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Parenthood – Your feelings at the beginning of the maternity period

What’s going on between me?: It’s nice to have a baby with a newborn baby at the same time, but at the same time crying and tedious. Life with a new baby is demanding and uncertain. It also becomes difficult at this time to take out the necessary requirements for even bathing and bathing. You’ll be tired and sometimes overwhelmed. It may seem that you have no control over yourself. It’s normal. It will not always be there. Within six to eight weeks you will become more confused. In three to four months everything will be easier.

How can the first weeks survive?

  • Try to rest or sleep while the child is resting or asleep during the day.
  • Do as much as you can to work. Reduce homework (you and your baby are very valuable).
  • Give your partner the responsibility of changing the bath and clothing of the child – it will give you a break and you will have the opportunity to recognize both the parents and the parents.
  • Think of your testing methods. Use the methods if you feel irritable or want to rest.
  • Save your energy by sitting in a job. Sitting on the floor or sofa, change the baby naps and fold the cloth.
  • Keep food simple, because you do not have the time or energy to cook more. Simple foods are often healthy, such as lean grilled meat or fish with salads, canned fish with cookware or cold chilled chicken. Can eat fresh fruits or yogurt for a light breakfast.
  • Want to help others in different activities of the house.
  • Walking from outside, such as a clean air and light exercise, you will be free from the ‘captivity’ of the house.
  • Keep in mind that if you do not care for yourself, you can not care for anyone else.

All new parents need help, especially if your family is not close to you or if you are a single parent. Do not be afraid to seek help from others, accept help.

Take care of your child

Many new parents feel helpless in the first few weeks of family life, even many children. Your child has left a dark place in your heart and entered a strange, sometimes scary, unfamiliar places and words. There are some important things to remember about the new baby:

You can not make the newborn baby worse. Tears are the only way your child can tell you that he needs you. The kids are still not so big in order to spoil or benefit themselves.

All the babies cry Some babies cry more than others. Some babies cry more than your thoughts. The afternoon and evening are often the most cumbersome. Whenever your child is crying, go to him so that he feels safe. If the child is frustrated or needs something early, like feeding, dried nap, hug only if they get it – then they will cry less.

Remember that even though he is your child, your relationship with him is quite new. When we meet a new person, it takes time to know how they use, what makes them frustrated, and how to comfort them. It is also applicable for the child … even if you have another child before.

The cry for the first few weeks does not last long. Your child will gradually start sleeping or eating in a system. It is very important that your child grow up in a completely smoke-free environment. If the child accepts cigarette smoke then it increases the risk of having lungs and SIDS problems.

What if the child does not stop crying?

When you can not do anything comfortable for your child, it is very thoughtful. To calm the baby, try the following:

First look at whether your child is hungry, whether it is extra hot or cold, and dry and clean nap later. Remember that the kids are like others – when you are frustrated, it takes time to leave it as well for the kids.

If your child is not calm during the day, keep him under the supervision of someone else and for both of you to calm down, walk out of the fresh air. If that is not possible, it is often quiet when you get involved. If it does not work, keep the child in a safe place (like their basement or bed) and call someone to help you. Often, especially when the children are uncomfortable if anyone else than the mother tried to respond.

If there is no one in the house, you may need to call your friends or family members and ask them to come. If someone is not nearby, then take a child in the car and take a stroll from someone else’s home, this will help you a lot.

Your feelings: It is important for all parents to know

Turn a magazine page off or leave the TV and you will be surprised to see that:

  • All pregnant women are exposed to joy.
  • The mother of a newborn baby is never worn or overwhelmed.
  • Every newborn baby has two loyal parents who share the workload and never have to quarrel.
  • Parents-motherhood comes naturally.

When you are pregnant or patriotism is busy in adhering to the beginning of time, life will feel different from the magazine and the optimistic image of the TV. That does not mean that something is wrong with you – just the pregnancy and the popular image of childhood does not prepare you for real things. The fact is that there are many emergency and collapse at the beginning of pregnancy and paternal-maternity.

Any major event (even good events) in your life can create many stresses. There may be events such as weddings, new jobs, home changes, lottery wins or children. You can feel bad due to stress. Feeling tired – for pregnancy and paternity – it is normal for both parents to be in the womb for women. In fact, fatigue, the burden increases further. For many parents, the depression of the first few weeks became very frustrating.

There is also more on it after the birth of the baby, women try to change their body and change the hormone levels. It also takes time to learn to suck and learn to suck though it is good for mother and baby. Adapting to the new world is not easy for kids, on the other hand. And if you have trouble feeding and managing your baby, it will affect you too.

Do not be surprised if you feel bad after you are pregnant and when you grow up. Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Talk to someone – your partner, a friend, your midwife.
  • Find out more about yourself – do something that you enjoy.
  • Try not to be too tired.
  • Walking.
  • Providing trustworthy someone who will take care of your child for a few hours so that you get uninterrupted sleeping opportunities.

Tie your child

“The ties of love between mother and child” is such a story difficult to find for many women. The way other women, their families, friends, and media talk about child bonding cannot feel the same sex with the child.

For them, due to the lack of feeling of strong bonding with the child and the absence of a story written by others, the first few weeks and months of maternal experience can make even more difficult.

This feeling is normal, but if it is intense or overwhelming, you will need help to understand your feelings. You may be a good mother and may not feel the perfect bond with your child. If you fight with this feeling, such as not creating a child with a child or not as much as you like, talk to your midwife, doctor or child and family health care professional about this.

Having distressed or anxious after the birth of a baby

When you are home with a new baby, it is not unusual to feel bad, to feel overwhelmed, or to think new and horror. You are probably worried, your body is recovering from delivery and you are learning new and challenging things like baby rearing. But if you are still worried, anxious, worried about you or your baby or if you feel depressed for up to two weeks after the baby is born, then talk to your GP or your child and family healthcare as soon as possible. Your postpartum may have depression or related mental health problems. Remember, if you have experience of mental health problems in the past, it is normal to repeat this problem or to have a different problem at the beginning of the prenatal or early childhood, so be quick to talk to someone who can help you.

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