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Baby Growing Up: 4 Months

Baby Growing Up: 4 Months

During your journey from three months to four months, your child will be more interested in things around the other. Attracting colorful and moving items, he will give them safe soft teats, sound toys such as rattles or jhunzhuni toys.

Mobile and other devices will be attracted to colorful pictures and music, however, these devices will keep kids away from as far as possible for their proper physical and mental development. Remember, the radiation of these devices is very harmful to the human body.

After four months, your baby’s hearing and sight are formed much more. During this time he learned to differentiate between different colors.

Baby food at the age of four months

Ever. During this time, the food will eat more than the amount of time, but once the meal from time to time the gap between the food will continue to grow. Because his stomach progressed to a bit bigger and mature than it happens. For four to six months, his stomach was slowly getting ready for solid food. It should be remembered that one child’s development is the same, so it is better not to start Solid / Semi-Solid at least five to five months. In most cases, it is advisable to start from 6 months to semi-solid / solid. Until then, the mother’s milk and fields, especially the age-group formulas, meet the needs of food and drinks for babies.

The physical changes of the child at the age of four months

From now on, the demand for your baby’s food will increase. Gradually weighing and growing at any stage of three to four months, the child will begin to start to fall and startling with you. As the child starts to roll up and starts to overtake you should be very careful from the time of two or three months so that the child is not kept vulnerable in a high place or bed. The best is that, when you go to the other side of the day, in different ways, then put a cleanup table or matte on the floor in Babu.

Ensure enough breast milk for the child’s physical growth. Make a suitable exercise and movement for this young child once or twice a day. Take a little tilt of the child’s hands and bring it on the stomach, notice, whether he or she is trying to take his hands and feet to the previous place. Whether the child’s neck is formed very much in five months. At that time, trying to hold her hand and try to stand down. During this time, during his sleep, the good news will be started, sleeping hours can be started for hours.

Baby’s tooth growing?

At the age of about 6 months, most of the babies became the first tooth. However, during the 3 months and 1 year of the child, teeth can grow. Generally, the first tooth is seen in front of the bottom.

If your baby’s teeth grow, you will see these symptoms:

  • The gums swell to red and the mouth and the cheeks become red.
  • Salty salts fall from the mouth.
  • Whereas the teeth are rising and try to rub the gums and ears near it.
  • Sleep in the night in pain.

It is good to start brushing your teeth after your baby’s tooth starts. Use a soft toothbrush and if toothpaste, use. Try to clean the surface of your baby’s teeth and gums.

Some babies have trouble eating their toothache. During the breast milk, there is more blood in the swelling of the stool when it comes to the mouth. This time the gums are very sensitive. So maybe you do not want to breastfeed your breast. Obviously, when the tooth starts to rise, the children feel annoyed and become restless. Do your utmost to calm him down.

Do not use honey to cure your baby’s problems. Rather, clean, soft for a few days to chew him. Those things should not be so small that they can be swallowed or not so soft that they become fragile. Such things can be stuck in his neck.

Baby’s first words!

From the moment of birth, your child is learning how to speak. His tone was his first speech. If hungry, uncomfortable, or tired and cry As soon as you grow up, your child tries to imitate you by listening to the conversation between you and the people around you. He wants to talk to you!

During this time, the child will begin to notice the different aspects of your face, and the most interesting thing is that he will try to answer your words just like him.

For example, ‘you said, what does my dead bird do?’At that time, if you are not in front of his eyes, he will look around the neck and face of the word, it will also understand the sound of your throat, and start conversations with you by co-ko, or o-o, or by post.

Talk to him as much as possible by looking at his baby’s eyes. While talking about others and something else, point them at the point. In 3 and 4 months, the baby will have fewer tears and begin to make different sounds. He started to recognize his name. Call him by a little distance and see if he responds.


Care for the mother’s own body and mental health, healthy and laughing-happy parents and beautiful family environment plays a lot of role in the mental structure of the child. As you look after the baby, look forward to your own marital relationship. Many of our demands may be sacrificed at this time, but it is smaller than the smallest child. So, stay with the husbandmen as far as possible.

The physical and emotional structure of one child is the same, so their growth will also vary. If the pre-match child, their growth may be delayed slightly. To understand whether your child’s growth is doing well, you can follow some milestones, compared to other children of the same age, and if something looks unusual, of course, consult a specialist and a doctor.

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