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Causes and Remedies For Miscarriage

Causes and Remedies For Miscarriage

What is a miscarriage? After the fertilization of the ovaries, it is known as miscarriage or miscarriage after passing out on the street in any of the following five months (20 weeks). It is called Spontaneous miscarriage in the terminology of medicine. Pregnancy can be found that 10-15 percent of mothers may have a miscarriage due to mothers. And most of the miscarriage is in the first trimester, ie 12 weeks of pregnancy. So, Gynecologists say that they stay up to 12 weeks very carefully. In the second trimester, there is a possibility of 1-5 percent of maternal miscarriage.

In scientific studies, it is found that in the first three months of the year children who have lost or aborted, 70-80 percent of cases have problems in the embryo. And maybe there is a problem in the mother’s body in 20%. If a child is lost from 12 weeks to 28 weeks, in the second trimester, maybe 50 percent of cases may have child problems, or in 50 percent cases, the child is being lost due to some reason. After the last 28 weeks, if the child dies in the stomach or there is a miscarriage, then in most cases the problem is in the mother’s body. The.

According to experts, the number of unknown miscarriages is far greater than that. Studies have shown that at least 30-50 percent of the fertilized egg is destroyed before or after it was replaced in the uterus. If this type of pregnancy is pregnant before it grows, it becomes miscarriage.

Cause of miscarriage

For many reasons, abortion can occur. However, in most cases, its exact cause can not be determined. If the first trimester has an abortion, it is usually due to a problem of a frown. Three of the four miscarriages are in the first trimester.

If the second trimester has an abortion, it is usually due to any physical problem of the mother. This type of miscarriage can usually be caused by any kind of infections, due to which the water purifier can be broken without any pain or bleeding. In very few cases, there may be miscarriage due to the opening of the uterus face earlier.

Problems with chromosome

In the first trimester, abortion is mostly due to a problem of frown chromosome. Sometimes a frog may have excess or deficiency of chromosomes, due to which it can not be formed properly, which results in miscarriage. The reason why this is so unknown is still unknown. About two-thirds of the miscarriage of the first trimester is due to the problem of chromosomes. However, after this type of miscarriage, women can usually become pregnant. Due to abnormalities of premature miscarriage, it is difficult to predict from earlier and there is no blame on the mother or father.

Brown or bright red blood, can not have cramping or contraction of the stomach or muscle muscles. If excess blood gets more than 1 pH in an hour if blood is bleeding.

If these appear, then the doctor will be useful.
One of the main causes of miscarriage is diarrhea or sperm. If any of the eggs or sperm is weak, then it will be frozen fruit punch. And if the fetus is defective then it will become pregnant. Also, if there is a weak sperm-egg, an unusual embryo will be created, which can be broken at one stage and cannot be adjusted automatically. As a result, miscarriage occurs.


Syphilis, abnormalities occur due to infections such as Topsnazmosis. Toxicator is a parasitic animal that is most likely to cater to cats. The germs live for 6-7 months in hostile environments. At that time, people with food or drinks enter the body and there is a lot of cholestasis. Maternal and childbirth sufferers are more likely to have a miscarriage. Can be born blind or disabled children. Hydrocephalus is often called for children to water their head.

Unprotected facial problems and other problems

After pregnancy, the main function of the uterus is to keep the embryo within the womb properly. If for some reason the uterine face grows then it becomes a problem. If the embryo is well-formed, it is not possible for the cervix to retain it and it is not possible to retain the fetus. The result is abortion. As sequential incontinence is said to have been miscarried long ago, but the function of the uterus can be broken. The result may be abortion. If someone is born of an abnormal uterus, or if the reproductive system is not correct, then there is a problem of pregnancy, or if there is a pregnancy, the possibility of miscarriage is possible. Even after embolization if the fetus is not properly formed in the uterus, it may also be an abortion.

Who is more at risk of miscarriage?

For some reasons, the risk of maternal abortion increases. These are:

  • If there are two or more abortions before.
  • If the age of the mother is 35 or more. As the age increases, the risk of miscarriage increases and increases.
  • If the mother is addicted to cigarettes, alcohol or any other addiction; Even then, unexpected abortion can happen.
  • If a healthy baby is born, then the mother must be a healthy and immature body.
  • If pregnancy comes in contact with a harmful chemical, pregnancy can occur.

There are also some physical problems that can increase the risk of miscarriage. If the mother has these physical problems, then the doctor must be informed before pregnancy or with the pregnancy immediately.

Autoimmune disease

The human body immune system destroys various types of bacteria, viruses and other microbes, and keeps the body free from decontamination. Sometimes the body’s immune system attacks the nerve cells in the area and attacks the nerve cells. It is called autoimmune disorder. Antifusulfid syndrome and Lupus are at risk of miscarriage due to an autoimmune disorder.

In Antiphospholipid syndrome, a body of an antibody is created in the mother’s body which attacks some fat in the bloodstream. As a result, sometimes blood clots are tied. Due to lupus, the body is damaged due to swelling, pain and occasional organs. The skin of the skin, kidneys, lungs, and blood vessels are cured.

Mother’s fatness

If there is excess fat on the mother’s body and the mother’s body massage index is 30 or more then the risk of pregnancy is high.

Hormonal problem

Hormone progesterone and HCG keep calm from getting the mother’s uterus. That means keep them free from a constant push. As a result, the child remains intact in the mother’s womb. But if these two hormones increase or decrease, when the child is inconsistent, the child can go out. There is also another type of hormone named Prolactin, in the mother’s body. Although this hormone is high, the baby can go out.

There is also a risk of miscarriage due to polycystic ovary syndrome.

Mother’s Diabetes

If the mother already has diabetes before pregnancy, then the risk of miscarriage increases. Diabetes means when blood glucose levels are high.

Thyroid Problems

In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, the growth of the fetus depends on the mother’s thyroid hormone. Therefore, the adequate quantity of maternal thyroid hormone emission is very important. The hormones are very important in the growth of the baby’s brain.

Therefore, thyroid problems should be diagnosed before pregnancy or at the beginning of pregnancy. If the problem is diagnosed initially and it is cured, then the chances of the baby’s risk of pregnancy are low. Thyroid problems are of two types. Hyper and Hypo – The risk of miscarriage can be increased due to two problems.

Symptoms of miscarriage

There are some symptoms that are seen to indicate that abortion is occurring!


The most common signs of miscarriage are mild or excess bleeding by the vagina. Although pregnancy is normal for bleeding early. On 7-10 days after the conception, some bloodshed due to implantation. It’s normal. The amount of blood is very low, even the normal aortic blood is less than the blood. However, if there is excessive blood, then contact the doctor. Many people do not realize that they are pregnant. So if excess blood goes then it is possible that it is going to be delayed, and extra blood is going on which is normal. Not really. Doctors should show the first 3 months of pregnancy when blood is passed through the vagina. Note the following centuries during bleeding,

  • Brown or bright red blood, can not have cramping or contraction of the stomach or muscle muscles.
  • If excess blood gets more than 1 pH in an hour.
  • if blood is bleeding.

If these appear, then the doctor will be useful.

Cramping or contraction of the muscles or pain

Light muscle contraction pain is normal. It is temporary and remains for a short time. If there is excessive pain and there are following symptoms,

  • At first, there is a pain in the back or on the side of the stomach.
  • The stomach lasts for a long time.

If they are, then the doctor will show you.

Break the water or go to the mucus with a vagina

If the vagina comes with white-pink color mucus or slippery material or suddenly occurs when there is too much water or if the solid tissue goes out, then there is an abortion. Besides, other symptoms are:

  • Weight loss.
  • Signs of prostitution are suddenly reduced.
  • Children do not get heart sound, ultrasound.

Medical after miscarriage

The main purpose of treatment is to stop bleeding and to prevent infection. Generally, as long as the stability of the pregnancy is done, the body quickly turns out to be fatty material. Medical Procedure is not needed. If the body itself does not come out, then d & c is done. Then monitor the bleeding at home. If shaking or fever comes, contact the doctor.

Normally one or two abortions do not have to be tested in particular. But if Missouri is three times or more then it is really a matter of concern. This problem is called Rector M increase. In fact, six types of cases are observed in this case.

Genetic testing is done to indicate that there is no chromosomal defect between the father and the mother. Ultrasonography in pregnancy shows that cervical incontinence or weakness of the uterus. Ultrasonography, SIS, or HSG examination shows that there is no fibroid in the uterus.

However, the best way to determine it is the test called hysteroscopy, so that if a camera is inserted in the uterus, then it is possible to see if there is any muscle in the uterus. Through the hysteroscopy examination, it is also known that there is no screen or septum in the uterus.

Short blood tests, called anti-cardiolipin antibodies and lupus anti-coagents, show that blood clots in the blood between the mother and the baby are creating a barrier. Also, blood tests can be done due to anti-thrombin ‘Three’, Protein C and Protein ‘S’ deficiency.

Identifying hormonal problems but being an important factor in miscarriage. So diabetes, thyroid, and prolactin are very important to see if the hormones are in the body at the right level. If you get polycystic ovaries in the USG, then increase the chances of miscarriage.

Although the reason is still unknown. Many times, due to excessive levels of luteinizing hormone, it causes miscarriage. Rubella, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, listeria and bacterial vaginosis are essential to see if abortion is occurring. However, despite all these tests, we can not accurately determine the cause of the increase in 50% of the cases.

Pregnancy after miscarriage

Once pregnancy again, there is no likelihood of giving birth to a pregnant baby again. According to the American Pregnancy website, once in a second pregnancy, the healthy baby birth rate is more than 9 out of every 10 people. So if you are afraid that you are healthy baby If you can give birth, shake it from the head right now.

Online Health Magazine Mayo Clinic reports that abortion is not usually more than once in a mother’s life. Only one in every 100 mothers may have had multiple abortions.

When is the right time for pregnancy after a micro’s? Actually, there is no right time in this case. There are many people who take a baby very quickly and may take time. Most doctors give advice for pregnancy after one to three full monthly cycles. This will give you time to return to your body again and be prepared mentally. Recently, some studies have shown that pregnancy was somewhat risky for those who have been pregnant later than those who have undergone six months or one year after a miscarriage.

But you must be careful about something to cheer before you take the baby again. For example –

  • After the miscarriage, the blood cannot be completely mixed with the husband before the closing of blood. There is a risk of infection. So wait for at least one period.
  • If your abortion is due to a molar or an eccentric pregnancy, then consult the doctor before trying to take the baby again.
  • If you have had several miscarriages before, try some tests before trying again. Will be And wait until these experiments are completed.

After the miscarriage, it may take a few weeks or months to complete the condition of the body completely. Depending on the time of pregnancy, there may be pregnancy hormones in the mother’s blood for 1 to 2 months. So maybe there may be periods and closures at this time. However, in most cases, the miscarriage begins within 4-6 weeks of miscarriage. According to many experts, one can try to conceive once it is done once a month.

To prevent miscarriage

Since most of the causes of miscarriage due to the chromosome, there is no way to prevent it. However, following pregnancy and after certain pregnancies, you can reduce the risk of pregnancy.

Accept folic acid. This is a vitamin supplement. You can start eating it 3 months before pregnancy. This reduces the tendency of the child’s birth defects and reduces the risk of getting rid of microstates. Folic acid, Vitamin E, iron and calcium supplement can be accepted according to the doctor’s advice.

Healthy foods ensure good health. Good health enhances your chances of getting pregnant. British studies have shown that fresh fruits and vegetables reduce the rate of miscarriage by 50 percent. Regular light exercises are also good for health. There is also a relation between smoking, alcohol, caffeine drinks such as tea, coffee or chocolate, and stress. So they should be avoided.

Before pre-pregnancy, take a health check and consult a doctor. Try to find out the reasons for miscarriage. Afterward, the same reasons should not be repetitive.

There is a need for physical and emotional rest after pregnancy. Due to specialist consultation, due to non-acne medicines can be harmful. If there is a shortage of hormones, it needs to be filled with medicines. If there is an infection then treatment needs to be done.

If there is an error in the birth of the uterus or reproductive system, then the operation needs to be fixed. The revolutionary change in medical science is the test tube baby. Maternal mortality has come in about 30 percent of this treatment. However, this treatment is still expensive. For women who do not have infertility but have a recurring abortion, they need psychological treatment.

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