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Newborn Baby: General Characteristics and Problems

New born baby general characteristics and problems

A child coming to the family flooding the happiness of the family. The first question that chases everyone from the moment of birth, is that the newborn has become healthy? It can be understood by observing something after the birth of a baby. For example,

Newborn Characteristics

Naturally, a healthy baby is born from 37 to 42 weeks of pregnancy. During his birth, his normal weight would be between two and a half to four kg.

Normally, it is about 50 centimeters long or 20 inches long during birth.

Body Ratio:
The proportion of child’s body arm and leg is different in comparison to the body’s upper body. The size of the head of the newborn is one-fourth of the size of the body. Two-and-a-half years, it takes up to one-fifth and it takes eighteen years to get the size of the head of the body as one’s stomach.

The head size of the newborn is more than the body, at the same time the size of the head is 35 centimeters. The structure of the head of the newborn can be very different. Some structures appear to be a little unusual, but they are normal within a few days. There is no reason to worry about this.

At the time of birth, the whole body of the baby is covered with a waxy body called Vernix. Do not try to take it with normal, cotton or any other thing. They will go slowly. Some days after the rise of the varnix, it is seen that the abdomen becomes loose as a toothache. There is nothing to fear. It is also very normal.

Eyes measure the size of one-third of the adults. After birth, many children take a little swelling on the eyelids. This is usually due to the stress that occurs during the period of birth. Within a few days, the swelling will look like a whole. If you see the pitch in the eye of a newborn, of course, consult a doctor. Do not give your eyes ointment or drops at any time.

There is nothing to worry about the newborn’s ear.

Many children have teeth during birth. Do not be frustrated by this. These teeth will fall within a few days. As a result of extra milk, the newborn’s lips will swell like a blister. Do not stop feeding it at all. Neonatal cheeks are quite swollen. Because they have a lot of fat or fat in their cheeks. Whom we call the Sucking Pads Because of this, because the baby sucks breast milk in large quantity, this requires a sauce pad or a powdery cottage. As soon as the age increases, the amount of fat decreases and the feeling of the cheek decreases.

It can not be said about the newborn’s throat. Their throat is so small that it seems that the head is directly attached to the neck. Afterward, the throat will gradually become longer and become normal like the adults.

There is nothing to sweat with the lungs or heart inside the chest. Leave their thoughts on doctors. The infant breathing process is spontaneous, rhythmic and 30 to 60 times in a minute-at this rate. Heart rate 100 to 160 times per minute.

Actually, food and oxygen etc from the mother’s body, take them to the body of a child with a long tail like a fist. That’s what we call the umbilical cord or the pulse in normal Bengal. The baby has no need for this pulse after birth. So, immediately after birth, doctors or nurses cut the pulse from a newborn’s navel to a few inches above it. First of all, your child’s navel tube is white, thick and jelly. It starts drying within one or two hours of birth and goes back within 7 to 10 days. The discharge part of the bowel drains a little discharge and the discharge is seen on the day it goes on or after that. You can clean this area (Navier’s beginning) with the cold cotton boiled water and dry it with another cotton bed. Talk to your midwife or doctor if bleeding continues, or if the navel is red, wet or swollen. Remember that the use of red-blue medicine in navel is more harm than good.

Newborn’s genitalia is slightly larger than the whole body. It’s normal. Sometimes, newborn baby babies develop a discharge in small amounts – a dark, white dermis with which blood is mixed. It’s a fake monthly and this happens because your baby is not getting your hormone from the cervix/placenta. This condition is perfectly okay. A white cheese-national element called the terminus, is often found below the vaginal lip. This is also a normal condition.

Some newborn problems are common

Telangiectatic Navy:
Telangiectatic Navy (like Telangiectatic nevi or bark of a straw bird) is a pale pink or red spot that is found in the eyes, nose or neck. You will see clearly when the baby tears. They do not make any problems and will fade over time.

Mongolian Stains’:
Mongolian stain ‘is the color of blue-black skin found around the buttocks. These are normal for black skin babies. They do not cause any problems and they will fade on the first or second birthday.

Revelation Flameless:
Diurnal Flamyasa is an acutely visible red to a violet area that is commonly seen on the face. These do not grow and do not fade over time.

Revelation Vascolosus:
Nerves Vascolosas (Strawberry Stain) is a clearly visible, notable, dark red area that is commonly seen on the head. These will grow larger in the beginning and will gradually shrink over time.

Milia is a notable, white spot which is found in the baby’s nose and face. These are the open obese glands and are considered normal and will fade over time.

Eritema Toxicum:
Eritema Toxicum (newborn sputum) is a small or yellow rash which is usually seen in the first week of birth in children’s chest, lower and right areas. These causes are not known and no treatment is needed. They will disappear but will take some time.

Jaundice affects many new babies. The first few days after birth, the skin of the baby is slightly yellow. This is not usually deadly. But in some cases the baby has an element called Bilirubin, then it needs to be tested to measure its size. If Bilirubin is more than normal, then the baby is encouraged to drink more milk and is kept under a special light or jaundice is kept for a whole time until it is low. If you want to know more about jaundice, talk to your midwife or doctor.

There are blue eyes in the coming days or weeks after the birth of some newborn baby. It is not deadly and it usually goes away. You can use cold boiling water to clear the eyes of the child. If this problem persists, talk to your doctor or midwife.

Best wishes for all

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