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Confusion of newborn haircut?

Confusion of newborn haircut

Different ideas about newborn haircut are common. Someone thinks that the hair should be dropped within seven days of birth. Someone thinks that if the hair is fixed at a young age, then the hair becomes thin. After the birth of a child, many may think that such a mother could throw her out. These ideas are wrong. There is no obligation to cut the newborn’s hair.

Common ideas about newborn haircut:

Cutting the first hair after birth is indeed a great practice. Islam is believed to believe that cutting off the birth of a baby means to get rid of the fetal blood or other germs have taken from the mother’s womb. It is believed in a traditional religion that cutting out the birth of the hair means release from all negative feelings of the previous generation. Some believe that the first haircut means longevity, a beautiful future, and protecting the child from any evil power. In some communities the birth of the baby is unclean They believe that after cutting off this hair, the body and soul of the child are released.

Many people believe that excess hair is removed from the baby’s body after cutting the newborn’s hair while keeping the baby’s head cool. Many people say that this does not cause the child’s headache, in addition to the pain caused by a toothache, much more can be avoided than the child. It is a very normal idea that hair loss increases the normal function of cells, blood circulation is also good, which helps in growing good and thick hair later on. The first haircut is cut through formalities in China and Mongolia outside Bengali and Indians.

Does the hair become thick when the head of the newborn is fixed?

Many people think that if you throw away all the hair from your head early in the childhood, then the hair will become thick. There is no scientific basis for such thinking. If the hair is repeatedly hair, it will be slightly thick, but the number of hair will not increase.

The origin of human hair is under the wraps below the skull. Whatever is done with the head of the head, it can not affect the hair from the plaque. Human head skin does not grow more than the number of hair (hair follicles) that are born in the womb. So if you decide, hair will be thick, it’s wrong to think. The hair follicle is very genetic and the rest depends on the physical nutrition and dietary habits.

When hair is shaved after hair, it seems very thick because the hair follicles grow all together and have the same length. But when hair is allowed to grow, all hair equally and do not grow simultaneously. Even the age of the hair increases as long as the hair becomes thin because hairstyles have more concentration than hairstyles. Because of this, our hair feels very thick after pruning hair.

Another reason for this idea may be that the hair that is born with the hair during birth, usually falls short or partially during the child’s four months. After this, the hair of the baby may be completely different from the hair of the birth. It may also be that there was thin hair during the birth of the baby (which is mostly for the child’s case), but after that new hair grew very thick. There may be many ideas that this may have been due to hair defacing.

Every man grows with a certain number of papules. This will determine exactly how much our hair is and how it will be. So the number of our ovens will never increase in whatever we do on the skin of the head. However, depending on how healthy the child’s hair will be, it depends on the nutrition of the baby. She should give milk and other nutritious foods on time. As well as other nutrients, as well as various mineral elements, children should be taken into account.

When the newborn’s hair can be cut?

There is no obligation on when the newborn’s hair should be cut. The matter will depend entirely on the need. If a newborn is suffering from the heat, it is better to cut hair. Again, the situation will be reversed in winter. In winter, the newborn will save a lot of hair from the cold. Many people say that if the child’s hair is dropped, then his head will be damaged. There is no scientifically proven that the hair loss will be harmed by smears. Keep in mind that without any problems, millions of children of the world have been deflected from hair and have been deflected for a short period of time.

If you want to remove the child’s hair for 7 days due to religious reasons, you can throw it. But in that case, you have to be careful. When the hair is kept in contact with soap and water, it can lead to pneumonia. Babies have palm leaves very soft, there is only one skin (not scale), so any accident can occur during hair removal. Wrong use of razor or razor can cause head injuries or infections.

In these cases, professional people will definitely have to take help. Try to do so during the day, especially in the morning to cut hair. Because at this time the child’s mood is good. Make sure your child has enough rest. If for some reason your child’s mood swings, or is unsteady, it will be difficult to handle them.

Make sure the haircut equipment is all sterilized. Especially if you take the child to a mosque, temple or salon, it is more important to make sure it is important. If you intend to cut hair at home, then wash the equipment thoroughly. The best is to buy a cache, blades, and buy new ones. Keep in mind, this kind of uncertainty can become a lifetime for the whole life.

Wash the baby’s head thoroughly before cutting the newborn’s hair. That is why you can use filter water or partial hot water. However, it is important to keep in mind the weather. Do not forget to use antiseptic cream if there is scratches or wounds on the baby’s head.

However, according to most experts, the baby should be shaved after attaining at least one month of age. Because the head of the newborn’s head is slightly mature in this period.

Newborn hair care

Without much difficulty in hot weather, the haircut can be cut short by a cut. To keep the child clean, the body of the child should be used to wash the normal temperature while washing the head with light warm water. Baby-shampoo should be used two to two days a week. However, if the child’s hair is dandruff, he will have to refrain from giving oil to his hair until it gets better. The child’s head should be gently massaged while shampooing. If the message is done, then the baby may be diluted properly.

Children’s shampoo can be ignited in children’s eyes if they have to put children on the hair, and shampoo-containing shampoo must be avoided. So buy children’s shampoo. It is important to keep an eye on the small and large children so that after washing the hair, the hair follicles are dried properly. If the hair is wet, then the baby may go cold. Children like children, no need to apply conditioner.

Use soft bristles brush to comb your child’s hair. It is better to not use the comb Do not use the headband in such a way that the child is tired.

Many times the skin of the newborn can go head-on. It is an infection with fungus, allergy or bacterial infection. Disease consultant should only be consulted. Many people use mustard oil to pick it up. But mustard oil should not be put on the head of a newborn. Other oils available for use in children may be applied.

Many people think that if the newborn is giving too much oil to the head, the layer of yellow or brown fiber has fallen on the palm of the head. Call it a ‘cradle cap’. In fact, the cradle cap is mainly produced in the palm of the head, if it produces more bam or oil. For this, appoint an appointment according to the doctor’s advice.

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