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Baby Separation Engagement Insecurity, Fear of losing loved ones

Baby Separation Engagement Insecurity

I will share a very important topic with you today. The parents are excited about the insecurity among small children when they go to a work or office outside of the childcare center at BabyCenter. From here I learned what I have written so myself.

Since birth, the mental development or development of the child is at different stages. They become the step by step. At the beginning of mental development, that is, after getting help from many people, they are most dependent on the particular one. In other words, this understanding of this reliance is called ‘Attachment’ in the language of mental health. The person who depends on him is called ‘Attachment figure’. Generally, this attachment is made with the children’s mother. So the attachment figure is ‘mother’. The mother can be a dad or someone else, with whom the child has emotional or emotional relationships.

When the child goes away from the attachment figure for some reason, there is a fear in them. Even when outside of the known environment, such anxiety is seen in children. Separation Engagement, therefore, is called angina or anxiety to be separated or separated.

This issue is rarely seen in all children and it is a normal process for their mental growth. For some children, it is a little overdone. When parents are working, especially when a job mother is a mother, most children suffer from such insecurity and their behavioral problems arise. For those who are looking after the mother in the absence of the mother, the matter becomes a little difficult.

Many mothers hide their babies from house to house Seeing that the child will cry very much, most of the children in this situation suffer from much insecurity because they can not understand the matter. This insecurity increased a lot due to the sudden disappearance of most of his children. Many children start crying at their mother’s home and do not enjoy mother’s company, always hold their mother together and behave in an uncomfortable manner. This problem is intensified in a single family. Many children see new or less familiar people behaving abnormally, scared or crying, the main reason behind these behaviors is the insecurity and fear of the child towards externalism. In such a case, many parents and other people who care for the child work very much.

If a child does not want to go to the lap of a new person, it should never be stressed, but when the guest arrives at home many times this is the matter. These age-old children are very adept, there is no doubt- but if they are forced to stay or do not want to stay with the child, forced them to stay with them can have a profound effect on the child’s delicate feeling.

When the employer goes to the office, go to the child, leave the child standing on the door, explain to him and tell him that the mother/father is going to work and will come back again, even if the kids do not understand the language, ‘tone’ can understand, and sing as much sincerity as possible. Even if you crybaby, give him a laugh and greet him with a smile. Within a few days, he will realize that his mother/father has to go this time.

While expressing your displeasure while leaving, you will not feel unsafe for the rest of the day, because he will understand that you will return to the scheduled time. Keep patience in your face with a little patience and keep your trust in your vocabulary.

But what you do not do at all, is to hear the tears, come back, and tell him goodbye in the lap, in this case, the child will get distracted and think that you will be back in sorrow. Say goodbye, but do not prolong the farewell in any way. If the child cries when you return from the office, you can meet him immediately after returning to him without seeing him, you will be able to spend long with him. It is also healthy.

Whether to keep the baby near grandparents, maides, or day-care-before, leave the child with him for a few days before leaving for a long time. Children who can not easily be easy with someone else, especially in this case, protect this rule, otherwise, it may be contradictory. In any way, there should not be any practice with stress on the child. Always remember that one child is born with a different person and different mental structure and personality. Mrs. Dolly’s daughter does what Mrs. Dolly’s son does. When the son of your son gets caught in the lap, and your child gets new people crying – there is nothing to worry about – what to do – is to give that child some time/ month/year to understand that there is nothing to fear. Separation from the age of six to seven months to less than one and a half years of age is less than the degree, after which it is cut short.

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