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Breastfeeding during pregnancy

Breastfeeding during pregnancy is safe?

Many mothers think that there are different types of questions, such as those who are pregnant again within a short period of birth, such as breastfeeding is it safe during pregnancy? What will affect the pregnancy due to breastfeeding? What can be the effect of breastfeeding on the child? How to breastfeed two kids together? Etc. Today’s discussion on various aspects of breastfeeding during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding during pregnancy is safe?

Sure! There is no reason to stop giving breast milk to the baby during pregnancy. Many mothers breastfeeding during pregnancy. Not only that, they can milk two babies together after they are born.

Many people are afraid that breastfeeding during pregnancy will provide the right amount of nutrients for the baby’s baby or it will not be possible for mother to breast milk and it will not be possible to ensure nutrients at the same time for the pregnant baby. This is not really a matter of concern because our body is really amazing and she understands exactly what to do at the moment. At this time, eating a balanced diet of a mother, eating hungry and having thirst, it is enough to drink.

In some cases, it is normal for the mothers to worry. Mothers may have breast and nipple pain during pregnancy, so breastfeeding makes it difficult for mothers. Also, the amount of breast milk during pregnancy may be slightly reduced.

At the end of the pregnancy, the children may not want to eat the mother’s milk. Babies may also say that they are not enjoying talking. The reason is that breast milk at the end of pregnancy becomes milk colostral-type. (Colostrum is a dense and yellowish color is produced at the end of the pregnancy and for several days after delivery).

Many mothers are afraid because the nipple stimulation that occurs during breastfeeding and whether there is a slight control over it, think about whether there will be any harm to pre-term labor or children. The stimulation of nipples is due to the release of oxytocin hormones in the mother’s body which is responsible for the production of breast milk and the contraction that occurs during delivery. However, the amount of oxytocin emitted during breastfeeding is not like normal birth pains. At this time you can feel light contract so that there is no reason to be scared. There is no harm to the fetus due to such contractions and there is almost no possibility of miscarriage. These pregnancies can go a little bit in the body of the baby through breast milk, but it is not a risk factor.

Oxytocin emission due to breastfeeding during pregnancy is only the cause of danger when there is a risk of maternal delivery before the normal period of the mother. Breastfeeding is safe for a child during pregnancy, but in some cases, it is advisable to stop, if-

  • You have a risky pregnancy or pre-term labor risk.
  • Abortion is at risk.
  • If there are twins in the womb then.
  • If your physical intercourse is prohibited during pregnancy.
  • If there is a problem with bleeding or abdominal pain.

If you have these symptoms, consult with the specialist to make sure that you are the best one for your newborn and the baby of the womb.

If the baby is not fully breastfed during pregnancy.

If the child becomes fit to eat solid, then he can fill his nutritional needs with other foods if he cannot feed his breast fully. There is no reason to feel guilty because of not being breastfed. As long as the baby was breast milk, she got all the benefits of breast milk.

In the middle of the pregnancy, the mother gets reduced milk on the breast and it may be tasteless to the baby. As a result, the child itself may be ready to eat another meal before normal time. If the child is not ready to eat solid then you can try feeding formula along with breast milk. In that case, once you have a discussion with BiseSnow, it will be good for a brand’s formula child.

In both cases, the child should be raised and health should be looked into. If the child is not prepared for the child’s nutritional supplement, or if the child is not prepared for it, then the child will be given formulas.

There are some tips that can help to prevent breastfeeding during pregnancy and to solve it

Breastfeeding can be challenging because of morning sickness or nausea during pregnancy. Morning sickness may cause tiredness of the mother. It is associated with the production of breast milk that requires the energy of the mother’s body to separate the energy. You can take adequate rest in this regard. Lighter nutrition can be kept with some foods so that nausea is low. Before breastfeeding the baby can take a light-absorbing snack. There is no fatigue due to milk feeding the baby. So you can feed or lie in comfortable places.

But if the morning sickness takes a serious shape and the mother’s weight goes down, most doctors may suggest breastfeeding to stop.

At this time, the symptom hole nipple pain. If you feel the pain, you can eat a little more than the child for a long time. At this time, there may be a little bit more comfort than concentrating on the other side. The baby’s face is well-nipple, with the four sides of the black part (Ariola) in the mouth of the child. Baby areola munch Then gets milk properly. But if the only nipple, then nipple can be torn, a mother will get pain, and the baby will also get less milk. Therefore, it may take less pain in the face of more than one part of the breast.

As the mother’s stomach increases during pregnancy, it may be impossible to breastfeed with the baby in the lap. The case may be fed to the baby lying on the back side of the case. If the child is big, he can stand or stand in the breast if he is standing or standing.

When the new baby will come, it will need shawl milk. So try to feed the new baby more by reducing the feeding of the baby in the next few days after becoming a child. After the new baby arrives suddenly you may feel tensed to feed the big baby. There is nothing to be surprised or worried about that. With time it is settled. If you do not think it is possible for you to breastfeed together, but start feeding the baby to the elderly during pregnancy. After the new baby arrives suddenly her milk is stopped, she may feel stressed.

Mother’s meal at the time

After pregnancy breastfeeding, a mother will have to take good care of the health of three people by keeping her mother’s body healthy. In this case, 500-650 calories should be consumed in excess of 350 calories in the second trimester during pregnancy and more than 450 calories in the third trimester. There is nothing to fear if you can not eat more due to morning sickness in the first trimester. During the pregnancy, the first trimester does not require extra calories.

Many mothers think that there are different types of questions, such as those who are pregnant again within a short period of birth, such as breastfeeding is it safe during pregnancy? What will affect the

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Expository Pregnancy Reason, Observation and Action

Expository Pregnancy Reason, Observation and Action

The correct place of pregnancy is the uterus. In a normal pregnancy, fertilized ovum takes place in the womb or uterus. There is enough room for ovulation to split, to become a child, and to grow. Anyone who is pregnant outside of it is known as an acronym Pregnancy. 97 percent of the ectopic pregnancy can be seen in the fallopian tubes.

Less than one percent of the total pregnancy can be seen in Ovary. The fallopian tube is actually made of the embryo. The embryo can not go to the uterus if the tube is connected to the uterus without any reason. As a result, it continued to grow within the pumping tube. In the same way, pregnancy outside of the ectopic pregnancy or cervix is called.

Ectopic pregnancy is one of the main causes of maternal mortality in our country. This is due to not being treated properly at the right time. It is noteworthy that with the improvement of our standard of living, an ever-increasing pregnancy rate has increased. At least one of every 200 people is likely to have one-on-one progression. It is not understood from before.

So there is a need for caution. Pregnancy causes a significant amount of bleeding due to pregnancy. If there is no warning, then the mother also has a death risk. However, if the fallopian tube farther is initially caught, then the risk of death is low. It is only to know exactly where precautions have been taken from astrography.

Reasons for Expository Pregnancy

  • Those who were once exposed to an acute pregnancy increased the probability of their recurrence by almost 10 times.
  • If you have a tendency to use birth control intrauterine devices (IUD).
  • If Rheumidia and Gonorrhea have been exposed to sexually transmitted diseases.
  • If there is a Pelvic surgery before (if the egg cannot get out from the fallopian tube)
  • For some reasons, if the normal anatomy and structure of the ovaries are wasted, such as Powell infection, the chances of having a single optical system increase a lot.
  • If there is a structural problem in the birth of the ovaries at birth.
  • In-vitreous fertility or test tubes can be used for babysitting or in ovulation pills.
  • If you use contraceptive copper tubes or before an abortion, there is a possibility of aesthetic pregnancy.
  • Ovulation Inducing Drug is used in treating infertility.
  • Post Coital If you use some erection pills.
  • Having sex history or STD history.
  • To take the baby through IVF.
    • What is the concept of an expository pregnancy?

      The signs of an acute pregnancy are not very different from the normal pregnancy. There is no symptom of this disease until the ovary rotates or ruptures. There is some symptom when the tubes burst. The symptoms are as follows:

      • Strong pain on one side of the abdomen.
      • Mince off.
      • Light bleeding.
      • Nausea.
      • Syncopal Attack.
      • Fade.
      • Stomach stiffness.

      Ectopic pregnancy can occur in two types of complications.

      • Acute or pregnancy squeezing bleeding inside the stomach It quickly worsens the patient’s condition. So death risk is very high.
      • Chronic or gradually bleeding in the stomach for a long time This gradually results in poor condition of the patient. It should be remembered that the relatively acute condition is dangerous.

      Many people think that it is appendicitis or gastric problem when the period of pregnancy is missed. For this reason, first look at the medicine or surgery doctor. The next experiment – which is known as an acronym Pregnancy.

      To do:

      Married women who have an irregular menstrual period, have been treated for infertility for a long time or have had any reason for the above-mentioned reasons, as soon as they suddenly feel severe pain in the abdomen, as well as urinary examination of the abdominal cavity, as well as pregnancy tests, urine should be examined.

      In other words, a Pregnancy Profile must be made within the first two months to understand that if a married woman has a pregnancy test positive then she is inside or outside the cervix. Because there is convincing evidence that Diagnosis can reduce the risk of patient’s death by treating it without any operation before using Ectopic Pregnancy Sac Rupture.

      After the first time the period is missed, you will need to check the pregnancy test in urine. If pregnancy has come, then you should see the condition of the embryo by ultrasonography. The best way to understand the one-day pregnancy is the Ultra Sonography of Lower Abdomen.

      Hgg hormone levels in normal pregnancy doubles in two days. But these hormone levels take longer to grow in case of a single pregnancy. As a result, if the hormone does not increase in normal levels, then it is necessary to make the signage.

      As soon as the diagnosis is made, the treatment will be done as soon as possible, how long it will not even be treated. There are many types of diseases and levels, according to which there can be serious hazards at any moment.

      Can pregnancy occur after a expository pregnancy?

      Most women who suffer from an acute pregnancy, they can naturally conceive later. If your Fallopian tube works naturally, you can become a mother in the future. If there is an acute pregnancy for sexually transmitted infection, then your pregnancy will increase further. Find out exactly how much time you want to be a mother after a preoccupied pregnancy.

      In this case, many doctors recommend waiting for 3 to 6 months. In this case, remember that once it is aesthetic pregnancy, it is more likely to happen. So it should be examined at the beginning of pregnancy.

      Finally, a little awareness can protect you from a great danger.

The correct place of pregnancy is the uterus. In a normal pregnancy, fertilized ovum takes place in the womb or uterus. There is enough room for ovulation to split, to become a child, and to

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Causes and Remedies For Miscarriage

Causes and Remedies For Miscarriage

What is a miscarriage? After the fertilization of the ovaries, it is known as miscarriage or miscarriage after passing out on the street in any of the following five months (20 weeks). It is called Spontaneous miscarriage in the terminology of medicine. Pregnancy can be found that 10-15 percent of mothers may have a miscarriage due to mothers. And most of the miscarriage is in the first trimester, ie 12 weeks of pregnancy. So, Gynecologists say that they stay up to 12 weeks very carefully. In the second trimester, there is a possibility of 1-5 percent of maternal miscarriage.

In scientific studies, it is found that in the first three months of the year children who have lost or aborted, 70-80 percent of cases have problems in the embryo. And maybe there is a problem in the mother’s body in 20%. If a child is lost from 12 weeks to 28 weeks, in the second trimester, maybe 50 percent of cases may have child problems, or in 50 percent cases, the child is being lost due to some reason. After the last 28 weeks, if the child dies in the stomach or there is a miscarriage, then in most cases the problem is in the mother’s body. The.

According to experts, the number of unknown miscarriages is far greater than that. Studies have shown that at least 30-50 percent of the fertilized egg is destroyed before or after it was replaced in the uterus. If this type of pregnancy is pregnant before it grows, it becomes miscarriage.

Cause of miscarriage

For many reasons, abortion can occur. However, in most cases, its exact cause can not be determined. If the first trimester has an abortion, it is usually due to a problem of a frown. Three of the four miscarriages are in the first trimester.

If the second trimester has an abortion, it is usually due to any physical problem of the mother. This type of miscarriage can usually be caused by any kind of infections, due to which the water purifier can be broken without any pain or bleeding. In very few cases, there may be miscarriage due to the opening of the uterus face earlier.

Problems with chromosome

In the first trimester, abortion is mostly due to a problem of frown chromosome. Sometimes a frog may have excess or deficiency of chromosomes, due to which it can not be formed properly, which results in miscarriage. The reason why this is so unknown is still unknown. About two-thirds of the miscarriage of the first trimester is due to the problem of chromosomes. However, after this type of miscarriage, women can usually become pregnant. Due to abnormalities of premature miscarriage, it is difficult to predict from earlier and there is no blame on the mother or father.

Brown or bright red blood, can not have cramping or contraction of the stomach or muscle muscles. If excess blood gets more than 1 pH in an hour if blood is bleeding.

If these appear, then the doctor will be useful.
One of the main causes of miscarriage is diarrhea or sperm. If any of the eggs or sperm is weak, then it will be frozen fruit punch. And if the fetus is defective then it will become pregnant. Also, if there is a weak sperm-egg, an unusual embryo will be created, which can be broken at one stage and cannot be adjusted automatically. As a result, miscarriage occurs.


Syphilis, abnormalities occur due to infections such as Topsnazmosis. Toxicator is a parasitic animal that is most likely to cater to cats. The germs live for 6-7 months in hostile environments. At that time, people with food or drinks enter the body and there is a lot of cholestasis. Maternal and childbirth sufferers are more likely to have a miscarriage. Can be born blind or disabled children. Hydrocephalus is often called for children to water their head.

Unprotected facial problems and other problems

After pregnancy, the main function of the uterus is to keep the embryo within the womb properly. If for some reason the uterine face grows then it becomes a problem. If the embryo is well-formed, it is not possible for the cervix to retain it and it is not possible to retain the fetus. The result is abortion. As sequential incontinence is said to have been miscarried long ago, but the function of the uterus can be broken. The result may be abortion. If someone is born of an abnormal uterus, or if the reproductive system is not correct, then there is a problem of pregnancy, or if there is a pregnancy, the possibility of miscarriage is possible. Even after embolization if the fetus is not properly formed in the uterus, it may also be an abortion.

Who is more at risk of miscarriage?

For some reasons, the risk of maternal abortion increases. These are:

  • If there are two or more abortions before.
  • If the age of the mother is 35 or more. As the age increases, the risk of miscarriage increases and increases.
  • If the mother is addicted to cigarettes, alcohol or any other addiction; Even then, unexpected abortion can happen.
  • If a healthy baby is born, then the mother must be a healthy and immature body.
  • If pregnancy comes in contact with a harmful chemical, pregnancy can occur.

There are also some physical problems that can increase the risk of miscarriage. If the mother has these physical problems, then the doctor must be informed before pregnancy or with the pregnancy immediately.

Autoimmune disease

The human body immune system destroys various types of bacteria, viruses and other microbes, and keeps the body free from decontamination. Sometimes the body’s immune system attacks the nerve cells in the area and attacks the nerve cells. It is called autoimmune disorder. Antifusulfid syndrome and Lupus are at risk of miscarriage due to an autoimmune disorder.

In Antiphospholipid syndrome, a body of an antibody is created in the mother’s body which attacks some fat in the bloodstream. As a result, sometimes blood clots are tied. Due to lupus, the body is damaged due to swelling, pain and occasional organs. The skin of the skin, kidneys, lungs, and blood vessels are cured.

Mother’s fatness

If there is excess fat on the mother’s body and the mother’s body massage index is 30 or more then the risk of pregnancy is high.

Hormonal problem

Hormone progesterone and HCG keep calm from getting the mother’s uterus. That means keep them free from a constant push. As a result, the child remains intact in the mother’s womb. But if these two hormones increase or decrease, when the child is inconsistent, the child can go out. There is also another type of hormone named Prolactin, in the mother’s body. Although this hormone is high, the baby can go out.

There is also a risk of miscarriage due to polycystic ovary syndrome.

Mother’s Diabetes

If the mother already has diabetes before pregnancy, then the risk of miscarriage increases. Diabetes means when blood glucose levels are high.

Thyroid Problems

In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, the growth of the fetus depends on the mother’s thyroid hormone. Therefore, the adequate quantity of maternal thyroid hormone emission is very important. The hormones are very important in the growth of the baby’s brain.

Therefore, thyroid problems should be diagnosed before pregnancy or at the beginning of pregnancy. If the problem is diagnosed initially and it is cured, then the chances of the baby’s risk of pregnancy are low. Thyroid problems are of two types. Hyper and Hypo – The risk of miscarriage can be increased due to two problems.

Symptoms of miscarriage

There are some symptoms that are seen to indicate that abortion is occurring!


The most common signs of miscarriage are mild or excess bleeding by the vagina. Although pregnancy is normal for bleeding early. On 7-10 days after the conception, some bloodshed due to implantation. It’s normal. The amount of blood is very low, even the normal aortic blood is less than the blood. However, if there is excessive blood, then contact the doctor. Many people do not realize that they are pregnant. So if excess blood goes then it is possible that it is going to be delayed, and extra blood is going on which is normal. Not really. Doctors should show the first 3 months of pregnancy when blood is passed through the vagina. Note the following centuries during bleeding,

  • Brown or bright red blood, can not have cramping or contraction of the stomach or muscle muscles.
  • If excess blood gets more than 1 pH in an hour.
  • if blood is bleeding.

If these appear, then the doctor will be useful.

Cramping or contraction of the muscles or pain

Light muscle contraction pain is normal. It is temporary and remains for a short time. If there is excessive pain and there are following symptoms,

  • At first, there is a pain in the back or on the side of the stomach.
  • The stomach lasts for a long time.

If they are, then the doctor will show you.

Break the water or go to the mucus with a vagina

If the vagina comes with white-pink color mucus or slippery material or suddenly occurs when there is too much water or if the solid tissue goes out, then there is an abortion. Besides, other symptoms are:

  • Weight loss.
  • Signs of prostitution are suddenly reduced.
  • Children do not get heart sound, ultrasound.

Medical after miscarriage

The main purpose of treatment is to stop bleeding and to prevent infection. Generally, as long as the stability of the pregnancy is done, the body quickly turns out to be fatty material. Medical Procedure is not needed. If the body itself does not come out, then d & c is done. Then monitor the bleeding at home. If shaking or fever comes, contact the doctor.

Normally one or two abortions do not have to be tested in particular. But if Missouri is three times or more then it is really a matter of concern. This problem is called Rector M increase. In fact, six types of cases are observed in this case.

Genetic testing is done to indicate that there is no chromosomal defect between the father and the mother. Ultrasonography in pregnancy shows that cervical incontinence or weakness of the uterus. Ultrasonography, SIS, or HSG examination shows that there is no fibroid in the uterus.

However, the best way to determine it is the test called hysteroscopy, so that if a camera is inserted in the uterus, then it is possible to see if there is any muscle in the uterus. Through the hysteroscopy examination, it is also known that there is no screen or septum in the uterus.

Short blood tests, called anti-cardiolipin antibodies and lupus anti-coagents, show that blood clots in the blood between the mother and the baby are creating a barrier. Also, blood tests can be done due to anti-thrombin ‘Three’, Protein C and Protein ‘S’ deficiency.

Identifying hormonal problems but being an important factor in miscarriage. So diabetes, thyroid, and prolactin are very important to see if the hormones are in the body at the right level. If you get polycystic ovaries in the USG, then increase the chances of miscarriage.

Although the reason is still unknown. Many times, due to excessive levels of luteinizing hormone, it causes miscarriage. Rubella, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, listeria and bacterial vaginosis are essential to see if abortion is occurring. However, despite all these tests, we can not accurately determine the cause of the increase in 50% of the cases.

Pregnancy after miscarriage

Once pregnancy again, there is no likelihood of giving birth to a pregnant baby again. According to the American Pregnancy website, once in a second pregnancy, the healthy baby birth rate is more than 9 out of every 10 people. So if you are afraid that you are healthy baby If you can give birth, shake it from the head right now.

Online Health Magazine Mayo Clinic reports that abortion is not usually more than once in a mother’s life. Only one in every 100 mothers may have had multiple abortions.

When is the right time for pregnancy after a micro’s? Actually, there is no right time in this case. There are many people who take a baby very quickly and may take time. Most doctors give advice for pregnancy after one to three full monthly cycles. This will give you time to return to your body again and be prepared mentally. Recently, some studies have shown that pregnancy was somewhat risky for those who have been pregnant later than those who have undergone six months or one year after a miscarriage.

But you must be careful about something to cheer before you take the baby again. For example –

  • After the miscarriage, the blood cannot be completely mixed with the husband before the closing of blood. There is a risk of infection. So wait for at least one period.
  • If your abortion is due to a molar or an eccentric pregnancy, then consult the doctor before trying to take the baby again.
  • If you have had several miscarriages before, try some tests before trying again. Will be And wait until these experiments are completed.

After the miscarriage, it may take a few weeks or months to complete the condition of the body completely. Depending on the time of pregnancy, there may be pregnancy hormones in the mother’s blood for 1 to 2 months. So maybe there may be periods and closures at this time. However, in most cases, the miscarriage begins within 4-6 weeks of miscarriage. According to many experts, one can try to conceive once it is done once a month.

To prevent miscarriage

Since most of the causes of miscarriage due to the chromosome, there is no way to prevent it. However, following pregnancy and after certain pregnancies, you can reduce the risk of pregnancy.

Accept folic acid. This is a vitamin supplement. You can start eating it 3 months before pregnancy. This reduces the tendency of the child’s birth defects and reduces the risk of getting rid of microstates. Folic acid, Vitamin E, iron and calcium supplement can be accepted according to the doctor’s advice.

Healthy foods ensure good health. Good health enhances your chances of getting pregnant. British studies have shown that fresh fruits and vegetables reduce the rate of miscarriage by 50 percent. Regular light exercises are also good for health. There is also a relation between smoking, alcohol, caffeine drinks such as tea, coffee or chocolate, and stress. So they should be avoided.

Before pre-pregnancy, take a health check and consult a doctor. Try to find out the reasons for miscarriage. Afterward, the same reasons should not be repetitive.

There is a need for physical and emotional rest after pregnancy. Due to specialist consultation, due to non-acne medicines can be harmful. If there is a shortage of hormones, it needs to be filled with medicines. If there is an infection then treatment needs to be done.

If there is an error in the birth of the uterus or reproductive system, then the operation needs to be fixed. The revolutionary change in medical science is the test tube baby. Maternal mortality has come in about 30 percent of this treatment. However, this treatment is still expensive. For women who do not have infertility but have a recurring abortion, they need psychological treatment.

What is a miscarriage? After the fertilization of the ovaries, it is known as miscarriage or miscarriage after passing out on the street in any of the following five months (20 weeks). It is called

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1 Weeks of Pregnancy

1st Weeks of Pregnancy

The time of governance is usually the first day of memory. At this time, it was a matter of pride that it was a mistake. That is, it is impossible to decide the time of Governor’s time so that after the first day of the first week of the month, it was time to think about the time of governance. This is counted as Due Date.

You are not considered to be the first time in the month of September, because the governor’s business is very happy after the end of your life. After your miscarriage, your body gets a lot of changes in the effects of many hormones. It is the body of the governor.

Therefore, it is assumed that the first day of the maiden was the first day of governing. Dice is produced through the 12-14 days of mosquitoes on the surface of the soil. So if you have the governor’s plan, at this time or at this time, you will be able to share your information with your employer.

This week you have to do

If you can use a medicine, you will not get any advice about it. Ex-Multivitamin Feeding Consumption Acid Consumption of 400 Micro Fillic Acid Eating Tea Con Thus, there are found in the world of annexation. Folic acid garderie Narnia 3 months ago to stay away from the hope is good tea ion body physical behavior.

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The time of governance is usually the first day of memory. At this time, it was a matter of pride that it was a mistake. That is, it is impossible to decide the time of

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2 Weeks of Pregnancy

2nd Weeks of Pregnancy

This person is your bodyguard, however, this pigment will be involved in your choice and your help will be produced by your loved one. This diabetic stomach increases in the uterus as soon as the medicines are available, it will be like the health of the people.

You do not know anything at all, but it has been said that the governor will not have the right to live. Your baby will have a baby and your baby will have an infection. This is the second part of the original replay.

This means that after dividing it, there is no one, and the outer one is called Yolk sac, the middle area is called Eminitak Ger.

The formation of guphal (placenta) paparupi is being done that the pork of the Sun is dry and it remains protected. The peacock has been released from the mother’s eyes, it will take eight hours to be completely affected. Guevara was born to two brothers and worked a little bit.

Your child may have some minor changes in your child’s life.

Your body is all about giving you all the help you need to get around your pace, this time you can kill, you can remove some words and you can get rid of it. If you have a constant pressure on your concern, after your immunodeficiency, your body will be repaired via beta-HCG hormones, which will enable you to show birth sign in your body. This hormone Ezone and Zeron will increase weight. It keeps the hormone Amirahaha so that’s going to keep your gloves.

  • Some of the things that make the skin grow, which do not create the same problem as usual.
  • The pelvic region can feel pain at.
  • A partner may be more attracted.
  • The body temperature can increase equally.

Doing this week

You do not have to go to the doctor right away for ex-servitude, but you can show the doctor once you are pregnant. Start eating a balanced diet, and from now on to know what you will eat. You need enough sleep now and stay away from as much pressure as possible. Your child is still not very strictly obstructing the uterus, so heavy work cannot be done, little jogging, swimming or Yoga can be used as light exercises, but beware of rickshaw jerk.

  • Try to stay stress-free.
  • Eat folic acid rich pre-natal multivitamin.

Do you have any physical problems that are most common in diabetes or blood sugar levels? If it is not kept in control then it can be harmful to your unborn child. So start preparing for a healthy pregnancy now.

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This person is your bodyguard, however, this pigment will be involved in your choice and your help will be produced by your loved one. This diabetic stomach increases in the uterus as soon as the

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3 Weeks of Pregnancy

3 Weeks of Pregnancy

Congratulations! This week you are said to be officially pregnant. At this time, one of the regulatory elements of genealogy is complete of genetic makeup and the child’s gender is determined. Within three days of pregnancy, the fertilized egg split very quickly and becomes very large. It reached the uterus with the Fallopian tube and is connected to the uterus.

At this time, the formation of the intestinal limb of the uterus (placenta) began to form the nucleus of the embryo. At this time your baby size is equal to a small ball. Amniotic fluid deposited around this small force on which the cell division started. It will once become an amniotic sign. It’s like a water bag in which the baby will grow up.

This week, the size of your baby’s baby can be compared with a paste. The child is developing various parts of his day and night to communicate with you and to your needs. Your baby is growing inside an amniotic sac (amniotic fluid) inside the amniotic fluid, the thickness of the bag increases further, the internal fluid further increases the frown from the outside injury.

At this stage, there are three ‘Germ’ layers of embryonic shape – ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm. Ectoderm to form the exterior and nervous system of the child. Mesoderm will form the auxiliary skeleton, muscles, and heart. The lungs and the rest will be in the form of the endoderm.

Your child looks like a reversed little pearl now. The round part will be the head of the head and the narrow part will be the spinal cord. The best news this week is that even after this small pear-shaped baby body is not formed properly, very gentle heart rate has already started. During the next two weeks, the baby’s heart will be fully formed.

Some changes may occur during this time

  • The breasts feel soft and swollen.
  • Tiredness.
  • The frequency of frequent urination velocity.
  • Deprivation of some foods.
  • Nausea.
  • Physical temperature increase.
  • Blinding or spitting (Some people notice light spots or red or reddish or pink discharge with discharge that is not monthly, and if you experience pain with it, immediately consult the specialist because it may be a symptom of Ectopic pregnancy.

This week should be done

At this time eating habits need to be changed and you need to be more aware of what you have to eat. If you do not start vitamin, then you should start it right now, especially if you are a vegetarian mother. Folic acid is an important vitamin, in which absence of the child’s spinal cord can be defective, it is called spina bifida. Protein and calcium are also important.

First look for a good gynecologist. This is very important because you have to depend on your gynecologist during pregnancy and delivery time.

Notify your doctor about your pregnancy to the doctor who visits you. So that does not give any medicine that is not safe for pregnancy.

Folic acid rich Pre-natal vitamin.

You will need calcium in your body to build bones, so your body needs sufficient amount of calcium. Are you eating more milk and milk products? Protein is especially important for the body tissue formation. In this situation, you may suffer from malnutrition, so be aware of food habits and accept it if you need additional advice.

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Congratulations! This week you are said to be officially pregnant. At this time, one of the regulatory elements of genealogy is complete of genetic makeup and the child's gender is determined. Within three days of

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4 Weeks of Pregnancy

4 Weeks of Pregnancy

Congratulations !! If you find out that you are pregnant, but lucky to many. Because many people do not get the gospel of pregnancy in 4 weeks. At this stage, the development of the organs of the child began, which eventually formed the face, neck, and throat.

The development of heart and blood vessels and arteries continues. The development of lungs, stomach, and liver begins. At this time your frown size is equal to a poppy beak. It has two stages from which all its organs are developed.

Your baby is now one-fifth of an inch in length. You will not see his eyes, ears or face, your baby is starting to see, hear, speak and form physical structure. Your small embryo will quickly turn to the finger and toes on the hand.

At the top of the cell is the groove. The fold of the cell and the rear hollow tube which is known as neural tubes. This will be the child’s brain and spinal cord. So the tube has a part of the head and tail of it.

The next five weeks are critical for you because the child’s growth has increased. At this time, the growth of the Rudimentary Placenta and the ambulatory cord, which transmits oxygen and other nutrients from the mother to the body.

Your Body Changes

  • The abdomen may have armpit or stomach swollenness. There may be more gas than normal in the stomach
  • Nausea and morning sickness may start. Some foods may come in disarray.
  • Softness and nipple in the breast may become very sensitive. Drawing and growth of the breast may increase.
  • Frequent urine pressure can press.
  • Light spotting can be seen.
  • Mood swing is unheard of, mood swings, anger. Both feel good or bad, they are very intense.

This week’s taxable

  • Meet and consult with Gynecologist.
  • Do not go to excess heat. Physical temperature increase can be an obstacle to the formation of the child.
  • Develop healthy and balanced diet habits.
  • Do not forget to take folic acid.
  • Remember that it is important to have fathers and roles with mothers in case of pregnancy. Parents should always give their mothers mental support during this time.
  • Olivevel can start abdominal stomach during pregnancy during pregnancy.
  • Exercise will help develop your good muscle, strength, and tolerance. This will help reduce your excess weight (if you have more weight) or help keep weight under control which is very important during your pregnancy. Exercise will help you to get back to the earliest conditions after your pregnancy. You can choose your tolerant exercise. It is not possible to swim or walk. You can also moderately swim or walk. You can also do some simple yoga, there is special yoga for pregnancy. Learn about body exercises during pregnancy.

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Congratulations !! If you find out that you are pregnant, but lucky to many. Because many people do not get the gospel of pregnancy in 4 weeks. At this stage, the development of

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5 Weeks of Pregnancy

5 Weeks of Pregnancy

This week you will start to get familiar with pregnancy symptoms. This week the formation of the heart, stomach, sex, and kidneys of the child begins. At this time the frown grew rapidly. There are three stages of frown – ectoderm from which the child is composed of the nervous system, eyes, ears and many connective tissues. From mesoderm, the baby is made up of bones, muscles, heart, and circulatory system. The baby from endoderm is composed of lungs, intestines, and bladder.

At the beginning of this week, the frog is 1.05 mm or 1.05 inches tall.

The baby in the shape of apple-shaped babies looks more like a bunch. In the middle, a swollen part is seen in the middle, which is the heart. There is still no separate cell of the heart, but it has been spontaneous, and he continues to bleed in other parts of the body. At this stage, the baby’s own blood vessel is formed. Some blood vessels form a rope similar to strings, which in some days become Umbilical Cord and connect the baby to its mother’s body.

In the meantime, the cortex (placenta) was fully formed and through its finger-like section (Chorionic Villi) started collecting nutrition from the mother’s body for the fetus. The development of other vital organs of the body has also started.

The brain and spine of the baby have almost been formed, but they have not yet been added. The head is fast developing faster than the rest of the body because he will have to take full responsibility to control heart rate, blood circulation, and germs in the air.

Physical changes

Signs of pregnancy may start this week. Usually, nausea (morning only), fatigue, the discomfort of chest pain will appear, and will often need to urinate. Everything is normal and fair to everyone. Although these are annoying but happy that these are not for whole life. Some women may have headaches in the first three months of pregnancy. If you are one of them you can follow our tips.Troll heart rate, blood circulation, and germs in the air.

However, some pregnancy signs should never be ignored. If you experience any danger early on during your pregnancy, take immediate help from the doctor. Eating well during pregnancy is important because the nutritional needs of the baby grow. Eat and drink a little less than eating at least once, it will remove vomiting, indigestion, and fatigue.

  • May start vomiting and morning sickness. Some foods may come in disarray.
  • Softness and nipple in the breast may become very sensitive. Drawing and growth of the breast may increase.
  • Frequent urinary pressure can be pressured.
  • Feeling weak or head light. Sugar level cannot be much lower or less, it can be higher.
  • Mood swing, being uncomfortable, angry, angry Both feel good or bad, they are very intense.
  • Sometimes depression can consume. However, if it is more than 2 weeks then consult a specialist.

This week’s taxable

When you are pregnant, you will be able to tell first, that your pregnancy has gone up to 5 weeks. At this stage, you will first start to suspect whether you are pregnant or not. If you are still not sure, then this week you go to the doctor and check. Various ‘pregnancy test kit’ (kit) is also available for testing at home. Then you know what the good news is!

Naturally, you will also have nausea (not only that morning), it will cause tiredness, discomfort in the breasts, and frequent urination velocity. Although these behaviors are annoying, these are normal at this time. The hope is that these are only part of the pregnancy and temporary.

  • If you use a drug, consult the specialist to find out if it is safe to conceive.
  • Try to stay active. Make light exercise every day.
  • Eat folic acid-rich pre-natal multivitamin.
  • Keep eating nutritious foods. Because the effects of what you eat will fall on your baby’s baby.
  • Try taking rest whenever you can. You may feel tired. It’s the most beneficial hole for the rest.

Still, there are some signs of pregnancy that are not good to ignore. If you find any of these dangerous symptoms, contact the doctor without delay. At every stage of the pregnancy, you will have to eat well, so that your pregnant baby gets the required nutrients. Regularly eat and drink water, even if a little bit. By doing this, your digestive system will work properly and nausea and fatigue will also be removed. Eat a variety of foods, especially if you are vegetarian.

During this time Vitamin C causes a lot to increase the vitamin C cell’s cell growth. Good sources are oranges, red capsicum, blackcurrants, tomatoes and kiwi fruits. If you think you are not getting vitamin C in food, you can eat Vitamin C tablets.

If you are a job holder, start thinking about maternity leave and know how long you can get a vacation. If you are over 35, or if you are worried about genetic problems, then you may think about this.

Nuchal Fold Test or CVS Test is one of the two tests by which the child has any abnormalities and it can be done as much as possible before it can be done. If you have had an earlier pregnancy, then this pregnancy may not be the happiest for you. See the ‘How to stay positive during pregnancy’.

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This week you will start to get familiar with pregnancy symptoms. This week the formation of the heart, stomach, sex, and kidneys of the child begins. At this time the frown grew rapidly. There are

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6 Weeks of Pregnancy

6 Weeks of Pregnancy

This week of pregnancy is very important because at this time many changes in your baby’s baby begin to come. At this time after catching the shape of the baby at the ultrasound. The child is 5-6 mm tall at this time. The baby’s nose, mouth, ears slowly begin to take shape.

The size of the head is relatively large and it can be seen in black spot, where the child’s eyes and nose formation begin. There is a little pressed on the side of the head where the baby’s ears begin to take shape. Muscles are seen on both sides of the body, which can be seen in the hands and feet slowly.

The heart of the child is divided from one cell to the four chambers. At this time the heart rate is 100-160 times in the minute, which is near twice the number of adult people. The heart starts blood flow throughout the baby’s body. The process of formation of internal organs of the child begins and starts.

In this small body, liver, kidney and respiratory formation begin. The baby’s body is still coiled. His head is still bigger than the body. He does not understand the son or daughter ultra-sound scan yet. Although she has only passed six weeks, she still understands the feeling of touch and responds accordingly.

Body changes this week

There may be many tiredness in pregnancy this week because you spend a lot of energy on the baby’s development.

There may be some changes in your behavior this week. You may sometimes become emotional and may become cheerful. You may suffer from discomfort in pregnancy symptoms.
Maybe more vomiting, smell sensitive and mood swings than previous weeks. This is because of the body’s hormonal changes.

Breasts can become more sensitive than ever before. And the size may increase. Spitting or vaginal discharge is normal at a time, which is only about one-fourth of the mothers. However, if it is high and feels pain with it, then consult the specialist. Because it may be a warning of a micro’s or a pregnancy.

Some mothers may have a headache. But in that case, you should take adequate rest by not eating that medicines. A lot of water, bath in hot water, or massage in the head massage. There may also be symptoms of frequent urination, constipation, abdominal pain, food disorders, etc.

This week’s taxable

Since the pregnancy has a significant change in the child’s time, avoid all the unhealthy foods from now on. Take precautions of any type of medicine and consult an expert before using any medicines. According to the National Women’s Health Information Center (NWHIC), a pregnant mother should receive a daily 4-milligram folic acid. Folic acid is available in many foods.

Such as vegetables, broccoli, lettuce, citrus fruits, lentils, pulses, peas etc. During pregnancy, at least 8 glasses of water should be consumed daily. Juices can be eaten and eaten. But remember, there are many calories in the juice. Coffee, tea or soda drinks should not be eaten at all.

Add more protein, folic acid, and urine rich foods to your daily diet list. These ingredients are very much needed for the growth of the baby growing in your womb. Avoid external junk foods. Due to junk food, get attracted to fruits. Many pregnant women suffer from constipation. Take a short stride through the leafy vegetables and fruit foods.

If you eat a lot of food at one time, the mother will also be under pressure, so start eating a small number of small breaks, it will not ruin your taste or get some relief. Try to eat six or more of your meals at a small break without consuming three meals a day.

If there is a lack of vitamins and minerals in the mother’s body during pregnancy, it will also affect the baby’s body. So take the advice of the doctor, additional minerals and vitamins rich medicines. But never take it without consultation with your doctor. Also, make sure you have enough amounts of Folic Acid that you are taking Vitamin Drugs.

  • Learn about exercise during pregnancy.
  • Learn about dental care during pregnancy.
  • The risk of abortion is high during early pregnancy. Find out about this.
  • Learn about one-on-one pregnancy.

If the mothers of pregnant mothers are good all the time, then the emotional development of the pregnant baby is good. At this time, the family should help keep the pregnant mother away from stress. At this time husband’s role is very important.

It is its main job to have proper co-operation with the honey relationship with the wife. Since the size of your breast is bigger then buy the bra according to the size of the breast.

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7 Weeks of Pregnancy

7 Weeks of Pregnancy

The length of your womb is now about 1 centimeter. Your fetus is slowly becoming a small person. At this time the bone structure began. This week the baby’s brain development has been fast.

About 100 new cells are created every minute. Kidney formation of the baby has started, but it is no longer operational. The genitalia continues to develop slowly but it cannot be caught in the ultrasound right now.

Your pregnant baby is still in the embryo. In the form of it, it is equivalent to a kalam. But now its size is twice the previous week. There will be a new swell to its head where hundreds of cells are growing in the minute, which will turn into a brain.

In front of the head, the eyes of the small dotted areas look like tolls, and the thick spots will be visible. Besides, other swelling in the body at different places will grow in the form of muscles and bone.

There will also be a few swollen sections, which are called limb buds – from which hands and feet will be made. As the other organs grow rapidly in the body, the tail-like part of the back will slowly disappear.

Body changes this week

Pregnant mothers may suffer from constipation this time due to excessive emission of progesterone hormone. Normally you may feel nausea at the beginning of the day. It can be said to be the primary symptom of pregnancy. During pregnancy, this type of feeling can occur at any time of day. Pregnant mothers cannot eat anything at this time. Even they can not smell and tolerate any food.

During pregnancy the uterus increases in size. This increase in size increases the pressure on the uterus urine bag. That is why before urine pouch is full, urine gets repeatedly.

White labor can go on for hormone estrogen and blood supply during pregnancy. Loose dress should be clean and clean. If you have a bad smell or white itching, then consult a doctor quickly.

Breasts can become more sensitive than ever before. And the size may increase.

Due to excessive emission of progesterone hormone, acidity/chest burns are created this time.

Hormone levels and increased pregnancy anxiety can lead to sleep problems and your dreams may also seem alive. Thus sleep deficiency and excess stress can tire you, but your condition improves after the first three months of pregnancy expire.

This week’s pregnancy can be done

Add more protein, folic acid, and urine rich foods to your daily diet list. These ingredients are much more needed for the growth of the baby growing in your womb. There is no need to drink plenty of water for constipation. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. There are fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, banquets, pulses, flour etc.

No medicines can be used to remove constipation without consulting the doctor. Even if you have acidity, you will have to eat a little less frequently. Eat less of oily food, fries, and more spicy food.Benefits of eating more food together are beneficial.

Eat less water while eating. Drink more water between the two meals. Do not fall or fall into bed immediately after eating. Talk to a child specialist doctor beforehand for your child so that if there is any problem, then he can get the call besides him.

During pregnancy, dental care is very important. Dump should be kept clean during this time. During pregnancy, there is a lot of blood flow in the mouth. Therefore, care should be taken from morning to morning care. The need to brush the teeth before bedtime every morning and night. Consult a dentist for any problems with teeth or gums. To keep the body healthy and exercise for pregnancy during pregnancy is absolutely necessary.

All-hour walks in the evening all evening and helps in the proper movement of blood and muscles are healthy and vigorous.

This week is most likely to have a miscarriage. According to the statistics, two pregnancies per week were abortion. Be cautious about signs of miscarriage and know what may be the reason. If you have become accustomed to during pregnancy, something that can cause a serious mental disorder.

During this time, your doctor will be able to help you with physical issues, problem-solving and treatment, but discuss this with your partner too, because if something happens, he can also break down.

Discuss this with other women, and you will be surprised to know how many more people have gone through this experience. Try to increase the amount of food. It will help you with abdominal cramps. Herbal tea is also beneficial. In this, maybe the doctor’s appointment was correct. Make a list of what to ask the doctor.

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The length of your womb is now about 1 centimeter. Your fetus is slowly becoming a small person. At this time the bone structure began. This week the baby's brain development has been fast. About

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