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Newborn baby bath – When and how

Newborn baby bath

Those who are new mothers, or are going to be, have no worries about their kids. There is no thought about what to do, how to do, etc. One important thing in him is that the newborn’s bath.

There are many false beliefs and superstitions in our country that are taking bath in children. There are several rules in the society that are going on. It is always good to know whether these are healthy or not, how many days after birth, how to take a shower, etc.

How long should a newborn baby shower after birth?

There are disagreements about how long after the birth the baby will be bathed. According to some experts, if the child is full-term and healthy, then the baby can be bitten from 48 to 72 hours after birth. They said that due to the bathing of the baby, the Ambilika cord’s place is not affected by drying. But every time after bathing the Ambilika cord, left Navirjur will have to dry well.

It may be delayed to delay body temperature due to a low body weight of weak children, otherwise, it is generally no longer necessary for a newborn baby to delay three days to clean and sterilize. According to many, the bath should be started when the child gets dried after the navel is dried. After the birth of many children, succession is done. He was also asked to start a bath after drying the wound.

However, one thing is certain that after maintaining the cleanliness of the child after birth, the child can be removed from the head to the feet with a cleanly wet soft cloth or sponge.

It is enough to take 2/3 baths a week to keep your newborn clean. Of course, if you want to take your baby every day, there is no problem. During bathing, wash your baby’s face regularly, clean her private part (even after changing the diaphragm). If the water in your area is drought, remember that the water in the first month or beyond can dry your skin and also damage the skin. To protect the skin of your baby, you can use a small amount of water that is suitable for kids with a liquid cleaner or a moisturizing moisturizer.

But be careful! Your baby’s body will be slippery in using a moisturizer, very carefully catch the baby so that it does not go away.

How to sponge the baby

In the first place, arrange the room temperature that is slightly warm. Turn off the room fan. Close the door windows. Take light hot water in a vessel. Keep the child’s nappy and clean clothes in hand. Then open the clothes of the child and lie on a clean towel so that after sponge it can dry the child.

Firstly clear the child’s eyes. Soft cotton or cloth soaked in water, soak the water in the chip. Gently remove the eyes of the baby from the nose of the child. Try to use different cotton or cloth to remove two eyes so that one eye does not look dirty.

Then clean the back and ears of the child and then clean the cloth or cotton in water. It is better not to try to clean the ear. Then clean the mouth, mouth and hands of the baby. It is important to keep an eye on the matter – if the body of the child is white and the oil orange oil level, do not try to wash it. Vernix is very beneficial for the skin and after some days it automatically goes away.

Then clear the lower part of the baby. After cleansing, dry the child and dry it. After that, put the child in the towel and hold it in the chest, so that the child gets warmth.

How to shower a baby shower

Before bathing, be careful that the temperature of the house or bathroom is slightly warm. Close the windows of the house doors. Turn off the fan.

The person who will take a bath will have to wash his hands well. Keep the yolks warm water in the bathtub beforehand. Do not use normal temperature water in newborn gooseberry. Kusum hot water is the best. It does not have the chances of a child getting cold.

In addition to wiping the baby, keep it with additional clothes or towels and perfumes for holding the wet body. If you open the clothes before bathing, then it will be cleaned and then the baby will be taken to the bathroom.

Prepare the hot water for bathing or bathing in a bowl. Once again see that the water is not too hot. If you have a thermometer, check that the water temperature is 37 or 38 degrees Celsius. If you do not have a thermometer, then check whether the water is heated by the elbow. There is no need to take too much water in the Bath Tables. It is enough to fill the tub as a five-inch type. Clean the newborn with a dirty body before bathing it first.

So first remove the face and eyes of the child by cutting cotton. Dip the cotton seeds and put the water in the chip. With cotton, remove the face, cheeks, eyes, ear, throat. Children’s body is very soft and soft. So do not rub very loudly. The junk that you feel might be too strong for a little child. Gently touch the baby as much as possible.

Then take the baby in the lap and take his head on the Bath Tub. Soak your head in the water of your hand, two to three times. Then remove the head with gently tissue or towel.

Then remove any clothes or towels on the baby’s body. Hold it with two hands, so that the head and throat are above the water. In this way, slowly move the baby to water. Remove the whole body from the bottom of the throat with a little water flutter. It is best not to keep the child in water more than 40-50 seconds.

After finishing the bath, slowly raising the baby from the water, her body will be attached to the towel. As the child’s body water absorbed in a towel. And the body is dry easily. Towels or clothing should be kept beside the bathtub. After bathing does not go to find this. Then the child will get cold. She also needs to keep the baby’s clothes covered beforehand. At the end of bathing, you have to be very cautious when taking the baby out of the bath. If you have soap or shampoo in your hands, accidentally causing the child to fall in the slip of the child.

In order to avoid accidental child discharge, give your baby a clean diaper as soon as possible.

Actually, the entire process of bathing requires uninterrupted attention. So many people do not rush together, do any of the bushing work. Remember, the child is exposed to water for the first time, so he may feel a little uncomfortable. Many newborns cry during this time. Bring the baby so slowly to the water. Shortly after the child will adapt to water. But if you cry more then get out of the water.

After bathing a stranger, you can massage the stroke of the stranger and gently massage it. Most of the children get a lot of comforts.

Antiseptic use in bath water

Small or large no-one should always use satellites, sensitizer, or antiseptic mixes in the bath water. Antiseptic solution or soap destroys the beneficial germs or bacteria on the skin. As a result, the prevention of skin disorders increases the risk of infection from harmful germs. Besides, these are very harmful to chemicals and skin. Thus, because newborn babies do not come in contact with external dust, so there is no need to soap in soap every day. One day a week you can take a bath with soap and shampoo.

Does more bath take cold?

Regularly boiled hot water bathing in water, it does not have to be cold. Rather, even if we do not take bath in this warm and humid climate, the child feels uneasy and is repeatedly scorched. Sweat can be cold and cold. Dangers or fungal infections may also occur if there is any disorder. In any climate, small and big children should be bathed in light hot water every day. Because children usually sweat more.

If you do not want to take bath in the rainy days, cloudy days or the weather is cold, then remove the body by frying the comfortable cotton cloth in light warm water. Close the fan and shut down the fan immediately. At the end of the bath, wear dry clothes or body to remove the towel. There will be no chances of cold. Keep an eye on the head and hair, if the water does not get wet.

One thing must be kept in mind. Do not go anywhere for a moment even after bathing in a newborn bath. The child may be drowned in an inch of water in the tub, and in a short time, it can be.

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