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Important guidelines for feeding bottles or feeders to the baby

Important guidelines for feeding bottles or feeders to the baby

If you decide that you will feed your baby bottles, but this article will help you get the possible safety, you may want to breastplate your breast milk or you may decide that only formula milk will feed the baby. If you want breastfeeding and formula for the baby at the same time, it is best to give breast milk as much as possible because it is more beneficial for the formula milk. Breastfeeding is low in postpartum bleeding, in 6 weeks of delivery, the uterus returns to its former state, consuming too many calories, it is easy to control weight, reduce the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Which milk do you use?

Always use infant milk for the newborn in the first year of birth. Because that’s what meets your child’s needs. When the baby is one year old, start milking the full dairy cow. Besides, if the doctor has given a special formula to the child, then talk to the doctor about the amount of feeding.

Useful tips for bottle feeding

It is better to feed you and your partner baby in the initial weeks of the baby’s birth. This will make the children feel safe and secure, will be accustomed to the kind of feeding you have and will help to build a close and loving bond with them.

  • Hold your baby down a little high.
  • Be sensitive to feeding during feeder feeding. Break the baby occasionally, give him time to pamper him, otherwise, the child will feel embarrassed and want to vomit.
  • Speak slowly by looking at the baby’s eyes.
  • In the first place, the child may not want to eat the feed, so that the mother should not give up. The child will be accustomed to it gradually after trying slowly.
  • Bottle of the bottle of the nipple, lip and rub it on the upper lip so that she can feel the tongue slightly out of the mouth.
  • Hold the nipple in the mouth of the child so that he himself enters it in the mouth.
  • Make Nipple out occasionally to give the child a chance to rest.
  • Do not force the
  • child to eat the whole milk, if he does not want to eat.

  • If you do not finish within an hour, add extra milk.

Cleaning of bottles and other feeding equipment

Clean before cleaning and wash.

  • First, wash your hands with soap and water. Then wash the place with clean soap and hot water.
  • Clean the utensil bottle and nipple hot soap with a brush to clean the bottle.
  • Wash all your equipment with clean water and then refine it.

Method of purification

Cleansing with cold water
  • Make pure liquids every 24 hours with purification tablets.
  • Keep the cleaning equipment in the storage area. Make sure there is no air bubble inside the bottle.
  • Keep at least 30 minutes of feeding equipment on the purification fluid and wash it thoroughly before eating it.
Steam cleansing (electric cleansing or microwave)

As many types of purification equipment are available, it is important that you comply with the manufacturer’s rules.

Boil cleanliness
  • Fill the water with a large utensil feeding equipment. Boil water and keep it in boiling water for at least 10 minutes. Before washing the powder, you must clean it with a cleaner. Do not boil the milk feeder with water.
  • It is best if the bottle can be used immediately after deletion. But if it is not done, put the bottle in the bottle and put the bottle in the bottle, so that the nipple and bottle do not enter the germs.
  • Keep regular notes so that the bottle nipple is not broken, cracked or cracked.

How to make milk?

  • Wash your hands well. And also clean the food where food will be made.
  • Fill in cold water with at least 1 liter of water in the kettle. Do not use boiling, artificial cleansing or bottled water in the past. Because it may not be suitable for the baby.
  • Boil the water and let it cool for more than 30 minutes so that its temperature is like 70 degrees Celsius.
  • Put the bottle in a clean place but place it in a nipple and a dry cleaner or saucepan so that it is clean.
  • According to the manufacturer’s instructions, pour the right amount of water into the bottle.
  • Take the milk with the spoon of the formula milk spoon and make it equal with the help of a clean knife or leveler.
  • Powder in bottled water. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, add the amount of spoon powder applied to the amount of water.
  • Take it bottle in the nipple corner. Then tighten the grooves around. Cover nipple with lid and shake until powder is flushed.
  • Cool the formula made by the bottom half of the bottle under the cold water stream. Before feeding the baby, pour a little fluid into the inner-palate of your hand and check the temperature, which means that the yolk should be hot or cold, but not hot.

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  • Before feeding, make fresh milk. Delaying foods or even fridges may create bacteria in milk that can make your child sick.
  • Use fresh water from the cold water and boil it with fresh water. Do not use boiled water, pure water or bottled water in the first place, because it may not be safe for the baby.
  • A separate brush is available for both feeders and nipples. Never leave Nipple open. Clean the water thoroughly and keep the lid on the nipple.
  • Mothers are generally aware of cleansing the feeder but do not forget that besides the feeders, the brush should also be washed with cleaner and dry water. If there is a smell of milk, it may also contain small insects or cockroaches. After brushing the feeder and nipple brush, dry the lid box. There will be no fear of insects.
  • Always use spoon spraying and follow the preparation procedure so that formula can be prepared in combination with the water and powder of your baby.
  • Do not add anything else to the bottle, such as sugar, cereals, chocolate powder etc.
  • It is difficult to keep a feeder feeding again and again. So keep using a few feeders together. After feeding one feeder on one ointment, after feeding on the sterile cleanser, feed the other one feeder. Change every feeder’s nipple after three to four months. Use the feeder for a maximum of one year. Be careful, the measuring spots on the feeder should not be removed. Because, with the spoon in milk course, the feeder’s measuring spots have enough interaction with it. Moreover, for each child of the child, each measuring milk has to be made. Read the instructions on the milk bowl to know how to make milk. For a certain age, a certain amount of milk powder and water should be used. Otherwise, the baby’s infertility or stomach may be bad.
  • Infant formulas never heat up on a microwave because it can not be spread evenly, so hot spots can be created and your baby’s face may burn.

Going out of the house to feed

If you need to go out of your home and feed the child, it is better to feed an infant formula milk made with an empty clean bottle. If it is not possible, you can keep the milk made in ice cream for up to 4 hours with a cold bag. If the formula made before you are used at room temperature, then use it within 2 hours but do not make it a habit.

If the mother does not have enough breast milk due to her mother’s health or because of her health, the doctor advocates for breast milk. Also, do not start feeding feeders to the baby by itself. Remember, there is no substitute for mother’s milk.

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