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Baby Growing Up: 3 Months

Baby Growing Up: 3 Months

Although your child can recognize you from his age of three to four days, he will start publishing this month. He may laugh with strangers who smile or make a noise with him, but he will express other feelings for his loved ones. About half of the children responded when they saw or saw the mother or heard their throat.

Your child will be calm with you and keep an eye on you or you will find you in the room. Whenever he finds himself he will be laughing or jumping with his hands. There is a significant change in your baby’s brain this month, which has resulted in many changes in behavior.

Your child’s sleeping routine may start from now on. Most of the children sleep in the night for as long as six hours at this time. Occasionally it may wake up to eat. For some children, the practice of sleeping in the night after six months or so has been developed. It is normal to sleep twice a day.

Physical changes in the baby this month:

Your child will be able to throw his hands now. Since her waist and knee joints are becoming more flexible, her kicks will become stronger now. She can now put her hands together and fist and open her fingers. Your baby’s neck muscles are steadily strengthening every week. So it is very important to put him at least for some time from now on. It helps in its muscular and physical development. She may not be able to hold too much time on her head, so do not hide the child at this time.

Your child’s flexibility will increase during this time. She is now happy to open her fingers or to clap, or clap her hands. The power of your baby is also growing. If he gives katukutu or kisses sound in his stomach, he laughs.

Only play can help to build a child’s brain. The more his brain develops, the more curiosity will increase. He might play with a small toy that he could catch and shake. She will also learn about colors, shapes, and sizes. He will also learn from the sound of the toy and from the feeling that it is soft or strong.

If you face a lot of fun, the kids will start laughing slowly or groaning and you will be very happy in the kidnapping. He would love to hear many sounds. Call the talk with tongue, call it a whistle, or call the animal ball. She will like it.

Psychological changes

  • The initial emotion of joy, joy, and pain is met.
  • The laughter line is clear on the face.
  • Enjoy dandruff or jhulini.

Social changes

  • Trying to understand the faces of others.
  • Hoshi felt calm in the face.

How to help your baby grow this month

It has been found in the study that the children and children of the children who speak a lot with him are better than other children, IQ, and vocabulary. So talk about different issues with the child, tell the names of different objects. Although he can not pronounce these words now, everything is preserved in his brain.

To enhance the combination of his eyes and hands, take a toy and see if he is trying to catch it. Children generally love to get in touch. This is an important part of their growth and development. It will comfort her when she feels disturbed when she is disturbed by the skin of the skin from the skin to skin, not only straining her brace with you.

Playing with things is a fun thing for your baby, and it helps her to develop her mental and physical skills. Learning how to handle things in your hand opens your door to a whole new world. It is also the first step in working your child, such as eating, brushing teeth, reading, writing and doing various things.

Since birth, your baby has an innate ability to grasp. At first, he was happy to see the fun stuff, but gradually he would want to cling to them with his hands. From about 3 months of age, he will start using this technique. It is best if your child gives colorful accessories to teach this technique. Keep moving things within his reach. See how and try to grab it!

You can gently massage the baby. Take a little baby oil and rub it lightly. Then massage your eyes with your child’s eyes and talk to him or in a gentle voice. If he does not enjoy, then stop the message. Your touch is enough for him.

Now as he is learning to catch slowly, let’s catch him so lightly and grab some of the benefits. Choose the things that are safe for the child and toys. They should be easy to clean and should not have sharp corners, yarn or small pieces. She might prefer to hold things with one hand. So you can not understand right now that he is not left-handed.

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