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Some easy ways to increase breast milk

Some easy ways to increase breast milk

New mothers are worried after their childbirth. Much of this anxiety and unrest, the mother said that their child is not getting milk properly. Many people think that chest milk cannot be given if the cesarean operation is done. This is a misunderstanding. After delivery, it takes some time for new mothers and newborn babies to breastfeed properly. Today’s discussion with some easy ways to increase breast milk.

For the first six months after the birth of the baby, the mother’s breast milk is enough for her. No more food is required. Many mothers suffer from anxiety if they do not get milk properly or do not breastfeed. What to do if you feel like this? Before coming, let us know what causes breast milk may be reduced.

Probable Causes of Breastfeeding

A ‘demand and supply system’ made by milk on the mother’s breast is followed. That is, as the child produces milk, the mother’s brain pituitary gland will stimulate and produce more prolactin hormones. The more milk will be produced. The only stimulant or stimulus to make breast milk is to breastfeed the baby. So that the mothers did not give milk again from the very beginning, their production process was hampered.

The wrong method of breastfeeding also prevents the process of milk production. Especially new mothers suffer from these problems. During feeding, the head and shoulders of the child will be in parallel, not to be crispy, around an inch of milk bunch should be inserted into the mouth of the child.

Certain medicines, such as diuretics, pseudouridine or estrogens, birth control pills reduce milk production. Mother’s illness, thyroid problems, polycystic ovaries, postpartum bleeding, anemia, and pituitary gland problems are also responsible for the loss of milk. Nicotine and alcohol are also responsible for this.

Breastfeeding of the baby’s breast milk and feeds at the same time can be completely stopped by breastfeeding. At the first days of the baby’s birth, breastfeeding of 2/1 bottles of milk will reduce the chance of breastfeeding one-third. There is a difference between feeder’s nipple and breast peeling. If she is confused with breast sucking and nipple sucking of the feeder, she may eat less of the mother’s milk.

This reduces the mother’s breast milk. Some breasts breed properly for different reasons. There is not enough milk and tissue in the milk to meet the needs of their breasts. However, each of these nodes and tissues is being produced in pregnancy. So the problem of the second or the third child is very good.

Hormonal problems can cause adverse effects in pregnancy, so it also causes problems in breast milk production. The reason for this is that if the problem of hormones is found, the mother’s breast milk production signal does not reach properly.

Breastfeeding nails can be diluted if breast surgery is done. This can lead to lower breast milk.

They may also reduce the risk of breast milk due to their mother’s malnutrition, anxiety or family unrest, anxiety, fear, prejudice, and not having a mother’s sleep.

The way to increase breast milk

Although there is plenty of milk on the mother’s chest, the mother can not suck the mother’s milk due to lack of self-confidence and necessary support. If there are certain rules for feeding the baby to the mother, then there is no fear of losing the mother’s milk and all the mothers can breastfeed their needs.

Here are some tips to increase breast milk –
The newborn will often have to breastfeed. Mother’s breast milk will be chested. The chest of the chest will not come. Two hormones are needed for breast milk. An oxytocin Another prolactin. As the baby gets milk, the mother’s brain pituitary gland will stimulate and produce more and more prolactin hormones. The more milk will be produced. The only stimulant or stimulus to make breast milk is to breastfeed the baby.

It does not have to be time-bound, and as often as the child wants, it is necessary to give milk. Be patient, should not be removed beforehand. It should be remembered that after milking the child, the milk is made again when it is empty. Never need to keep milk in the chest. Rather, if the milk is mixed then the milk is made less. Therefore, the child needs to be fed breast milk again and again.

Do not give any kind of milk or artificial milk because it is not getting milk, in which the mother’s milk will be reduced further and the baby’s breast-milking habit will also go away. Do not give pacifiers to stop the crying of the baby, there is a nipple confusion in it. Sometimes the benefits of using the pump are available, as well as having breast stimulation, as well as pumped milk, it can be given to the baby with bowl spoon.

If a breast milk is completely eaten, then give milk to another breast. Do not change the breasts very frequently. Feed a breast at least 15 minutes. This will increase the breast milk in both breasts. Another reason for this is that, in the early milk, the amount of water is high and the last dense milk contains more nutrients. The baby’s stomach is also full. But after feeding half after feeding to another milk, the child is deprived of the last nutritional milk.

It is necessary to feed the baby from two breasts to the breast. Some mothers seem to have the advantage of breastfeeding on either side (right or left). So feed one more milk. On the other hand, feeding less than the breast causes milk production and disrupts in it, and the child becomes accustomed to eating milk at one go. However, it may not be necessary to breastfeed from breasts on both sides each time. When the baby’s stomach is full from one breast and the other is to be fed later.

The mother must remain uninterrupted and anxious while breastfeeding. If the child wants to not touch the mother’s book, then it should not be insisted. Rather than sit quietly in the house, talking to the mother with her hands on her head, try patiently. When she faces her baby, she must be mixed with the chest. There is no need to lean on the mother’s baby.

Many times mother thinks that milk is low, but that’s not exactly right. Keep in mind, whether or not the child is growing, whether the weight is rising or not. A newborn baby urine seven-times a day and disintegrate two or three times. During breastfeeding, notice whether milk is being swallowed or whether milk in the mouth is visible in the mouth of the lip. Many times the child is asleep for a long time, even during this time he will be given milk. Need to wake up behind the ear or tuck under the feet if needed. To make enough milk, milk should be given at least eight to 10 times daily (two hours per day and 4 hours in the night). Read more – Children’s milk is being properly fed?

In many cases, the mother is pronounced as ‘Apaya’ when the milk is low in the chest. In such a slander, the mother collapses mentally and this mental problem is an important reason for not coming to breast milk. In this case, both the mother and the family should keep in mind that after the birth of a baby milk is a normal process and if the nutrition of the mother is confirmed then milk will come. Additional physical work and mental discomfort affect the process of breast milk production. For this, adequate rest of the mother should be arranged. A mother should eat plenty of nutritious food with lots of water, fluid, milk and honey. At this time the mother needs more calories than usual. Nutritionists will need help.

Eat as much as possible nutritious food (such as fish, eggs, milk, etc.) to mother. Among the foods that directly help to increase breast milk include carrots, beans, almonds (groundnuts, almonds), black pepper cakes, lentils, figs, spinach, cinnamon, tomato etc.

After taking these steps after two weeks of delivery, if the mother’s breast milk does not grow or less, then the doctor should consult. But it is almost time to observe the above rules and if the patience of one to two weeks is tolerated then this problem is solved. At this time, the mother will be given suicide by being intensely worried about the milk being milked. Because, in the beginning, it is very difficult for the child to have breast milk and once it is given to bowel milk, it is very difficult to breastfeed.

Nowadays there are separate centers or booths for ‘breastfeeding counseling’ in government hospitals and clinics. Mothers can seek help in these places. Generally, there is no reason why a healthy mother does not have milk. Try not to worry about it without being overly anxious and uncomfortable. Remember, there is no alternative to breast milk for the baby.

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