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Colic Baby : Unnatural cry of the baby

Colic Baby Unnatural cry of the baby

All the babies cry, this is the reality. This is the only way to tell them their need. But some strangers (about 15 to 20 percent) cry far more than others. When these healthy children are having unnatural tears without any reason, such as sickness, hunger, wetness, tiredness, hot or cold, the experts of such children are called calligraphic babies.

What is the colic and how to understand?

The culinary matter is very much related to your tolerance. Whether your child’s tears are normal or over-dependent depends on how long you can tolerate it. According to the child experts, if your child is usually crying more than three hours or more, three or four days more than once in the week and continuously for three to four weeks and if there is no explanation, then the child may be colicky.

Because of colic, the baby can cry anytime. But there are more tears from evening tonight. There is no reason to fear it because in 60% of the child it is better within 3 months. Over 90 percent of the children suffer from this problem for four months.

It is not known what is the cause of the colic. But it is believed that digestion may be problematic, reflux, or colic due to environmental reasons. “Colic” is not a sign of your child’s illness. It may seem that his stomach hurts, but it is not a sign of his stomach ache and not. It is believed that due to the gas in the stomach the child can be colic. But researchers now think that the stomach gas is caused by the tears of the child. Because as long as the baby is crying, he swallows the air. In one way you will realize that your child is crying because of “colic”. That is, when he cries, you try to swing him or bring him in another way. The reason for the child’s crying is to become calm after a while.

Why are some kids “colic”?

Why it is colic or why it does not happen in all children, today and unexplained. It is still a mystery to the experts. But some experts think that “colored” kids cannot tolerate any more pressure on their senses (like seeing, listening or experiencing) as the evening approaches. As a result, they get annoyed and cry.

Many people think that due to the inequalities of healthy bacteria in the baby’s gut, it can be “colic”. Studies have shown that in the gut, the other children have different microflora than other children.

In some cases, food may be colic due to allergic reactions. If the children eating formula may become lactose intolerant or breastfeeding children due to mother’s eating habits.

Many studies have shown that their mothers are usually colonized by mothers who smoke during pregnancy or later. It might be possible to smoke around the child. So no one should want to smoke around the child.

Some suggestions for colic baby:

It is most important for a child to be calm in the case of colic of a child. It is more difficult to say than to say it. The tips below may be able to calm the baby a bit or maybe but be careful that try all the ways one by one but do not do all together. In this, the child can get more tears after more disturbance.

Respond when the baby starts crying. Studies have shown that after responding to the baby’s tears, it helps to reduce the tears of the baby.

If the child is disturbed by something, keep him away from it. Especially in the afternoon and in the evening. More people are better at not coming to the child at this time. Take care of what the child is getting disturbed and keep away from it as far as possible.

Keep the environment quiet around the child. Reduce the light, talk as gentle as possible or do not talk at once. Reduce the other words as much as possible.

Many colicky babies feel relaxed when giving a little pressure in the stomach. Take the child lying down on your lap or take it straight in the lap (so that the child’s stomach is on your shoulders), or the baby may be able to rub or kneel on his back after lying downstairs. This will make him feel a bit comfortable.

Since childhood is a specific time of day, 30 minutes before that time, the treatment of anti-colic syrup on the doctor’s recommendation can reduce many tears (even if it is not proved) but it will never tell the doctor.

If your child is breastfeeding, consultation with the doctor can eliminate allergic or gas-rich foods. If the child develops a formula, then you can change formula according to the doctor’s suggestion.

You can see the baby with the pacifier. If there is a lot of lick of the face, the child’s cry is closed. Many times when nothing works, the only squash can calm the baby. Studies of American Academy of Pediatrics have found that sleeping use of Sescine reduces the risk of SIDS during sleep.

Occasionally you can come out of the house with the baby. The outside environment can calm the child’s mind.

Parents should do:

Although it can be said that the hourly tears do not cause much harm to the child at that time, but it will have a great deal of physical and emotional impact on parents. So do your child’s care by sharing your child’s care. Never be tired of the two together. At this time both of them need rest.

Parental care is the main work of the newborn. The matter becomes a little tedious for the mothers, so do not snatch anyone to help others in the family as soon as possible. During this time, the mother needs to try to stay physically and emotionally eager and healthy.

Talk to others about child problems. Get help from others if needed. Always remember that it will be cut once.

Doctor’s advice:

You can take the doctor’s advice at the time of childbirth. He will check whether there is any other problem with the child. If you see no unusual symptoms except tears, please consult the doctor without delay.

Good luck to all the children, everyone should be healthy.

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