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Baby Growing Up: 5 Months

Baby Growing Up: 5 Months

The time of departure from the fourth to the fifth month is very much in line with the fourth month. But then the questions that become main are: Should the child start solid foods? When will the child learn to sit/crawl? What is the right time for a baby toothache?

During this time, the child will learn many things, identify parents and family members separately, know who they like, and who is not, to reveal a lot. If he is physically fit, he will be very happy at this age.

The hearing and sight are going to be more well-organized. Can understand the difference between the voice, the neck will turn and the neck will be more stable than ever. The small things such as walking on the wall can detect lizards or any insect movements, and his eyes will try to follow a moving object. Various colored toys, junkies, rattles, clothing books and biting tidings are now enjoyable.

Baby food

After entering the fifth month, the stomach of the child becomes very much formed, usually. At the age of five and a half months, many people start semi-sodium, however, one child may develop the structure and growth of the digestive system, so if one wants to start solid in this month, it would be very cautious, if we are six months or six months weaning Or start feeding solid.

When does the child prepare to start solid foods?

A big step to start a child’s solid foods! You can understand yourself whether your child is ready to eat solid foods. Children who are ready to eat solid foods can usually do these things:

  • She can lift her head up.
  • If you get the benefit of renting, he can sit well. At first, you have to put your baby in the lap.
  • She will chew like faces. Your baby will be able to put food in her mouth and swallow her mouth.
  • She is eager about what you are eating. When children look at your food and extend their hands towards it means that they are ready to eat solid food.
  • Her body weight is healthy. Most of the babies who are weighing at birth are twice as likely to be able to eat solid food when they are weighed. It is usually at the age of about 6 months.

Your baby may have these symptoms before your 6 months of age. But it is safe to wait until she is 6 months old before giving her solid food. By that time, his dignified power became stronger. This means that there is less chance of a bad reaction to his stomach’s noise or food.

Baby’s tooth rises

The time of the tooth starts from 4 months to 14 or 16 months anytime. However, in five months the baby’s gums will start to be somewhat tough. Trying to grab something near the hand, try to drag it towards the face. Most babies have plenty of saliva during this period. During this time, you can wash toys, etc., especially if any other baby who is traveling can play with them or go somewhere in dirty places.

After eating saliva from the mouth, you can use the bee to protect from the wetting. However, it is better not to use slender fitta beetles, it has the risk of tearing down the throat. Many people hang up the baby’s neck chains and amulets, remember these are some of these very risky and unnecessary practices, which will certainly refrain from this.

When can babies sit?

At the age of 4 to 7 months your child becomes strong enough to sit. If you put him in your lap or put it on the floor, then he may be able to sit for a few moments without your help.

For the child to sit, spread his legs so that his body weight is balanced. It reduces the fear of reversing it. After setting him up, keep his favorite toy in front. Put a blanket or pillow around the baby so that it does not hurt when you fall. Stay close to your eye.

Besides, you can also encourage your child to play with a stomach. To see a toy, your head and chest should be raised on top of your child, its neck muscles will be strong and the ability to handle his head load will be developed.

However, if he sees that he is not enjoying so much sitting, then try this for a while. Some of the kids learn to sit for five months, but support is needed. Most children learn to sit independently from 6 to 9 months.

The things that parents should know about

From now on, the parents begin to develop the most pleasant and emotional relationships with parents. At the same time, if you see someone new, you will be reluctant to go to him and your parents or those who care for him regularly will be more than sure. If you do not want to get into someone’s lap, you will express your anger and weep at the public place and make your discomfort. This innocence created due to deep confidence and emotional attachment to parents is called ‘Separation Engagement’ and this feeling will be more visible in the months ahead.

However, it is a manifestation of the normal growth of the child. So any guest actually, making him familiar with the child-it is needed for socializing the child, but it should not be forced to force anyone to get into someone’s lair, because of this his fear will be more intense and seeing the new man can become irritated.

Employed mothers may end up on maternity leave or maternity leave. Many tensions, and a lot of sad feelings. Babu is being a devotee of the mother day by day, and now whether to join the job? Many people will not get any support from their family. How to breastfeed? Who will be under supervision? What would happen if Babu fell ill-like thousands of thoughts? If you have to share with someone, you may hear, hey, how many mothers are working, kids are growing up, do not stress too much.

But these words do not seem to reduce the anxiety of any parents at all. So most of the time it is necessary that the mother’s spirit and a strong plan-of-action. Parents have to prepare for some time before the end of the holiday. Whether it is possible to return to the job again? Returning, family support, what should be kept in the care of day-care? Etc., depending on your situation, you have to take the main decision according to your situation.

Careful attention should be taken to care for the child and not to consume many anxious moments in front of him. Some mothers may still not be able to overcome posterior sadness – in this case, the mothers need to consult with family members and a good psychiatrist. In the short time, both of the baby and the mother during their sleep, eat, etc. will have to start trying. In this time, the cooperation between parents and others is particularly desirable.

Everyone should remember, a healthy fluid environment is extremely important for the growth of the child. Although many babies now help in raising children and helping in household chores, even in a large part of the society, the parents still do not touch them.

Even if she does not feel obligated to help her, she does this with the intention of fulfilling her demands or helping her to help her. On the other hand, after the new parents, the worries of a husband are being added or changed, the wife may not be able to understand at this time. As a result, there has been a clash of personality in the country since then, which is going on till now. At this time, quite a bit of ‘delicate’, so both parents have to come to a compromise and have to re-cultivate the relationship.

While you are very busy, try to spend some time alone with your spouse, or to chat with close friends at home, to cook some of the partner’s favorite or to surprise you with a gift. Do not let the tiredness of the baby hurt your relationship, or even if you can take care of that injury quickly by taking care of him. Having spent some time alone, listening to each other and then commenting and discussing any problem or helper for each other without using compliance-tone.

Because of the mother’s mental health and family bonding so much that the emotional and emotional problems of the children have started gradually from this age. So healthy relationships between parents are a very important issue to ensure a healthy environment for the child.


The physical and emotional structure of one child is the same, so their growth will also vary. If the pre-match child, their growth may be delayed slightly. To understand whether your child’s growth is doing well, you can follow some milestones, compared to other children of the same age, and if something looks unusual, of course, consult a specialist and a doctor.

Milestone – Fifth month

  • Started to laugh with others.
  • Like to play, the game starts to cry after the closing.
  • Try to imitate the voice of the throat.
  • The sound starts to sound like bubba, dab, bu …, baby etc.
  • Maybe to tears differently to tell about hunger, pain or fatigue.
  • Children will laugh, try to say something.
  • Now the children grow up, move on to interesting things.
  • Lying on the stomach, the chest and head can lift.
  • Pulling on the feet can give rise to the feet.
  • Seeing the faces of others, started trying to read the feelings.
  • Mother or who takes the maximum care (food to eat) with her Learns to differentiate others.
  • Looks at the bright colors and movements and responds.
  • Looks at the direction of the words.
  • Looks at the look of others.
  • You smile when you look at him and he also smiles back.

Danger sign:

  • Being inert or dull.
  • Not visible in the direction of moving.
  • Can not maintain the balance of the head.
  • Do not dare look at anyone.
  • Not interested in seeing something interesting.
  • Do not make any kind of sound.
  • If you do not have legs, then you can not put it on the legs.
  • Do not bring anything to the mouth with your hands.

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