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Breastfeeding the baby – Some important things

Breastfeeding the baby Some important things

When you are breastfeeding your baby, make sure that you and your child are in a position that makes breastfeeding easier. Mothers and children can breastfeed/eat at different locations. First, you can remember that you feel more comfortable in a certain position, such as sleeping in your bed, sitting on a favorite chair, etc. As you and your child are experienced in breastfeeding, the more you can be able to feed your baby, such as during walking, during intercourse, or sitting on the table.

The location you want to use, your baby needs to be in a position that will help her to deeply penetrate her breast and make milk easily. Some things to remember:

  • Stretch your back firmly.
  • Make sure you are in a position that does not cause your pain (due to vaginal area or Caesarean section).
  • Your baby’s ears, shoulders, and hip should be on a straight line.
  • Your baby’s head should be tilted slightly backward. This will put him deep into the mouth and be swallowing easily.
  • Keep your hand on hand before you begin.

Helping your baby to enter the breast

When your baby is ready to eat, bring him to your breast. There are many positions on the face and many procedures in the breast. Below are some suggestions that can help you.

For any position, you have to keep in mind the following points:
Stomach against the abdomen
When your baby’s stomach is against your stomach, he can easily enter your nipples. When you hold your baby’s nose so that you are in the stage of your breast, you can take his head back while you insert your breasts. In this way, he can take a lot of your breasts and nipples inside his mouth.

Grinded in the breast
When she is breastfed, her chin will cling to your breast, her head goes back and her nose will be away from your breasts. Your breasts and nipple buds should be in their mouth.

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Pillow use
The pillow will help you stay comfortable and you will help to protect your wound if you give birth through surgery.

Position your hand
If your hands are behind the head of the child, it can push back against your hand and enter your breasts. If your hands are on her shoulder and she stays on her neck, it helps her to easily face her breasts.

Wait for the mouth to open big
Make sure your baby’s chin touches your breasts. Observe your child to open your mouth wide open for nipple, then gently press on her shoulder to bring her closer to you. In this way, the nipple and the area around it penetrate deep into its mouth.

Straining your breasts
Your breasts may need to be pressed with hands. To put pressure, you should place your fingers with the fingers and other fingers behind your breasts so that they are not on your child’s face.

Some breastfeeding positions

Sleeping position
When you are tired (all of the new mothers are tired), it may be easy to breastfeeding while sleeping.
Sleeping position Breastfeeding

  • Lie down with a pillow below your head. Some of the mothers prefer to use pillows in their back or knees.
  • Let the pillow carry your head’s weight.
  • Tilt your child in front of him and keep looking at you.
  • Drag him to the point where his nose is at your breast and his chin presses against your breast. When she takes her head back and opens her mouth wide open then bring her to the breast to help her face.

Caught like football
(For breastfeeding from the left breast)
Caught like football breastfeeding way

  • Put a pillow on the back and side of your head to give your hands and feet to the child.
  • Hold the baby’s body in the middle of your left elbows and sides, so that the legs and feet of your feet are behind you.
  • Your left hand will be on the back of your shoulders and neck.
  • You can put your breast on your right hand.

Similarly, milk can be fed from the right breast.

Horizontally hooked position
(When breast milk is fed from the left breast)
Horizontally breastfeeding way

  • Hold the baby with your right hand.
  • Place your right hand on your shoulders and neck.
  • You can put your breasts with the left hand.

Similarly, milk can be fed from the right breast.

Landscape position
Landscape breastfeeding way

  • Hold the baby in your left arm to your elbows. Hold your hand down her.
  • It is necessary, you can put your breasts with your right hand or use your right hand to help carry the baby’s weight.

Similarly, milk can be fed from the right breast.

If your child is irritable and does not enter your breast, try the following:

  • Observe early symptoms that your baby is ready to breastfeed (as with her hands) and breastfeeding before she starts crying.
  • Hold your stomach in the opposite position against your chest, gently peel it and talk to him as long as he is calm. Then try to breastfeed again.
  • Calm yourself. It will also calm your baby.
  • Sit in a suitable location for breastfeeding.
  • Check whether she is breastfed from her breastfeeding position.
  • Take a little milk and apply breast milk. Your child will soon get scratched and taste.
  • Even if you do not give it to the breast, give him some milk in the spoon and try it again.

How do you understand if your baby is well into the breast?

When your baby is having breastfeeding, the following things happen, you will understand that the baby has been breastfed properly-

  • Breastfeeding is comfortable for you.
  • If your baby sucks slowly or slowly but regularly breast milk.
  • If you hear the sound of the baby going down.
  • If your baby’s lips stretch outwards and the mouth is wide open. If you put a breast in the face of the baby’s face, you can see his lips.
  • If your baby moves through her ear or forehead while breastfeeding her breast.

When your baby is finished eating

  • The size of your nipple bone will be normal, well-organized and it will not feel shaken to see them.
  • Your breasts are soft. It is more noticeable in the first few weeks of breastfeeding.
  • Your children will be relaxed and content. Small children can fall asleep after eating them. Older children can stay awake, or they will tell you that they have to eat after they are turned away or started playing.
  • Young children often fall asleep on the breasts, but if you remove them they wake up again. If your child does this, it is a symptom that they do not end up eating it.

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What if breastfeeding is painful?

The most common reason for painful nipple bumps is not to enter the baby’s face properly. How do you know that your baby’s breasts could not penetrate well?

  • When your breasts come out of the mouth when it comes out of the mouth it looks flat on one side.
  • Your breasts will see fractures, blisters, and bleeding.

If your baby does not have enough amount of nipple inside your mouth then your nipples can hurt. In this case, you can try the following.

  • Bring the shoulders of the baby closer to you and tactically.
  • Repeat the day so that the child is more than you.
  • Help the baby to get more nipple into your mouth.

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Breastfeeding is not to be painful. If your nipples are not good after one or two days, you may need more help. There may be other reasons. If it is painful, then why not consult an expert for why it is painful and how it can be resolved.

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