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baby breastfeeding

Is the baby breastfeeding?

There is no substitute for mother’s breast milk for the baby. For the first six months after birth, only mother’s breast milk is enough for her. No more food is required. The first meal that a baby takes after birth is the mother’s breast milk. And breastfeeding of this breast comes to the minds of mothers, many questions. The first suspicion that almost all mothers are working is that their child is getting breast milk right?

Generally, breast milk does not come in the first three days after childbirth. Do not worry about that. At the time of the mother’s chest, as much as the shaw milk, enough milk is enough for the baby. Never make a mistake to feed the baby’s shawl. After three days when milk comes in the mother’s breast, feeding the baby again and again.

How do you understand that the child is getting breast milk properly?

Your child will tell you whether your child is breastfeeding properly. There are some signs that you can see if your child is getting enough milk. Today, we will tell some signs of some signs.

Swallow the mouth

After the birth of a child, milk is more likely to be consumed. When the baby will frequently pull the breast, the clotted milk will easily come in the mouth of the baby. When the child gets enough milk, he will often go to the milk to drink milk. If the child does not get enough milk, but will repeatedly breast but will not swallow. For a long time, he will take it with his breast. Often the child is asleep and sleeping with his breast.

The child is satisfied

If your child is satisfied with milk, it will be happy to see him. If the child is crying unnoticed, in that sense the children are hungry. This does not mean that he is not getting enough milk. In the first six months, they will want to eat after 2-3 hours. If you want to eat again in less than an hour or less, you should understand that the child is not getting proper breast milk.

The amount of urine in the baby

A child has urine six times in twenty-four hours. If you have less urine, you can understand that the baby is not satisfied with milk. The color of the toilet is not only the urine but also the most important. Normally a healthy baby has four to four times a week. On the first day, a little black glue was made by the closet. After the third or fourth day, the color of the toilet is green and on the fifth day, it contains yellow color.

Weight gain

Each child is worried about the weight. It is normal for the first week to recover the weight of the baby. Newborn babies can lose weight from 5% to 7% on the third-fourth day after birth. Do not be afraid to say so. In the first few days of birth, the weight of the child is reduced, within 10 days, the weight of the baby begins to grow. But if the weight loss rate is 10% or more, then it is a matter of concern.

If a child is breastfeeding at least 6 to 8 times a day, after breastfeeding, if the breast or nipple pain decreases, breast milk and softness after feeding, the color of the baby’s skin is clean and which part of the child’s body is pressurized. Quickly return to the normal condition, realizing that your child is getting breast milk properly.

Many mothers have a baby crying that the child is not getting sufficient milk. This idea is not right. Sometimes the baby’s cry is stopped when the mother embraces her heart. When feeding the baby, keep in mind that if the child is breastfeeding and black parts are getting bigger.

How many times can my baby want to eat?

It is different for all children, and it also depends on how the baby was born. Once in the first hour after birth, it is good to start a good meal after milking her. Then the children can fall asleep, and if you want to eat again later, try to signal you in different ways.

These signals are:

  • Wake up and start moving.
  • The head will rotate around.
  • Someone (most of the time, finger) will start sucking.

As the nurse brings the baby, take him to the chest so that your skin comes in contact with the skin of his body. In this, he came in peace. Keep him in the chest until he wants to eat. In the first six months, he will eat 8-10 times a day after 2-3 hours. But in the 3rd and 6th week of birth and in the 3rd month they will want to eat 10-12 times because their growth rates are high during these times.

Children in the sixth to twelfth month will want to eat 4-5 times a day. Newborn’s stomach is equal to a marble, so they have to eat ‘fewer times’. That is why it is important to let him eat if he wants to eat the baby. Your child may become hungry again soon after eating well. As the child grows up, it shows the tendency to eat differently. Whenever they want to eat they are sure to supply nutrients as per their need if they give them food.

How long should breastfeeding be given:

In the first six months after birth, doctors are advised to breastfeed the baby. This should not be given to another child for six months. Six months later the baby was given breast milk as well as other foods to eat. Children usually breastfeeding until they are two years old.

The longer the child is able to breastfeed the better your baby is. There are all types of vitamins including mineral, iron, and breast milk that meet your baby’s needs. But if you are two years of age, you should stop breastfeeding.

My baby is not breastfeeding, what can I do?

After the birth, most parents make the same question. There is nothing to be worried about. Your child will start eating as soon as possible. Keep her body full of mother’s body. Keep the baby with you and when he is ready he will start eating cough. Do not force anybody.

Even after passing 12-24 hours of birth, if the child does not start eating the baby then it becomes a cause for concern for the mother. Instead of feeding in the feeder, try to feed the finger and remove the salududha (colostrum; colostrum) from the breast. If your child does not breastfeed for a long time, but there is nothing to worry if urinating regularly. Do not start feeding formula milk or sugar mixed water. There is no need for them and there is more harm than good instead.

Mother’s breast milk is the best meal for a baby in the world. Taking a little bit of caution, a child can get the perfect taste and nutritional quality in this priceless meal.

There is no substitute for mother's breast milk for the baby. For the first six months after birth, only mother's breast milk is enough for her. No more food is required. The first meal that

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Newborn baby bath

Newborn baby bath – When and how

Those who are new mothers, or are going to be, have no worries about their kids. There is no thought about what to do, how to do, etc. One important thing in him is that the newborn’s bath.

There are many false beliefs and superstitions in our country that are taking bath in children. There are several rules in the society that are going on. It is always good to know whether these are healthy or not, how many days after birth, how to take a shower, etc.

How long should a newborn baby shower after birth?

There are disagreements about how long after the birth the baby will be bathed. According to some experts, if the child is full-term and healthy, then the baby can be bitten from 48 to 72 hours after birth. They said that due to the bathing of the baby, the Ambilika cord’s place is not affected by drying. But every time after bathing the Ambilika cord, left Navirjur will have to dry well.

It may be delayed to delay body temperature due to a low body weight of weak children, otherwise, it is generally no longer necessary for a newborn baby to delay three days to clean and sterilize. According to many, the bath should be started when the child gets dried after the navel is dried. After the birth of many children, succession is done. He was also asked to start a bath after drying the wound.

However, one thing is certain that after maintaining the cleanliness of the child after birth, the child can be removed from the head to the feet with a cleanly wet soft cloth or sponge.

It is enough to take 2/3 baths a week to keep your newborn clean. Of course, if you want to take your baby every day, there is no problem. During bathing, wash your baby’s face regularly, clean her private part (even after changing the diaphragm). If the water in your area is drought, remember that the water in the first month or beyond can dry your skin and also damage the skin. To protect the skin of your baby, you can use a small amount of water that is suitable for kids with a liquid cleaner or a moisturizing moisturizer.

But be careful! Your baby’s body will be slippery in using a moisturizer, very carefully catch the baby so that it does not go away.

How to sponge the baby

In the first place, arrange the room temperature that is slightly warm. Turn off the room fan. Close the door windows. Take light hot water in a vessel. Keep the child’s nappy and clean clothes in hand. Then open the clothes of the child and lie on a clean towel so that after sponge it can dry the child.

Firstly clear the child’s eyes. Soft cotton or cloth soaked in water, soak the water in the chip. Gently remove the eyes of the baby from the nose of the child. Try to use different cotton or cloth to remove two eyes so that one eye does not look dirty.

Then clean the back and ears of the child and then clean the cloth or cotton in water. It is better not to try to clean the ear. Then clean the mouth, mouth and hands of the baby. It is important to keep an eye on the matter – if the body of the child is white and the oil orange oil level, do not try to wash it. Vernix is very beneficial for the skin and after some days it automatically goes away.

Then clear the lower part of the baby. After cleansing, dry the child and dry it. After that, put the child in the towel and hold it in the chest, so that the child gets warmth.

How to shower a baby shower

Before bathing, be careful that the temperature of the house or bathroom is slightly warm. Close the windows of the house doors. Turn off the fan.

The person who will take a bath will have to wash his hands well. Keep the yolks warm water in the bathtub beforehand. Do not use normal temperature water in newborn gooseberry. Kusum hot water is the best. It does not have the chances of a child getting cold.

In addition to wiping the baby, keep it with additional clothes or towels and perfumes for holding the wet body. If you open the clothes before bathing, then it will be cleaned and then the baby will be taken to the bathroom.

Prepare the hot water for bathing or bathing in a bowl. Once again see that the water is not too hot. If you have a thermometer, check that the water temperature is 37 or 38 degrees Celsius. If you do not have a thermometer, then check whether the water is heated by the elbow. There is no need to take too much water in the Bath Tables. It is enough to fill the tub as a five-inch type. Clean the newborn with a dirty body before bathing it first.

So first remove the face and eyes of the child by cutting cotton. Dip the cotton seeds and put the water in the chip. With cotton, remove the face, cheeks, eyes, ear, throat. Children’s body is very soft and soft. So do not rub very loudly. The junk that you feel might be too strong for a little child. Gently touch the baby as much as possible.

Then take the baby in the lap and take his head on the Bath Tub. Soak your head in the water of your hand, two to three times. Then remove the head with gently tissue or towel.

Then remove any clothes or towels on the baby’s body. Hold it with two hands, so that the head and throat are above the water. In this way, slowly move the baby to water. Remove the whole body from the bottom of the throat with a little water flutter. It is best not to keep the child in water more than 40-50 seconds.

After finishing the bath, slowly raising the baby from the water, her body will be attached to the towel. As the child’s body water absorbed in a towel. And the body is dry easily. Towels or clothing should be kept beside the bathtub. After bathing does not go to find this. Then the child will get cold. She also needs to keep the baby’s clothes covered beforehand. At the end of bathing, you have to be very cautious when taking the baby out of the bath. If you have soap or shampoo in your hands, accidentally causing the child to fall in the slip of the child.

In order to avoid accidental child discharge, give your baby a clean diaper as soon as possible.

Actually, the entire process of bathing requires uninterrupted attention. So many people do not rush together, do any of the bushing work. Remember, the child is exposed to water for the first time, so he may feel a little uncomfortable. Many newborns cry during this time. Bring the baby so slowly to the water. Shortly after the child will adapt to water. But if you cry more then get out of the water.

After bathing a stranger, you can massage the stroke of the stranger and gently massage it. Most of the children get a lot of comforts.

Antiseptic use in bath water

Small or large no-one should always use satellites, sensitizer, or antiseptic mixes in the bath water. Antiseptic solution or soap destroys the beneficial germs or bacteria on the skin. As a result, the prevention of skin disorders increases the risk of infection from harmful germs. Besides, these are very harmful to chemicals and skin. Thus, because newborn babies do not come in contact with external dust, so there is no need to soap in soap every day. One day a week you can take a bath with soap and shampoo.

Does more bath take cold?

Regularly boiled hot water bathing in water, it does not have to be cold. Rather, even if we do not take bath in this warm and humid climate, the child feels uneasy and is repeatedly scorched. Sweat can be cold and cold. Dangers or fungal infections may also occur if there is any disorder. In any climate, small and big children should be bathed in light hot water every day. Because children usually sweat more.

If you do not want to take bath in the rainy days, cloudy days or the weather is cold, then remove the body by frying the comfortable cotton cloth in light warm water. Close the fan and shut down the fan immediately. At the end of the bath, wear dry clothes or body to remove the towel. There will be no chances of cold. Keep an eye on the head and hair, if the water does not get wet.

One thing must be kept in mind. Do not go anywhere for a moment even after bathing in a newborn bath. The child may be drowned in an inch of water in the tub, and in a short time, it can be.

Those who are new mothers, or are going to be, have no worries about their kids. There is no thought about what to do, how to do, etc. One important thing in him is that

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Do something for the baby in the hot summer

Do something for the baby in the hot summer

In the summer due to the last dawn, the temperature is quite unbearable. Due to the increasing global warming, the temperature may increase further in the coming years. So, we have to be careful about some things.

Summer fruits

To deal with anything, it should be the first to be enthusiastic – among some of the adverse aspects of the summer, some positive things should be found out. God made the nature inherent in nature, but also gave it something that we can continue to fight against the adversity. This summer is a very good direction: the fruit of different fruits. The most effective and cheapest fruit in it is lemon: Leo’s price drops much during this time of year, and there are plenty of supplies. There is no fear of chemical, usually. Eat lemon with only one lemon every day, honey or sugar can be mixed while giving the kids. Sweet sugar contains lots of sugar, which is better than avoiding. Many of us have a lot of bad habit, packaged juices and various packaged instant drinks mixed with water, many are giving kids to these regularly. So, even if it does not like to hear, it is true that despite having a solution in nature, we ourselves are choosing to change them,

When it comes to fruit, the pineapple comes after lemon, the very nutritious fruit is very available at this time. Even if you do not get it every day, pineapple takes in a couple of days each week to increase the immune system.

Mango, Jackfruit, Amara, Catabolic, bell, Ata, many more fruits combine this season – considering the fruits of this season – ice cream, market-bought juice or soft drinks, and counting these nutritious and delicate foods, the summer crime can be forgiven at the same time.

Drink plenty, lots and lots of water

There is no alternative that is to drink plenty of water: a glass of sleep in the morning, a glass before / after breakfast, a glass of water per hour at the office / home, drinking water before going to goose, drinking water back home, drinking water at home Be sure to keep water with the Bayern. And in any way, the kids have milk, juice, soup, pulses, plain water – plenty of food. Only ‘the child is ill, what to do’ in the group of mothers, but not to be given, but to take as much as possible the steps will be taken to increase the immune system.

Tulsi and ginger water / tea

Many people think that this mixture only works in the cold or in the winter. No, this mixture works, regardless of the winter and summer, with the better of honey. Boil a little ginger and tissue with boiling water and let the water cool down. Feed the child with plain water or lemon juice. There will be no different flavor, so children will not mind eating. Can make color.


There is no problem even if the kids shower a few times a day. If the newborn is mixed with light hot water, then it is safe. Many people have a bath – they are scared, they are afraid to bathe the children, but the barbecue powder poured down to sweat or to stop sweating – a very wrong idea. It will be sweat in the summer, it is normal. Sweat is quick to erase. Bathing should be done 2 to 3 times a day, and frequent change of clothes will be done. Keep the baby in front of it so as not to get cold from sweat. A few times a bath in the bath once, and the rest of the time only the whole body once washed with water and washed – it is more effective than sponging.


Instead of fearing the heat in the summer, we have to deal with it, and we have to win all the challenges of nature by donating nature. Be careful, stay clean, outdoor foods – Avoid fried fry completely – stay as ‘Organic’ as possible.

Wherever you can, you can plant two trees. If there is no way the verandah does not have trees on the porch or rooftop. Take care of those who work in the kitchen, share the work.

If you go out, avoid sunlight as far as possible. Use the umbrella to go to work. Be sympathetic to the working people. Courier, milked or roasted booze – Come to the water only or drink lemon sometimes. In the days of Allah, a rain or some wind in the days of rain or wind, but for a time, the fairytale of peace will be pronounced. I pray, let’s get rid of this unbearable heat – all get well-good luck for all.

In the summer due to the last dawn, the temperature is quite unbearable. Due to the increasing global warming, the temperature may increase further in the coming years. So, we have to be careful about

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Tips to keep the baby healthy during the summer

Tips to keep the baby healthy during the summer

Summer is hot for everyone. Because the kids are very sensitive they cannot easily adapt to the hot weather. The child faces severe health problems in the severe heat. Therefore, parents should always be aware of their care. The child needs his care only if it is winter, summer or rainy season. However, hot weather can really be difficult for the children as compared to other times. During this time children can get various diseases. Let’s know how to take care of the baby in this summer.

Junkyard or chicken pox

At this time the children get watery. It is usually more than 1-5 years old. However, if the vaccine is vaccinated in chicken pox, the risk of getting the disease reduced greatly. During this illness, the baby will need special care. She has to wear soft cotton cloth. Liquid or soft foods should be eaten. To drink more water. It must be accompanied by breast milk.

Leather rays or rashes

This is more common in children’s case. It is usually rash like a red granule on the skin or on the skin. The baby must be kept clean because of this rash or rashes. Regular bathing and wearing clean clothes. You can put baby powder in places of rash. The itch will decrease slightly. Every time the clothes are changed, the child will need to be wiped with a soft wet cloth. Many times it may be due to the diaphragm, so be careful that wet diapers do not have a lot of time for the baby. Once the diaper is damaged, open it immediately and insert the new diaphragm. However, it is better to keep the long diaphragm during the summer, it is better. Sometimes it may become a blow if the ray is too high. In that case, you must consult a specialist.

Upset stomach

Usually, during the summer it is more stomach which is stomach bad. If the baby’s stomach is bad, then he will have to eat saline frequently. There will be water or water in the cab. At the same time, he will also be given fluid food. The rules have to be followed until the child’s latrine is normal. It should be noted that the child does not have infertility and its urine is normal. Besides, if the blood goes to the baby’s toilet, then you must consult a specialist without neglecting it. In the case of six-month-old children, the mother’s milk cannot be stopped at any point in time. There will also be water and other food.

Cold problem

The problem of colds in the children is also high in summer. Extreme sweating can be cold due to the heat. So if the child is greyed out, then he should change his clothes immediately after he washed his body. In the summer, the child will have to take a bath regularly and keep him clean. At this time, there may be a cold cup of baby Moms. Moments are very late for a while. But in the long run, MMR injection was given to the child. Besides, the expert will be able to take care of the expert.

Besides, this summer will also have to look at your little hair. In the summer, the horses of the house are dormant, there is also the dust attack. So first take special care of the children’s hair against the disease. Often, excessive summer hair is exposed to dandruff or voracious skin. So at the beginning of the summer, the hair of the child should be shortened. Initially, if the hair started ghee, it would dry up quickly. At the age of one year and under, children must be fixed during the summer.

If you want to keep your hair long, be careful about it. Wash the hair thoroughly after bathing. Sprinkle the hair with a large sparse comb. Then tie it well when hair is dry. Children’s hair is suitable for their use and good shampoo. Different combinations should be used for them. It is better to have the hair shampoo for two days of the week.

Something worthwhile needed

  • In the summer the child should regularly take a bath and keep away from the dust as far as possible.
  • If you go out, keep the pure drinking water for the child always.
  • The sweat should be erased when the child is dampened. If the sweat of the body gets dry, the baby may get cold.
  • It is also good to feed the child as soft as possible in the summer.
  • The baby’s skin should be kept clean so that there is no national problem.
  • The child will have to drink plenty of water in the summer so that the amount of urine is normal.
  • Newborn babies should always be covered as if their body is warm. However, it should be kept in mind that he does not go to ghee.

During the hot period, mosquitoes, flies, ants, etc. are seen in the incidence of insects. These may be the reason for your child’s illness. You can use aerosol or other insecticides to keep your house free of these insects, but be aware that your child should not be able to reach them anyway.

It is natural that sweating in the body of the child in summer will be sweat. With this assumption, you have to prepare for the summer. This is due to the extreme heat due to diarrhea. To keep the child from this catastrophic disease, regularly feed the liquid with regular meals. If you do not want to eat saline or liquids directly, try eating foods mixed with food. There are also plenty of summer fruits available in the market. Let him eat the fruit your child likes. Bottle-free juices found in the market should not be allowed to eat the baby in any way. If you like to eat juices, you can buy fruit and make the juice in the house. However, it should be kept in mind that babies will not get cold due to cold water mixed with cold water. Many children do not want to eat nutritious food and vegetables. There is no need to be forced to feed if you do not want to eat. Try a little trick and mix it with khichuri or favorite food.

During the summer baby dress must be comfortable. Avoid silk, jeans or linen fabrics. Soft cotton fabrics are suitable for children during the summer. Children are more sweaty, so be careful that the dress is loosened and a little open. Sweat can dry very easily. Parents need to be careful about choosing a colorful dress. Choose a white or light pink or bright light color than a dark color choice. This type of attire is considered less hot. At this time it will not be very wise for the child to wear a flowerpot. So loosen the loose shorts for Babu. Besides, the three-quarters pants of Dhola will also provide additional benefits for summer.

In the summer the baby will have to take bath daily. Many children do not want to take bath for fear of cold or cold-cough. But due to the severe sweating of the body, there is a fear of more disease and diarrhea. During a bath, the baby should be cleaned with soap on the body. However, shampoo is not good enough to use, it is enough for two days a week. After bathing, it is better to add a powder to the baby’s body and head thoroughly. This will make the children safe from scorching pain. Children’s decoration materials are of course good quality.

Also, keep your house clean for keeping the house free of insects. Do not let the water in the flower beds or anywhere else in the bucket. Because these are helpful in the reproduction of dengue-based mosquito mosquitoes. Use the mosquito during sleep. Keep the baby’s bed clean. Consult a doctor quickly with any physical problem.

The prevalence of water-borne diseases in summer and the rainy season is increased. So be careful. Before feeding, the baby’s bowl, wash the plate with boiled water. Drinking water should be well expressed. Wash and wash the hands well before serving and serving. In the summer these days, you can make sure that your baby’s wellbeing is done automatically. So make sure to take proper care of her baby, her health, and a wonderful future.

Summer is hot for everyone. Because the kids are very sensitive they cannot easily adapt to the hot weather. The child faces severe health problems in the severe heat. Therefore, parents should always be

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physical and mental development of the child

Significant issues of proper physical and mental development of the child

In different ages, child development may vary. This variation may be due to internal or external factors. Child development adheres to a specific design, and which is related to anthropometrics measurement. Details are discussed below. The fast growth of a healthy, normal and nourished child is in the first year of his life. Physical enhancement and performance of the child generally depends on the following factors-

The physical growth, development and efficiency of the baby depends on some of the following:

  • Genetic causes: The length of the parents of the late parents is usually faster and the growth of the shorter parent’s child is slow. It is due to genetic causes.
  • Nutritional causes: In the absence of nutrients such as the normal growth of the baby is hampered, excess nutrition is obese by the child. The weight of the body, such as less weight, is also one type of malnutrition.
  • Socio-economic reasons: Generally poverty, socio-economic condition hinders both the physical growth and efficiency of the child. The physical growth, development, and efficiency of the families of the family, which are good, will be naturally better.
  • Circumstances: Enhanced social, emotional and environmental exposure to children and accelerates physical growth.
  • Illness: Both the physical and mental development of the child is delayed if a child suffers from illness for a long time. Weight loss, food intake decreases.
  • Mental injury: The normal growth of the child is interrupted if there is an emotional injury or pressure from family, society, and environment.
  • During pregnancy: If the baby does not have normal and appropriate growth in the stomach, the physical growth of the baby is very slow after birth and the baby is born with the lack of necessary nutrients.

Methods of measuring the normal physical growth of the child:

Almost all babies lose weight in three or four days of birth and get the weight back within 7 to 10 days. In the first three months, there are about 25 to 30 grams per day. After that, the speed of growth decreased a bit. Usually, the weight of five months is almost twice the weight of the child and it is three times in one year. However, weight gain does not increase at the rate of children underweight.

baby Weight chart

Weighing less than five months before the weight of the child weighs less and their weight increases four times in a year. But this rate does not increase after one year.

The first five to six months after birth, the diagrams are very good. During this period, the weight of the baby is almost twice as high. After this age, the weight of the weight is gradually downward. The reason is that breast milk is not enough for the baby at this time. It is necessary to provide extra food along with breast milk.

The weight of the baby depends on its height. So it is important to determine whether the child’s weight is normal. According to the height, the baby’s weight may be less or more. If weighing less then we will understand the causes of malnutrition or diarrhea.

Height is another measure of child growth. The height of newborn baby is usually 50 cm (20 “). In the first year, its height increases 25 cm 12 cm in the second year. Third, fourth and fifth year respectively increases a height of 9cm, 7cm and 6cm respectively.

If the height is low by age, then it is pointing to low growth. But malnutrition is not directly responsible for the low height of weight. In the past, continuous malnutrition can have an impact on the height of the child. Therefore it is important to record regular height.

Head circumference and chest circumference
These are also baby growth indicators. After birth, the measurement of head cover is also important. Normally, the circumference of the head is 34 cm (14 “). It is 2 cm higher than the chest circumference. But later on the range of the chest increases and it surpasses the scalp of the head. If the child suffers from malnutrition, it can take 3 to 4 years to exceed the circumference of his head.

Middle-arm circumference
It’s very easy and important measurement. When the child takes a rest of two hands on the body, then its size can be taken. In the middle of the middle, the middle-arm circumference can be measured by rotating the middle of the middle of the hand with a light but firmly round bottom. Within a year of birth, the middle-arm circumference is rapidly increasing. This time it grows up to 11 to 12 cm. After that, it is almost the same for five years, and a 5-year-old nutrition child’s middle arm goes to 16-17 cm. At this time muscles grow instead of newborn fat. If the middle-arm circumference is 80 percent less than normal, ie 12.8 cm, then it is understandable that children are suffering from moderate to severe malnutrition.

For measuring the development of the baby, it is not advisable to only increase the physical growth of the child. Keep in mind that whether the child’s performance and mental development are normal. Observe the child’s performance and mental growth parameters:

  • Neurological growth: At the age of 3 months, the child can walk straight to the neck, sit at the age of 6 months and walk at age 1.
  • The development of vision: When the child is 3 months old, the child looks bright when looking at something, can see small objects at the age of 6 months. At the age of 6 months, the child will catch something after catching something on the palm of his hand and the child can catch something at the age of 10 months.
  • Development of Nutrition Power: When the child is six months old, he can turn his head back and understand where the word is at 9 months of age.
  • The ability to speak: If the child is 6 months old, then by some meaningless words like babu, cha-cha, Mai-Mai, etc. and when one year is full, one can learn to speak the first meaningful words like mother, father, grandfather etc.

The child develops in a few stages-

  • First phase: After birth, she is gradually upstairs. Crawls, sitting, standing, walking and running.
  • Second stage: Initially, the child learns to recognize only the parents, then gradually the other people know, know, mix up with everyone.
  • Third stage: At first tears are the language of children. Slowly he called short, short words like father, grandfather, and mama. One time to learn to talk.

Recent scientific studies have shown that the growth and development of the brain is most rapidly in the mother’s womb – about eighty percent of the population. And the remaining 20 percent increase – up to the first few years of life. Combining all of the above things, you can understand if your baby’s growth is normal. However, it should be noted that this standard of physical and mental development is not fixed. So do not worry about the child and give them time and take care of them.

In different ages, child development may vary. This variation may be due to internal or external factors. Child development adheres to a specific design, and which is related to anthropometrics measurement. Details are discussed below.

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Sick child care: Care for sick baby

Sick child care: Care for sick baby

Children may be sick in the winter even after trying to protect your baby from the winter virus. It is very normal. In these cases, proper treatment is necessary first. The child should never give medicine without the doctor’s advice. Besides following the advice of the doctor, follow the following tips to keep the sick child better.

1. The biggest side effect of winter sickness is D-Hidression. So keep the child hydrated. Boiling water, fruit juice, and milk are very important.
2. Keep the sick child away from others unnecessary contact. Because these viruses are very quickly infected.
3. Put the baby in warm clothes. But be careful not to wear too hot clothes.
4. Make sure the child gets the necessary rest.
5. If the nose is closed the inhaler or saline drop can be used.
6. Regularly clear the nose of the baby during the cold.
7. Give the child time. It could be the best way to keep the sick child well. Be patient with the child, calmly talk. Concentrate only on the side of all hands.
8. Keep the child’s room clean. Occasionally open the windows of the house so that air can move.
9. Occasionally both the child with hot water. Hot water not only gives comfort to the child but hurts and removes them. Hot water vapor is cold and it’s good. After bathing, wipe the baby well.
10. Keep your child’s head slightly raised while sleeping so that breathing is not a problem.

It is very normal for children to get sick in winter. It also strengthens their immune system. So do not get upset and take proper care and caution.

All the children should be healthy, good luck for everyone.

Children may be sick in the winter even after trying to protect your baby from the winter virus. It is very normal. In these cases, proper treatment is necessary first. The child should never give

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Baby wipes and chemical: What are we using on the skin?

Baby wipes and chemical: What are we using on the skin?

In many mothers today, there is a tendency to use ‘wipes’ during child-change. Many people talk about the problem of rash in the ‘diaper area’ of the child. Children’s rashes can be for various reasons, but due to the use of wipes, Rash is now a common problem.

If we think a bit deeper, then we can understand that any artificial thing is chemically-without any need, in such cases, it is beneficial to clean the newborn’s body, especially the stool-urine. The manufacturer/seller has many things to say but the question is whether the color packaging of advertising is actually inside.

In that case, you must understand what is necessary or harmful to the child. Keep the hot water in floss, whenever the nippy or diaphragm changes are needed, wipe with a clean soft cotton-cloth light with hot water. Wipes are used in polyethylene glycol (PEG), polypropylene glycol (PPG) all the chemicals that are harmful to your baby’s soft skin.

Try to avoid the following three things in the case of purchasing children’s skin care, soap, shampoo etc.

1. Parabens: Most of the soaps, shampoo, etc. have ‘Paraben’ in it – see if paraben or benzoic acid and propyl ester in the product label are present in these names. Avoid these items as far as possible.

2. Triclosan / antibacterial element in skin cares: There is no need to pick some antibacterial when buying baby skin care and cosmetics. Even in our market, it is better to stay far away from anti-bacterial soap, toothpaste, body-wash. Many people wash the baby’s clothes by doing so etc. – it is also harmful to the skin of the skin. Remember, there are many bacterial bacteria along with many harmful bacteria in our body, which can be destroyed when using anti-bacterial products, and reduces the immunity of the child’s normal disease, increases the likelihood of suffering in allergy. So be careful about Hygiene, but be careful not to lose the ability to adapt to the environment of the environment by naturally occurring in the child’s environment.

3. Fragrance: Perfume-related products are chemical and harmful chemicals. So avoid odor-containing lotions, shampoo, wash, diapers, wipes-all, especially for newborns. If you are not able to buy organic brand products, use natural (junk-free) content.

There are also some products that are not suitable for kids but are quite common in our country, those are Holo Talk (Talcom powder), mustard oil and other common quality baby oil.

Lastly, the food and skin of stranger and small children are two very sensitive issues. Read, learn, be aware. Before taking any advice from any problem, make a little study yourself, nowadays, plenty of online learning opportunities.

In many mothers today, there is a tendency to use 'wipes' during child-change. Many people talk about the problem of rash in the 'diaper area' of the child. Children's rashes can be for various reasons,

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How To Take Care Of Baby In Winter

How To Take Care Of Baby In Winter?

It is not only the cold that happens in the winter but it is not the cause of winter sickness, but the main cause of winter sickness is airborne diseases, which spread easily and especially children are attacked early. As well as there is plenty of dust, which can be used to nose with the breathing and enter the lungs, there may be adverse reactions like neck and nose inflammation, flux-cough, and excessive fumes and dust babies can cause problems like neoplastic or bronchitis. If it is winter, heavy clothes or bathing in warm water, as well as being aware of many things, it can protect yourself and children from many chronic illnesses.

For example, there is no substitute for bathing, regardless of heat and heat. Every day, bathing in light hot water once or twice (especially in our country’s light winter) is quite healthy. However, that should be kept in mind, Gosle does not take too much time, and it is very quick to wipe the water from the child.

It is important to massage the baby even after winter – regardless of the summer. Massage of blood circulation with olive oil or natural and herbal medicine is quick, blood circulation is quick to correct, ‘correct’ in the right direction and also helpful for stomach or digestion. Olive, pure Shiite Butter, Coconut and Almond Oil serve as a good synchrony. You can come out with a sweet sunshine in the cold of winter, and if you learn to walk on Babu, then let them play in the sun. Morning sunshine is very useful for the body – it is the most essential and reliable way to get Vitamin D – essential ingredients for children. But yes, no longer than 15 to 20 minutes. Dark sunshine is harmful to our skin. There is another need to talk about this in this context. Before going to school 2 to 3 years, it is better not to take a sunny sunshine, there are many baby-sensitive chemicals that are harmful, because of which the dark sunshine and commercial sunscreen should be avoided.

The bacteria can spread in many ways, and the cold cough germ can spread easily through the air, so it is better to keep a small child away from the infected person. The fair, the crowd, going to see another patient in the hospital, and the lesser of the newborn or very young child in the street dust, the better, the better.

Now let’s talk about clothing. Kids should wear clothes – it’s actually a place, depending on the climate and the weather. We do not need very heavy clothes in the urban areas of our country. The child should always wear soft-sided dresses full-sleeve dresses. And depending on the nature of the winter, it is better to wear excess cloth on top, because if necessary it can be removed. Therefore, during the travel time, or during the travel time, you should wear excessive warm clothes and should be kept in mind as per requirement. Sleeping is a good place to wear comfortable clothes while sleeping. If using too many warm clothes or heavy rugs, the child may go to ghee and go cold. Therefore, it is important to take care of small children and newborns.

If there is a heater in the house, the child’s body should not be kept in close contact with or near very close.

Take special care of hot water, carry-over etc. Everybody has a child or a job. Those who carry the water in the stove heat, bring a bucket to a bucket before taking it in a bucket, carry the bucket on boiled water.

Since the amount of dust in the winter or the incidence increases much in the winter, there is little need of awareness in this regard. Especially in the streets, nowadays, it is necessary to put a mask on a face to carry the baby to the nearest place. Keeping home furniture and surroundings regularly is free of dust-free. For any of these children, especially for our lungs, it can be very harmful – cars, cigarettes or furnace smoke, tobacco powder / any powder, spices or grains, or small ears which can enter the nose with the breathing and cause lung damage. Take away the baby a lot while cleaning the house or dusting. However, in our busy daily life, we can not completely protect the children or, in truth, it is not possible to keep anyone completely free from contact with bacteria or dust, so it is enough to be aware of our issues as much as possible.

Not just external protection, we should give more importance to the health of ourselves and our children, increase the defense of the body and the prevention of disease. In this context, the most important thing is that children’s food chefs and nutrition As always, avoid packaged foods at any cost. If we play a pack of chips or fast food, our children will not be able to bow their heads, they will not be able to hold their stomach.

But these foods will gradually reduce their immune system. There will be less interest in home-made food. Let’s all of us try to prepare as much nutritious food as possible at home.

In winter, many of us reduce the quantity of water or liquid as the thirst and sweat are reduced during this time. But it is very important to keep the body hydrated for the prevention of any disease. In winter, the type of fluid can be different from other times of the year, for example, every day, ginger/tulsi boiling and be mixing honey with a little bit. Light-hot drink is the biggest enemy of winter viruses. Ginger, Tulsi, Honey – These are truly revolutionary antidotes, but in our busy lives, we often ignore natural antidote.

There is no substitute for breast milk for a newborn baby. If the age of the child is 5 to 6 months, then the light ginger tea, chicken and vegetable soup etc. can be given to the milk of milk and other foods and honey are good only after 11 to 12 months of birth. Honey is not properly digested before.

There are plenty of vegetables available in the winter, so now it’s time to add lots of vegetables to children’s diet. One of the most nutritious foods for children of all ages, sweet potato is available in winter. Bardakpi, pulse, broccoli, beans etc. are very nutritious and increase the disease-resistance, but these foods are to be given according to digestion and age of the child. Also add vitamin C-rich fruits such as orange, malta, lemon, grapes etc., add spices filled with herbs such as ground pepper, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric etc.

Make sure to breastfeed as far as two years of age.

Avoid cough syrup, and do not eat any medicines without the doctor’s advice. It can be very harmful side effects. As soon as the child is seriously ill, the doctor should be asleep.

Help to take the child’s cremation/vapor when the nose is closed. If there is a very small child, and if there is no special arrangement of steam, you can keep the child lying in a small room, or in a big bucket with a hot water, closing the doors and windows, and sitting in the lap for quite some time.

It works. Appendix: This article is basically written from the background of our urban parents and parents, each person’s reality and power are limited – so we request everybody, we try to be aware of their own position as much as possible, and this pollution can be as much as possible in the crowd of camcales (maybe very few Try to ensure natural environment and natural food for kids.

It is not only the cold that happens in the winter but it is not the cause of winter sickness, but the main cause of winter sickness is airborne diseases, which spread easily and especially

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