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Baby Growing Up: 7 Months

Baby Growing Up: 8 Months

After entering the seventh month, the children become more agitated and more emotional. As well as human rights, its own intrigue, independence, and personality began to be published and published. At this age, the child is very curious about everything around him. This curiosity boosts its mental development.

Conversation with the child, responding to her needs, safe and age-appropriate toy to entertain the baby and ultimately ensure constant surveillance. Exactly faster than previous months, it will be intense, fun and playful. The amount of sleep and food and intervals will be prolonged. From this age on, the parents can start trying to make the baby sleep-time schedule somewhat disciplined.

Child mental development in seven months

At this time, the child continues to learn to control the environment around him. Very popular game for kids who are hiding or discovering something. For example, putting a favorite toy of a baby under a napkin, show her once that if she pulls out the piece of cloth with her hand, she will get her toy.

After doing this once or twice, it will start to repeat the work. To give him the opportunity to meet his curiosity and encouraging various activities, the child is very much needed for mental health. At this time, the child can sound different than before.

At this time, the memory of the child begins to be well-organized, which results in something to notice, and the ability to imitate. The important duty of the family members of the child to ensure healthy family, marital and social life for the beautiful mental development of a child.

Since then, Separation Anxiety is observed in the child. By doing business, working parents can suffer childbirth during the work hours. At such times, the child may be afraid of leaving you. She is so attached to you that even if she leaves him for a minute and may start crying. It is normal, and if you leave for a short time, the child will be able to associate with other people. He will soon learn that you will always come back to him.

Physical development of the baby in seven months

During this time, the children started trying to get crawled or cramped. Trying to straighten the body mass on your feet. So, in the meantime, they like to stand on the other side as they do not lie on their lap. Some children learn to sit without resorting to it, while others can take more than two months to learn to sit independently.

As the child learns very fast at this time, the parents often become restless to teach certain behaviors or activities. In this case, parents have to take a lot of patience. The sequence of physical and mental development of a child and the individual may be completely different.

Most of the baby’s teeth startup in the process. But at any stage of five to fourteen months, you can see your baby’s first tooth. When the process of tooth starts to rise, usually the baby gets plenty of salivae and the kids may be slightly irritable. Various Teething Toys are available nowadays.

However, when choosing a baby toy, try to select toys made from environmentally friendly and non-hazardous material. There is no reason to worry if there is a gap between his teeth. By the time of three years of survival, all the teeth in the teeth of teeth can be closed.

The curiosity of the child will increase

Your child will now want to eat himself. Maybe feeding him while holding the spoon, or taking food from the dish himself. Look at the small fry of soft food on his dish. He will be very happy to pick them up. Remember that girls and boys need an equal amount of food. Start with a meal that will be able to chew with a gourd or easily move in the mouth.

This year the kids are very curious. He might throw a toy or pull his sister’s hair! Your baby is not doing cats, just checking everything. Nothing will be remembered for a long time, so now it does not have special meaning of discipline. But the child can easily be forgotten. So when you stop doing something that you do not like, give him a toy or sing a song.

How much food should be given to the baby?

Both boys and girls need equal food. The baby needs your breast milk in the first 6 months. After that, you can increase the amount of food you feed to your baby. But she needs to breastfeed until she is 2 years old.

In this way, gradually increase the amount of food:

6 months old: Your baby’s main diet is still breast milk, but now she can start eating other foods. Give your baby twice a day to eat all the rest of the family and eat it. Eating 2 times is enough. To get rid of mother’s milk, start with stale food such as khichuri, pulse water, and vegetables. You and your family can give your child what you are eating, but keep an eye on those things. Do not add salt or spices to your baby’s food.

8 months old: Your baby needs to eat 3 times a day. Increase the amount of food they eat every day, add up to about 3 times.

9 months old: Now, he will have to spend half a bowl on his daily meal. He still consumed nearly 3 grams of food on his remaining two-meal diet. He will learn to cook himself up till now. So give him bread, bread or vegetables in a small piece of bread so that he can eat food in his own hands.

10 months old: Allow your child to eat half a bowl of food twice a day. It is enough to eat a few spoonfuls of other remaining foods.

1 year old: In addition to eating half a bowl of 3 or 4 times a day, you need to eat snacks. From the following year, let him eat the bowl gradually.

Protect your baby

You can protect your baby in your home in the following 4 ways:

Take a special look at the things your child can pick up at home. Make sure that small things such as coins, which can be trapped in their necks, are all out of reach. Keep away from knives, scissors and pens and things that are not safe to give.

Make sure that your child does not come up with anything. Check if everything is safe. His or any other rope or rope of electricity should be folded out, out of his reach! If you use a lamp, or a table or floor fan, you can see if they are safe.

Keep your baby away from water and fire. Your child wants to find everything; If the burning flame touches, his hand can be burnt. When you cook, keep an eye out that he can not touch any hot thing. Try to build a mound. Keep him away from the big pot of water. Put them in a solid lid so that they do not fall into them.

Remember, when your child starts to stand and walks, then you may want to sneeze! Keep an eye on dangerous items that are beyond their reach, and be careful not to fall off the chair and table.

When will my child stand up?

After reaching 8 and 10 months of age, most children try to stand up first. Your child may try to stand up on your arm, or wall or face.

At first, you have to take your baby up or stand on strong furniture. At 11 months of age, you can stand without your help. If you do this, praise him much, adore him. If the self-interest increases, your children start their walks through furniture. If you can do it, you can learn to walk very fast!

Your child may be able to stand easily, but it can be difficult to sit again! You can help your child by standing in the standing position. Show him how to knead his knees instead of dragging him and re-setting him. Then encourage him to try it! Within a few days or weeks and learning to sit on their own knees.

When your child learns to move, stay with him so that if he falls, you can make sure that his pain does not take place.

It should be remembered that the pace of development of all children is different, some develop rapidly than others. If you think about your baby’s development, talk to a health worker.

Milestone baby: 7 month

  • Childhood, try to say something.
  • Gorgergine.
  • If you do not stop or say ‘no’ then you can understand.
  • Learn to recognize the surroundings.
  • At this age, children should be able to lift their head and should be raised on their breast.
  • Children try to catch various things at this age and try to shake them.
  • You can take things from one hand to another.
  • Children at this age can rotate on the other side.
  • Can sit with others’ help.
  • The kind of tendency of children is to try to verify everything by hand and mouth.
  • Even the children gradually begin to imitate the word and mouth.
  • When children hear their names or face familiar faces, they respond to such a reaction.
  • Pulling on the feet can give rise to the feet.
  • Seeing the faces of others, started trying to read the feelings.
  • Mother or who cares for the most (feeding) learns to differentiate them from others.
  • Looks at the bright colors and movements and responds.
  • Looks at the direction of the words.
  • Looks at the look of others.
  • You smile when you look at him and he also smiles back.

Danger sign

  • Being inert or dull.
  • Not visible in the direction of moving.
  • Can not maintain the balance of the head.
  • No one can tear up.

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