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How to help with the development of 0-3 months old baby

How to help with the development of 0-3 months old baby

Being a new parent is very exciting and difficult. You will continue to grow and learn with your baby in the first three months. Your baby is no more important than spending time with you. When you feed, hug, talk to, and play with your child, you create self-confidence, curiosity and a sense of speaking through his mind. You let him feel that he is the love, he has the ability, and he is safe in the vast world around him.

If the children could talk

If the child is hungry, if he feels cold, or if he does not see you, he will cry. First of all, you have to go to him every time. He may want to say something with a few words, from which he can understand that he wants adoration or something to eat. If he is tired of eating or eating the stomach, then the face can be swollen on the other side. In her life, she wants at least one of the reliable and well-intentioned, though the whole family is important to her. She likes to be with grandparents, grandparents, service providers and those who care for her. He can learn a lot from the way of his later life. You have to change your diapers frequently. While doing so, both of them can also have fun. The child may like to listen to your music and give him a sucker in his stomach. The child can dabble and speak the inappropriate language with you, but he likes it when you talk to him like adults. It has the advantage of learning words and language from here.

To do healthy baby formation (0-3) months


  • Your baby will always lie on the back. This reduces the likelihood of “sudden infant death syndrome”.
  • Never keep the baby alone Not even for a second.


  • As often as possible, take the baby in the lap, especially if you feed him.
  • During the feeding of the baby, he will slowly speak with him.
  • You can not destroy your baby. When he weeps, he will lift him up. Choose a variety of ways to calm him like feeding, hugging, swinging, walking with him.


  • If possible, breastfeeding your baby is possible. Breast milk works as a normal antidote to allergies and other diseases.
  • Take your child up regularly to check-up and make sure he is given the necessary vaccinations within the first three months of his birth.

Acquire knowledge

  • Keep a toy in front and behind slowly from the distance that the child sees, so that the child can move his eyes too much and his head can move along.
  • Increase your ability to talk to the child frequently and sing in front of him.
  • As soon as your baby is born, he will recognize your voice and face it. Your child is listening to everything from the moment of birth, so talk to her.


  • Take your child while you cry and comfort him and comfort him. According to the scientists, it is not fair to neglect the child’s cry. Because such negligence can cause serious harm to child development.
  • Shake your baby down, hugging, eating or walking.
  • As a parent, you are your child’s good playmate, so try to have time to play with him every day.
  • Newborn babies like physical sports, especially when you tickle them in their face or play their hands and feet with their fingers.
  • Only a few minutes old children, if they are satisfied and conscious, look intently at the face of the people around them. Try to slow down your face or try to find out the tongue – your baby may be your mate.

What can you expect

Remember that each child develops at the speed of the speed. These are just principles related instructions. If you have any concerns about the development of your baby, consult with your doctor or any other trusted health specialist.

  • A newborn baby sleeps 14-18 hours a day.
  • Newborn babies are 20 to 30 cm (8 to 12 inches) can see the distance. So when you talk to him or sing for him, keep him close to your face.
  • At the age of four weeks, your child will understand where the word comes from.
  • His voice is the voice of your voice.
  • The head of a newborn baby, usually with two soft areas and weak gulas, is usually large. Carefully grab their head and neck when they pick them up or carry them.
  • By six to eight weeks, the daily average of the baby tears for three hours.
  • Due to overfeeding, a child can be sprayed or spit in the face. There is nothing to be concerned about. Vomiting is a different matter. If your baby is vomiting loud enough to cause it to come out, then the doctor will show you.

A newborn baby sleeps almost a month after birth. He is not easily aware of only due to hunger, sudden surprise or any other inconvenient reason. Many children stay awake during the day and stay awake at night. In order to decrease their sleeping volume decreases. At this age, the child is shaking hands and feet while sleeping. At this age, when the children are hungry, they are cramped and crying, who gets to the hand like – cloth and hair, and they want to put their face firmly in the face. When the child is laid down in the first month, the head can be raised slightly, crying or screaming at a high sound, laugh, look at the words.

At the age of two months, the children can straighten their head or neck, the head can look at something slightly higher, the children themselves say ‘O’, ‘O’, ‘A’, ‘A’. At this age the child’s hearing increases. When playing with the child, he wants to get in the lap. Regrets, rebuke and smile, children respond differently to these different cases. During bathing, the body loves to shake hands and feet.

Children need adequate care at this age. Taking care of the child with a lot of care, always staying next, after breastfeeding after a certain time, sleeping singing and singing, parents have to be very careful.

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Take care of yourself

The first few months after the baby is born, you may feel embarrassed or tired. After delivery, you may feel pain in the body, as well as your hormone changes, which can lead to strong emotions. Some women suffer from depression after delivery. It goes away over time. But if you are depressed about this situation after two weeks, then tell your doctor. Postpartum sadness is a serious problem. It is not your fault and it is helped in its treatment.

The new father also became very emotional, as well as the elegance and responsible attitude. Take a patently leave or retire from work for a while. The best way to get to know your child well is to spend time with him to look after him.

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