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Breastfeeding during pregnancy is safe?

Breastfeeding during pregnancy

Many mothers think that there are different types of questions, such as those who are pregnant again within a short period of birth, such as breastfeeding is it safe during pregnancy? What will affect the pregnancy due to breastfeeding? What can be the effect of breastfeeding on the child? How to breastfeed two kids together? Etc. Today’s discussion on various aspects of breastfeeding during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding during pregnancy is safe?

Sure! There is no reason to stop giving breast milk to the baby during pregnancy. Many mothers breastfeeding during pregnancy. Not only that, they can milk two babies together after they are born.

Many people are afraid that breastfeeding during pregnancy will provide the right amount of nutrients for the baby’s baby or it will not be possible for mother to breast milk and it will not be possible to ensure nutrients at the same time for the pregnant baby. This is not really a matter of concern because our body is really amazing and she understands exactly what to do at the moment. At this time, eating a balanced diet of a mother, eating hungry and having thirst, it is enough to drink.

In some cases, it is normal for the mothers to worry. Mothers may have breast and nipple pain during pregnancy, so breastfeeding makes it difficult for mothers. Also, the amount of breast milk during pregnancy may be slightly reduced.

At the end of the pregnancy, the children may not want to eat the mother’s milk. Babies may also say that they are not enjoying talking. The reason is that breast milk at the end of pregnancy becomes milk colostral-type. (Colostrum is a dense and yellowish color is produced at the end of the pregnancy and for several days after delivery).

Many mothers are afraid because the nipple stimulation that occurs during breastfeeding and whether there is a slight control over it, think about whether there will be any harm to pre-term labor or children. The stimulation of nipples is due to the release of oxytocin hormones in the mother’s body which is responsible for the production of breast milk and the contraction that occurs during delivery. However, the amount of oxytocin emitted during breastfeeding is not like normal birth pains. At this time you can feel light contract so that there is no reason to be scared. There is no harm to the fetus due to such contractions and there is almost no possibility of miscarriage. These pregnancies can go a little bit in the body of the baby through breast milk, but it is not a risk factor.

Oxytocin emission due to breastfeeding during pregnancy is only the cause of danger when there is a risk of maternal delivery before the normal period of the mother. Breastfeeding is safe for a child during pregnancy, but in some cases, it is advisable to stop, if-

  • You have a risky pregnancy or pre-term labor risk.
  • Abortion is at risk.
  • If there are twins in the womb then.
  • If your physical intercourse is prohibited during pregnancy.
  • If there is a problem with bleeding or abdominal pain.

If you have these symptoms, consult with the specialist to make sure that you are the best one for your newborn and the baby of the womb.

If the baby is not fully breastfed during pregnancy.

If the child becomes fit to eat solid, then he can fill his nutritional needs with other foods if he cannot feed his breast fully. There is no reason to feel guilty because of not being breastfed. As long as the baby was breast milk, she got all the benefits of breast milk.

In the middle of the pregnancy, the mother gets reduced milk on the breast and it may be tasteless to the baby. As a result, the child itself may be ready to eat another meal before normal time. If the child is not ready to eat solid then you can try feeding formula along with breast milk. In that case, once you have a discussion with BiseSnow, it will be good for a brand’s formula child.

In both cases, the child should be raised and health should be looked into. If the child is not prepared for the child’s nutritional supplement, or if the child is not prepared for it, then the child will be given formulas.

There are some tips that can help to prevent breastfeeding during pregnancy and to solve it

Breastfeeding can be challenging because of morning sickness or nausea during pregnancy. Morning sickness may cause tiredness of the mother. It is associated with the production of breast milk that requires the energy of the mother’s body to separate the energy. You can take adequate rest in this regard. Lighter nutrition can be kept with some foods so that nausea is low. Before breastfeeding the baby can take a light-absorbing snack. There is no fatigue due to milk feeding the baby. So you can feed or lie in comfortable places.

But if the morning sickness takes a serious shape and the mother’s weight goes down, most doctors may suggest breastfeeding to stop.

At this time, the symptom hole nipple pain. If you feel the pain, you can eat a little more than the child for a long time. At this time, there may be a little bit more comfort than concentrating on the other side. The baby’s face is well-nipple, with the four sides of the black part (Ariola) in the mouth of the child. Baby areola munch Then gets milk properly. But if the only nipple, then nipple can be torn, a mother will get pain, and the baby will also get less milk. Therefore, it may take less pain in the face of more than one part of the breast.

As the mother’s stomach increases during pregnancy, it may be impossible to breastfeed with the baby in the lap. The case may be fed to the baby lying on the back side of the case. If the child is big, he can stand or stand in the breast if he is standing or standing.

When the new baby will come, it will need shawl milk. So try to feed the new baby more by reducing the feeding of the baby in the next few days after becoming a child. After the new baby arrives suddenly you may feel tensed to feed the big baby. There is nothing to be surprised or worried about that. With time it is settled. If you do not think it is possible for you to breastfeed together, but start feeding the baby to the elderly during pregnancy. After the new baby arrives suddenly her milk is stopped, she may feel stressed.

Mother’s meal at the time

After pregnancy breastfeeding, a mother will have to take good care of the health of three people by keeping her mother’s body healthy. In this case, 500-650 calories should be consumed in excess of 350 calories in the second trimester during pregnancy and more than 450 calories in the third trimester. There is nothing to fear if you can not eat more due to morning sickness in the first trimester. During the pregnancy, the first trimester does not require extra calories.

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