby care born before time

Various physical complications, mothers, and children can see the face of the sun before the scheduled time for various reasons, including problems of children. But since they come to the world before the scheduled time, their care, care for them, everything is a little different. Generally, these are called premature.

The baby born 37 weeks before pregnancy is considered as a child of premature babies. Generally, embryos in the uterus develop enough after 40 weeks of gestation. During this time, the embryo received the fullness of the baby’s lungs and other organs. As a result, after coming out of the mother’s womb, the children are able to cope with the environment they get. But a pregnant neonatal baby cannot easily adapt to the external environment because the organs of the body are not properly developed.

Let’s know there are different types of pre-mature baby:

When the baby is born, before the 28th week:

It is rare that she is under 28 weeks of age at the time of childbirth. These children are usually born with very little weight (less than two pounds) and they require different oxygen for breathing. Even at this time, the children do not learn to open their eyes and eyeballs are not created. The kids do not even learn to cry. These children are kept in Intensive Care Units until they are correct. Tubes have to take help to feed. But sadly, these children often grow up with some physical or mental disabilities.

When the baby is born between 28 to 31 weeks:

Children born in this period with a little more weight than before, but the problems are usually the same. They also require different oxygen and most of them have the ability to feed their mother’s milk and feed them through tubes. Some children learn to cry during this time. After a lot of time, these babies learn to ride the nose and other activities.

The baby is born between 32 to 36 weeks:

The children born during this period are mostly like normal children, although their weight is very low. Feeding and physical obstruction can also be seen in these small amounts. And these children can be very normal. They can feed themselves very quickly and the weight also increases very rapidly. However, they need a special care and these children can lead a normal life due to proper care.

What can be the problem of pre-mature?

It is said in our country that at birth when the weight of the baby is two and a half kilograms (250 grams or 5.5 pounds), these children can be listed on the low-birth list. About one-third of our children are on this list. In many cases, these low-birth babies grow a little earlier than usual, ie pre-mature or pre-match baby. But many people have been born in 37 weeks – 40 weeks at a given time, but they are not well-developed in the mother’s womb for various reasons. As a result, the baby’s weight is much lower than normal. These pre-trammel low-fat or pre-mature children often have different problems.

Firstly, pre-mature may suffer from breathing problems after birth due to their lung structure. Many times their condition is such that the child has lost the ability to breathe properly. Then their respiratory respiration, which means that the respiratory respiration is continued with the help of the ventilator. These artificial breathing machines are available in some of the hospitals of Dhaka city such as Dhaka Medical College, Children’s Hospital, Bardem and some private hospital.

Secondly, children underweight are not normal for normal body temperature, but it is very important to keep the temperature normal. So a mother can keep her child’s temperature in Kangaroo care system ie chest and normal. With it, socks, head cap, and blankets can be kept in hand. The temperature of the room must be between 28 ° to 30 ° C. 20 Watt light bulbs can be used to keep the temperature of the room fit. Apart from this, alternate ways are an incubator or radiant warmer. These instruments maintain comfortable warmth in the newborn baby’s body.

Thirdly, after birth, most of the children have Bilirubin and this bilirubin level is high, with premature and low berth wet baby. E bilirubin levels are indicative of jaundice These types of jaundice of the children are treated with phototherapy, ie under the light. In many cases due to lack of phototherapy, blood transfusion ie exchange transfusion is reduced by jaundice.

Fourthly, low-birthweight and pre-matures have to focus on nutrition and nutrition. If the weight of the child is one and a half kilograms (1500 grams) or less then neonatal intensive care is essential. But other low-grade waiters may also need it. Trying to bring the normal weight back to the child with adequate nutrients. They are initially fed with intravenous fluid or saline or with the nostrils. These children gradually became normal and learn to eat mother’s breast like other children. It is important to know that the weight of low-fat weight babies decreases in the first week and continues to increase from the third week. Generally, weigh up to 15-20 grams per day. For low-birth-weight babies, extra vitamin A, D, E and calcium, and phosphorus are essential.

Pre-mature have a very limited immune system against other children, so they can often be infected with various diseases. That is why parents should take additional precautions.

Why Pre-Matched Child’s Special Care?

According to experts, it is possible to save immature newborn babies when 75 percent of the normal service is ensured. A pimply baby is not born before the lungs, digestive tract and other limbs become transformed, so to adapt to the wind’s light in this world, it has to struggle more than a stranger. That’s why he needs special care.

  • Can the child breathe in normal 24 to 48 hours outside the incubator?
  • Whether the body temperature outside the incubator is normal?
  • Can a baby be able to drink milk instead of a tube or naturally?
  • Is the weight of the baby growing continuously?

If you are sure about these things, you can bring the baby home according to the doctor’s advice. The majority of babies are in normal condition within 2-4 weeks. A decision to bring the child to the home after proper examination should be decided.

Pre-mature newborn care in home environment

After bringing the child home, all the responsibilities of the family were increased. The family has to keep a close watch on whether the child is having any problem. Exemplary arrangements have to be made to ensure the safety and comfort of Baby’s life than the normal newborn baby.

Newborn body temperature:
The immature newborn baby’s body should always be kept warm, dry. To keep the temperature normal, arrangements should be made to keep the light hot gangly, soft sleeping suit or sleeping bag for the child. Depending on the coolness and warmness of the environment, baby clothes should be arranged. To keep the baby’s temperature normal, the tumor will be filled with warm water in the towel and after the water is removed from the towel, it will get relief if the baby’s whole body is removed. After wiping with a towel, the baby’s body needs to be sprayed with a dry cloth and then wear clean clothes. In no condition, the baby’s body cannot be left empty. Otherwise, it can be cold. After a while, the baby bed should be changed after a while. The children will be in comfort. If you engage in hot clothes or clean soft towels in winter, the child’s body temperature will be normal and there will be no fear of cold when the child is attached to the mother’s chest.

Nutritious food for a newborn:
The child should be fed sufficient mother’s milk. There is a lot of nutrient quality in the mother’s milk which is very important for the baby to grow. Unless the baby is in normal condition, it should not be easily stopped by the mother of her baby’s breast. Pregnant strangers should be fed mother’s milk more often than normal infants. Such children are protected from various infections, as well as the quality of all the nutrients they get from their mother’s milk. In this case, keep in mind that pre-match kids cannot be able to breastfeed early on their breast. So that breast milk should be regularly pumped to prevent breast milk. Pouring milk at least 8-10 times a day. The breast milk flow will be fine and it will not be difficult for the child to take milk himself.

Provide proper sleep for the child:
Make sure that the child is able to sleep safely. Many times it is seen, sleeping less than the child’s sleep at night and making more tears in the night. It is often due to the injury. In the first month of newborn infants, the child needs frequent food. Providing proper feeding of the baby and keeping the child safe in the night, to help keep the environment quiet, keep the house low in the light.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome:
Although the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is not yet confirmed, the child may suffer from this type of symptom in the first six months. Many Helde baby died of this type of syndrome. This risk is more in the case of Primacychri Babi. Following some guideline, this risk can be easily protected from the child.

  • Keep the eye on the baby so that she does not sleep.
  • No one should smoke in the house.
  • Keep a watch on the baby blanket or other clothes that do not come in the mouth.
  • No one sleeps in the bed or on the couch after hugging the baby.
  • Try to keep the room temperature at 16-20 degrees.
  • There is no such thing as the baby’s oven, heater.
  • Do not use alcohol, drugs, and any other substance before the baby.

Precautionary warning of child lacing:
Before taking a baby, you must wash your hands. Most diseases come with the help of germs. Since the immune system is low in immunodeficiency, so if someone wants to take the baby out from the outside, it should be done to wash the hands with the bactericidal handwash. This will save children from various infections. The best is to keep PrimaCoicos away from the guests.

Room atmosphere
Primachiei’s baby should be ideal for her living room environment to grow naturally. Children will be kept in such an environment by moving enough light. To maintain the temperature of the room is normal. Usually, the primeval Baby Room should be in the parents’ room.

Mom close
Primacy should always be in the mother’s eye. If the mother is kept on the mother’s womb, her child is warm, has sufficient breast milk and the child is protected from various infections. The familiar smell of the mother makes the child feel safe, which helps the child to grow naturally and naturally.


A baby is born with thousands of dreams of a mother. But if she is a child of Premechi, then her parents are always worried. Many people ask why a newborn child is a child? How to take care of him? How will he grow? In these thoughts, the mother is always worried. It is true that there is a risk of death in PrimiCiVi Babi. However, if the doctor’s proper advice, constant monitoring of the family, and the proper nutrition of the child, such a risk can be reduced to a great extent. However, the reasons for which a newborn baby should be presumed should be carefully tracked for control. Both parents should be aware of this to ensure your newborn’s beautiful coming.

To protect the birth of immature and underweight children, to maintain the health of mother before pregnancy and during pregnancy. The doctor and health consultant should be consulted in this regard. Especially during pregnancy, a mother should take special care of meals. Since one part of the mother’s diet is accepted by the child. At one time, there was a misconception that the mother would have grown up eating a lot of food, it would be bigger in the size of the baby, it would be difficult for the child to develop. The idea is not correct at all. At the time of pregnancy, it is necessary to eat 20% -25% of the mother’s food more than the other time. During this time there will be plenty of nutritious fruits, vegetables, and paniasaha food to eat. For low-income people, this may be as common as: When a child comes to the stomach, a mother will have to eat a paddy straw, a herb pulse, some vegetables, half a banana and a spoon of oil every day.

Besides, there are some diseases that can cause the baby to die before the full term. Even then the child may be underweight. The baby may be born before the fullness of the lalasa, urine infection, infection of the reproductive system, bleeding from the birth canal and due to various reasons. In these cases, the doctor should be under advice.

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