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Different types of baby dermatitis

Different types of baby dermatitis

Small children’s skin is very sensitive. Different causes of skin problems are due to various reasons. We create some problems. But in most cases, they are not such a big problem and there is nothing to fear. There may be some newborn leprosy after birth. Because the skin of the skin is very sensitive, it is important to keep such ideas about these diseases. It is possible to avoid any complications when proper care and treatment are done.

The skin is one of the parts of the body, which prevents various types of germs entering the body. However, since most parts of the skin are open, in many cases it is not possible for skin to prevent serious germs. Then the skin became infected with various problems. And if this happens with the children, then there is no word! The situation continued to get worse. In fact, those who are more susceptible to dermatitis than diarrhea are …

Napkin rash or Diaper rash

All the children urinate again and again. Sometimes the mother likes to wear the diaphragm when she is in bed while she is on the lap. There is also a lack of diaper teaching benefits as well. That is also the need to know the mother. Diaper urine needs to be changed in violet. If you keep it for long periods of time, the Urea of the urine accumulated and the germ of the toilet will produce allergies and see if this rash is in the covered area covered by the diaphragm. Such as in the thighs or hip cushions, in the folded place of the thighs, the groan and (hip) folded place of the cow.

If these places are covered in cloth or diapers for a long time, a type of fungus is also attacked; Such as Candida. If there is such a fungus attack, then it is necessary to try to keep the place completely dry after removing the cloth. If you need to be in need of a doctor. The candida’s attack can spread from the skin to the face and tongue. In this case, there are white colored layers on the tongue. The children are suffering from this candida national fungus. In this case, from the fold of the throat to the passage of the road to the toilet or to the bush, any folded skin is infected.

Problems of nappy rash are most common for newborns to one-year-olds. The main reason for the Nipa rash is the Diaper. If you keep wet diapers, children have this type of problem. Therefore, instead of the wet diaphragm, the skin should be kept dry constantly.

Learn about an expansion of diaper rash and its remedy.

Baby acne

Even small children can be seen as pimples or acne in the face of newborns. It is not like the acne of young people. Sometimes a new environment, but sometimes the problems of the mother’s hormone, but it also attacks the skin on the skin. Because the children are dependent on mother’s milk most of the time. Many babies also have acne or rashes during birth. In this case, such problems can also be seen in the first few weeks of birth. Acne is mainly seen on the cheeks, back, and forehead of the children. There are many reasons for acne. For example, it may be due to drinking the mother’s milk, but it may also be used very hard and unsophisticated. It may also cause problems of skin disorders such as the national detergent or soap in children’s clothes.

Prickly heat

All of us are familiar with the tangle to everyone. It is a skin disease. It is in summer. If a child is covered with a lot of cloth, then this disease is seen to be very high. Many people think that the little baby should be covered with warm clothes immediately after birth, no matter how hot the weather is? That’s not right. Thin clothes should be worn in hot weather and the arrangement should not be ensured. To be chilled, we have to arrange to be cold. If there is air in the air course then there is no sweat. If it is not possible to ensure the arrangement of a bird. You should wear thin cotton clothes and if you do not have control, then you should definitely go to a doctor. Because if the treatment is not done on time, the boil is formed.


Another problem with children’s skin is eczema. This type of skin disease occurs in any part of the body, especially on the back, throats, throat, mouth, and knees. Eczema is mainly red-colored, dry-shaped shape. Most of the time the itching is seen in extremity. After a few days, the puffs flow from them, sometimes the blood goes out. Some people may have strong itching again. Occasionally there may be pus and blow due to an infection. Although children grow up, these problems begin to fix itself automatically. Children are seen in winter very often. It is mainly due to inherited causes and associated with the causes of environmental change.

Chicken Pox

Getting chicken pox for children is very normal. Chickenpox begins with symptoms such as a headache, fever, lack of appetite, nausea and back pain. It can be difficult for children to understand their problems because they can not mean children’s pain. In this case, the children’s body has to be noticed that it is like a watery rash. It is usually small and reddish in size. These rashes are not painful, but when chicken pox is recovering, they cause itching. In fact, chickenpox is mainly due to viruses. Even though it is still in a few days. However, it is very important for the children to consult such problems in children. Calamine lotion can also be used to reduce digestion. At the same time, the child is kept in proper diet and care.

Cradle cap

Cradle cap is a very common problem for babies. It is on the head of the children. The cradle cap is like dandruff to see. In the case of a cradle cap, the skin of the head becomes reddish first. Then it contains a yellow color. Then it becomes dry and hardened and almost crumbled. There is a lot of hair fall during this time. Sometimes it seems to be a bad smell. Besides head, such diseases may occur in the mouth, nose, throat, back, and throat. In order to overcome such problems, head and hair should be cleaned every day. Along with the soft comb, the gradually clearing the cradle cap should be cleaned. There is no reason to be concerned about this. Because this disease is usually better than itself for six months of age.


It’s hard to find people who did not get a childhood in childhood. One of the most common causes of skin problems in children is that of measles. The onset of this disease is very common. For example, drinking water by nose, fever, swollen eyes and soreness around the eyes, chicks and white rashes inside the mouth etc. Shortly afterward, several parts of the body, such as the face, throat, and the back of the ear appear to be small like small ears. After 5-6 days, they begin to slow down slowly. Although it is necessary to take the advice of the doctor at this time.


The newborns suffer from this disease very much. It also starts suddenly like the rest of the skin problem. In this case, white-colored acne can be seen in the face of children. Milia gull, forehead, throat, nose and eyes are seen around. Sometimes this action starts to grow bigger in size and is very soft. However, there is nothing to fear in children’s skin problems. Because they started to blend in 6 weeks.


In the first week of the newborn’s birth, the red-red grains that are seen throughout the body on the second or third day, are called Auntie-PC in rural Bengal. In medical science, its name is Iritema Topxam Neonetoram. In this case, the reddish appearance of the baby’s body appears in the form of a rash. Usually, the face of the chest, chestnut skin, hands and feet of the foot blooms in the form of granules or in the form of rash and there is no fever or other illness. And usually become good on the tenth day. In this case, no treatment is needed.

Scissors or scabies

Many children are affected by this disease. Due to others, if there is a microbial called Saracpapitis, then if they adore a child or sleep on his bed, then the infection of the disease is very easy. In this disease, it can be seen that it is very good to have itching. Then one can see it from one hemorrhage and if it is not treated in a timely manner then it can also be seen from Acima. In these cases, it is to be remembered that the disease can not be cured if only the child is treated. All of them have to be treated together as parents, relatives, or those who are in charge of child care. Otherwise, the disease can not be cured.


It is not unusual to have 1 to 10 black or colored birthdate in the newborn body. Usually, this strain is due to various pressure during the maternal stage. They can be seen after birth or even after a few months. There is nothing to worry about, but if you need to talk to the doctor, you can know whether it is genuinely born or not. Many birthdays become pale with time.

Cough-like skin

Skin often comes out like light onion peas. Saying it is peeling. This is for skin dryness. After bathing the newborn baby oil or lotion, the dryness is very low. In this, the intestines and the undercurrent are healthy.

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