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Is the baby breastfeeding?

baby breastfeeding

There is no substitute for mother’s breast milk for the baby. For the first six months after birth, only mother’s breast milk is enough for her. No more food is required. The first meal that a baby takes after birth is the mother’s breast milk. And breastfeeding of this breast comes to the minds of mothers, many questions. The first suspicion that almost all mothers are working is that their child is getting breast milk right?

Generally, breast milk does not come in the first three days after childbirth. Do not worry about that. At the time of the mother’s chest, as much as the shaw milk, enough milk is enough for the baby. Never make a mistake to feed the baby’s shawl. After three days when milk comes in the mother’s breast, feeding the baby again and again.

How do you understand that the child is getting breast milk properly?

Your child will tell you whether your child is breastfeeding properly. There are some signs that you can see if your child is getting enough milk. Today, we will tell some signs of some signs.

Swallow the mouth

After the birth of a child, milk is more likely to be consumed. When the baby will frequently pull the breast, the clotted milk will easily come in the mouth of the baby. When the child gets enough milk, he will often go to the milk to drink milk. If the child does not get enough milk, but will repeatedly breast but will not swallow. For a long time, he will take it with his breast. Often the child is asleep and sleeping with his breast.

The child is satisfied

If your child is satisfied with milk, it will be happy to see him. If the child is crying unnoticed, in that sense the children are hungry. This does not mean that he is not getting enough milk. In the first six months, they will want to eat after 2-3 hours. If you want to eat again in less than an hour or less, you should understand that the child is not getting proper breast milk.

The amount of urine in the baby

A child has urine six times in twenty-four hours. If you have less urine, you can understand that the baby is not satisfied with milk. The color of the toilet is not only the urine but also the most important. Normally a healthy baby has four to four times a week. On the first day, a little black glue was made by the closet. After the third or fourth day, the color of the toilet is green and on the fifth day, it contains yellow color.

Weight gain

Each child is worried about the weight. It is normal for the first week to recover the weight of the baby. Newborn babies can lose weight from 5% to 7% on the third-fourth day after birth. Do not be afraid to say so. In the first few days of birth, the weight of the child is reduced, within 10 days, the weight of the baby begins to grow. But if the weight loss rate is 10% or more, then it is a matter of concern.

If a child is breastfeeding at least 6 to 8 times a day, after breastfeeding, if the breast or nipple pain decreases, breast milk and softness after feeding, the color of the baby’s skin is clean and which part of the child’s body is pressurized. Quickly return to the normal condition, realizing that your child is getting breast milk properly.

Many mothers have a baby crying that the child is not getting sufficient milk. This idea is not right. Sometimes the baby’s cry is stopped when the mother embraces her heart. When feeding the baby, keep in mind that if the child is breastfeeding and black parts are getting bigger.

How many times can my baby want to eat?

It is different for all children, and it also depends on how the baby was born. Once in the first hour after birth, it is good to start a good meal after milking her. Then the children can fall asleep, and if you want to eat again later, try to signal you in different ways.

These signals are:

  • Wake up and start moving.
  • The head will rotate around.
  • Someone (most of the time, finger) will start sucking.

As the nurse brings the baby, take him to the chest so that your skin comes in contact with the skin of his body. In this, he came in peace. Keep him in the chest until he wants to eat. In the first six months, he will eat 8-10 times a day after 2-3 hours. But in the 3rd and 6th week of birth and in the 3rd month they will want to eat 10-12 times because their growth rates are high during these times.

Children in the sixth to twelfth month will want to eat 4-5 times a day. Newborn’s stomach is equal to a marble, so they have to eat ‘fewer times’. That is why it is important to let him eat if he wants to eat the baby. Your child may become hungry again soon after eating well. As the child grows up, it shows the tendency to eat differently. Whenever they want to eat they are sure to supply nutrients as per their need if they give them food.

How long should breastfeeding be given:

In the first six months after birth, doctors are advised to breastfeed the baby. This should not be given to another child for six months. Six months later the baby was given breast milk as well as other foods to eat. Children usually breastfeeding until they are two years old.

The longer the child is able to breastfeed the better your baby is. There are all types of vitamins including mineral, iron, and breast milk that meet your baby’s needs. But if you are two years of age, you should stop breastfeeding.

My baby is not breastfeeding, what can I do?

After the birth, most parents make the same question. There is nothing to be worried about. Your child will start eating as soon as possible. Keep her body full of mother’s body. Keep the baby with you and when he is ready he will start eating cough. Do not force anybody.

Even after passing 12-24 hours of birth, if the child does not start eating the baby then it becomes a cause for concern for the mother. Instead of feeding in the feeder, try to feed the finger and remove the salududha (colostrum; colostrum) from the breast. If your child does not breastfeed for a long time, but there is nothing to worry if urinating regularly. Do not start feeding formula milk or sugar mixed water. There is no need for them and there is more harm than good instead.

Mother’s breast milk is the best meal for a baby in the world. Taking a little bit of caution, a child can get the perfect taste and nutritional quality in this priceless meal.

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