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How To Take Care Of Baby In Winter

How To Take Care Of Baby In Winter?

It is not only the cold that happens in the winter but it is not the cause of winter sickness, but the main cause of winter sickness is airborne diseases, which spread easily and especially children are attacked early. As well as there is plenty of dust, which can be used to nose with the breathing and enter the lungs, there may be adverse reactions like neck and nose inflammation, flux-cough, and excessive fumes and dust babies can cause problems like neoplastic or bronchitis. If it is winter, heavy clothes or bathing in warm water, as well as being aware of many things, it can protect yourself and children from many chronic illnesses.

For example, there is no substitute for bathing, regardless of heat and heat. Every day, bathing in light hot water once or twice (especially in our country’s light winter) is quite healthy. However, that should be kept in mind, Gosle does not take too much time, and it is very quick to wipe the water from the child.

It is important to massage the baby even after winter – regardless of the summer. Massage of blood circulation with olive oil or natural and herbal medicine is quick, blood circulation is quick to correct, ‘correct’ in the right direction and also helpful for stomach or digestion. Olive, pure Shiite Butter, Coconut and Almond Oil serve as a good synchrony. You can come out with a sweet sunshine in the cold of winter, and if you learn to walk on Babu, then let them play in the sun. Morning sunshine is very useful for the body – it is the most essential and reliable way to get Vitamin D – essential ingredients for children. But yes, no longer than 15 to 20 minutes. Dark sunshine is harmful to our skin. There is another need to talk about this in this context. Before going to school 2 to 3 years, it is better not to take a sunny sunshine, there are many baby-sensitive chemicals that are harmful, because of which the dark sunshine and commercial sunscreen should be avoided.

The bacteria can spread in many ways, and the cold cough germ can spread easily through the air, so it is better to keep a small child away from the infected person. The fair, the crowd, going to see another patient in the hospital, and the lesser of the newborn or very young child in the street dust, the better, the better.

Now let’s talk about clothing. Kids should wear clothes – it’s actually a place, depending on the climate and the weather. We do not need very heavy clothes in the urban areas of our country. The child should always wear soft-sided dresses full-sleeve dresses. And depending on the nature of the winter, it is better to wear excess cloth on top, because if necessary it can be removed. Therefore, during the travel time, or during the travel time, you should wear excessive warm clothes and should be kept in mind as per requirement. Sleeping is a good place to wear comfortable clothes while sleeping. If using too many warm clothes or heavy rugs, the child may go to ghee and go cold. Therefore, it is important to take care of small children and newborns.

If there is a heater in the house, the child’s body should not be kept in close contact with or near very close.

Take special care of hot water, carry-over etc. Everybody has a child or a job. Those who carry the water in the stove heat, bring a bucket to a bucket before taking it in a bucket, carry the bucket on boiled water.

Since the amount of dust in the winter or the incidence increases much in the winter, there is little need of awareness in this regard. Especially in the streets, nowadays, it is necessary to put a mask on a face to carry the baby to the nearest place. Keeping home furniture and surroundings regularly is free of dust-free. For any of these children, especially for our lungs, it can be very harmful – cars, cigarettes or furnace smoke, tobacco powder / any powder, spices or grains, or small ears which can enter the nose with the breathing and cause lung damage. Take away the baby a lot while cleaning the house or dusting. However, in our busy daily life, we can not completely protect the children or, in truth, it is not possible to keep anyone completely free from contact with bacteria or dust, so it is enough to be aware of our issues as much as possible.

Not just external protection, we should give more importance to the health of ourselves and our children, increase the defense of the body and the prevention of disease. In this context, the most important thing is that children’s food chefs and nutrition As always, avoid packaged foods at any cost. If we play a pack of chips or fast food, our children will not be able to bow their heads, they will not be able to hold their stomach.

But these foods will gradually reduce their immune system. There will be less interest in home-made food. Let’s all of us try to prepare as much nutritious food as possible at home.

In winter, many of us reduce the quantity of water or liquid as the thirst and sweat are reduced during this time. But it is very important to keep the body hydrated for the prevention of any disease. In winter, the type of fluid can be different from other times of the year, for example, every day, ginger/tulsi boiling and be mixing honey with a little bit. Light-hot drink is the biggest enemy of winter viruses. Ginger, Tulsi, Honey – These are truly revolutionary antidotes, but in our busy lives, we often ignore natural antidote.

There is no substitute for breast milk for a newborn baby. If the age of the child is 5 to 6 months, then the light ginger tea, chicken and vegetable soup etc. can be given to the milk of milk and other foods and honey are good only after 11 to 12 months of birth. Honey is not properly digested before.

There are plenty of vegetables available in the winter, so now it’s time to add lots of vegetables to children’s diet. One of the most nutritious foods for children of all ages, sweet potato is available in winter. Bardakpi, pulse, broccoli, beans etc. are very nutritious and increase the disease-resistance, but these foods are to be given according to digestion and age of the child. Also add vitamin C-rich fruits such as orange, malta, lemon, grapes etc., add spices filled with herbs such as ground pepper, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric etc.

Make sure to breastfeed as far as two years of age.

Avoid cough syrup, and do not eat any medicines without the doctor’s advice. It can be very harmful side effects. As soon as the child is seriously ill, the doctor should be asleep.

Help to take the child’s cremation/vapor when the nose is closed. If there is a very small child, and if there is no special arrangement of steam, you can keep the child lying in a small room, or in a big bucket with a hot water, closing the doors and windows, and sitting in the lap for quite some time.

It works. Appendix: This article is basically written from the background of our urban parents and parents, each person’s reality and power are limited – so we request everybody, we try to be aware of their own position as much as possible, and this pollution can be as much as possible in the crowd of camcales (maybe very few Try to ensure natural environment and natural food for kids.

It is not only the cold that happens in the winter but it is not the cause of winter sickness, but the main cause of winter sickness is airborne diseases, which spread easily and especially

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