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Baby wipes and chemical: What are we using on the skin?

Baby wipes and chemical: What are we using on the skin?

In many mothers today, there is a tendency to use ‘wipes’ during child-change. Many people talk about the problem of rash in the ‘diaper area’ of the child. Children’s rashes can be for various reasons, but due to the use of wipes, Rash is now a common problem.

If we think a bit deeper, then we can understand that any artificial thing is chemically-without any need, in such cases, it is beneficial to clean the newborn’s body, especially the stool-urine. The manufacturer/seller has many things to say but the question is whether the color packaging of advertising is actually inside.

In that case, you must understand what is necessary or harmful to the child. Keep the hot water in floss, whenever the nippy or diaphragm changes are needed, wipe with a clean soft cotton-cloth light with hot water. Wipes are used in polyethylene glycol (PEG), polypropylene glycol (PPG) all the chemicals that are harmful to your baby’s soft skin.

Try to avoid the following three things in the case of purchasing children’s skin care, soap, shampoo etc.

1. Parabens: Most of the soaps, shampoo, etc. have ‘Paraben’ in it – see if paraben or benzoic acid and propyl ester in the product label are present in these names. Avoid these items as far as possible.

2. Triclosan / antibacterial element in skin cares: There is no need to pick some antibacterial when buying baby skin care and cosmetics. Even in our market, it is better to stay far away from anti-bacterial soap, toothpaste, body-wash. Many people wash the baby’s clothes by doing so etc. – it is also harmful to the skin of the skin. Remember, there are many bacterial bacteria along with many harmful bacteria in our body, which can be destroyed when using anti-bacterial products, and reduces the immunity of the child’s normal disease, increases the likelihood of suffering in allergy. So be careful about Hygiene, but be careful not to lose the ability to adapt to the environment of the environment by naturally occurring in the child’s environment.

3. Fragrance: Perfume-related products are chemical and harmful chemicals. So avoid odor-containing lotions, shampoo, wash, diapers, wipes-all, especially for newborns. If you are not able to buy organic brand products, use natural (junk-free) content.

There are also some products that are not suitable for kids but are quite common in our country, those are Holo Talk (Talcom powder), mustard oil and other common quality baby oil.

Lastly, the food and skin of stranger and small children are two very sensitive issues. Read, learn, be aware. Before taking any advice from any problem, make a little study yourself, nowadays, plenty of online learning opportunities.

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