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Baby Growing Up: 8 Months

Baby Growing Up: 8 Months

Your child will be more active in the eighth month. This is the topic of normal discussion.

Children usually learn to move themselves forward with their hands, then try to get on with their hands and knees. Then, to start the trajectory, and start practicing backward. Many cats do not crawl or do not like to give up after learning to mumble. Many people prefer not to crawl on the hand and move on the stomach. In any case, starting the cropping or crawling, the muscles of the hands and feet of the child are more robust and efficient, which will further accelerate the learning ability of a child’s walking walk.

Most safety-built and surveillance surveillance

It is necessary to look at the location of the furniture in the house. Children or table-chair corners, TV straps and any angle-related items can cause a child injury. At this time, the baby can try to stand up to the neck of the crawling stance and try to stand up to something high. At the time the child is in the room, the furniture should be kept as low as possible, and the furniture should be kept safe. Nowadays there are various tools available for Child Safety, such as drawer/cabinet lockers, foam cushions which are placed in the corner of the furniture, door jammers (like the door closes suddenly) and crawling matte things are very useful.

Many people practice placing a child in a round called Round Walker, which is basically a thing unnecessary for the child to grow. This is not so safe, and the floor is perfect for sports, crawling or walking practice. So regular clothes are kept in the house, and it is best if you allow the child to play on the floor, spreading the rails, thin carpets or matte things. The child may have a plastic tool or a safe practice to practice pushing or pushing something, maybe a tool or pushing a toy.

From now on, for the next few years, be careful about electric things, chargers, cables, sockets and drawers, any chemicals or medicines, hot things, sharp things, small things such as buttons, money etc. They should not be kept within the reach of the child’s hand. When bathrooms and kitchens are not used, their doors must be locked. If there is any tub or tree in the house or verandah, keep it at a safe distance, many leafy plants are toxic. Take the special safety arrangements when you are on the stairs.

It is not possible to mention all kinds of safety issues for this old child on the list. Therefore, surveillance is very important.

Tooth rising

At this time some youngsters can see a couple of new teeth. Many babies may be able to get more teeth. Some people take 12 to 16 months to get a toothache. Any of it is normal. Even if the teeth do not grow, the gums of the stomach will be tough at this time, and it will have the same effect on the face and biting habit. So keep the burgers safe and clean toys around the baby. The details of the previous month’s discussion were detailed in this regard.

Activity and mental development

The children of this age will shake something, like to look nice, attract the attention of the colorful things, and throw it down, conducting their own research with the source of the words produced by the gravity and collision. At this time, it is better not to put any vices of your mind on the hand of this eminent scientist. Give him a sound toy, throwing something away, he expects you to get it.

So, for the next few days, you have to get rid of the stuff you throw away – these invasions are very necessary for the game to play with the child for mental development of the child. Post it in a colorful book, especially the big picture-books. But if he gives it in his hand he can tear it, or the leaves of the book can face, so be careful. The age-appropriate board book is now available, it is not very easy to tear it.

Speak normally with the child. His vocabulary is now very low – Bubu, Do-Do, Tatta-Dada-Mam-Mam etc. So, you do not have to talk to him, you talk about your general tone. Even if you do not have the answers to your words, you will learn to understand your language and feel very excited about yourself to be able to talk to you. Talking to him does not need to take any different time, talk about him while bathing, bathing or talking during the Nappy Change. Songs or rhymes will also love.

Eight months children learn to sit normally, some of them learn to sit without any help. But many children cannot sit straight without support. There is nothing to worry about. Usually, within 10 to 11 months they can fully control themselves.

From this time on, slowly start accustoming to feeding the baby himself, feed him in a stern condition, use a buster seat or high chair. Make sure to wash the food bowl, the area where it is eaten, and the child’s hands thoroughly washed. During this time the child will scatter some of his body, food, but it is better not to stop the practice of feeding the child to his child.

As the child tries to walk a little bit, he should not wear solid solo sandals or shoes. You can wear grip-socks or soft sweat shoes. Otherwise, the only foot is good.

If you fear the child for any reason, or if you are feeling bad or mood, give him a warm and affectionate effect as possible. Take it in the lap, grab it, and try to focus on what he does not like. From this age, the children started exploring the fun of going out and exploring a little bit.

The children you use will now be interested in them. Gradually they will start using the things properly. You may see that he is trying to comb his hair or drink water from the cup.

The child’s vision is now very clear. He looks almost like you. Now he can recognize people or things on the other side of the house. He might try to crawl towards a corner of the house and look at a toy. The color of his eyes is almost the same as that of the end, but after minor changes can be seen.

Sitting with the baby

Your baby needs to eat solid foods since she is 6 months old. But still, need to breastfeed his breast. As your age increases, your baby needs more and more food. However, small children can talk about eating and they may easily feel relieved of their food.

Here are some tips to make sure your child is eating well:

Give him plenty of delicious food. Sit with your time. When he eats, sit with him, talk to him. Eating is a new skill for him, and he is still trying to gain control over it.

If your child does not want to eat then wait patiently. Do not force him to feed. Do not allow him to eat sugar, chips, Branco or other unhealthy foods. There is no food grain in Aylesbury, and harmful to your baby.

Give him food, color, taste, and aromatic food. As the child grows up, he often changes his taste. The food that your child does not want to eat today, that may be his favorite meal after a few weeks!

Make time for fun. Keep in mind that he feels comfortable and the time of meal for each of you becomes pleasant. Look at her eyes, laugh, talk. It is a time of interaction with each other. It will have the benefit of eating it, and in this way, its social skills and new words will be learned.

If your child is unwell, then take him to a quiet environment and encourage him to eat gently.

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