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Baby Growing Up: 12 Months

Baby Growing Up: 12 Months

There is a very exciting time for parents, especially for the first child to enter the first year of the child. All the more parents-my folks are thinking! This is the day that Babu has become a year! Learning to stand on your feet, Babu’s naughty sweet trunks, from memory to memory, the disturbances that started on the mother’s birth in the first few months of pregnancy started slowly becoming light.

Physical enhancement of the baby

Most children can stand on their legs in 12 months, some learn to walk well, and many children can take 14 months to 18 months to walk completely on their feet without any resort.

At this age the child will want to catch everything, books will want to tweak. Let him play his own way in the presence of the elders in a safe place. Shuffle a cloth, throw things out or throw water out of it – like the most favorite of the petty docetists. Even though the rampage of the mothers increased, the good news is that these are all a step in the physical and mental growth of this old child.

Now the child can easily take small things with the thumb and index finger. She might put the stuff on the floor and face it. Keep in mind that there is no harm in the floor.

Find out how baby’s weight and height can be according to age.

Child psychological growth

At this time, the child will love to interact with others, if someone talks with him, he will answer or try. In particular, the behavior of the person will depend, and the person may be shown to have particular affection or fear. This time it is very important for the child’s mental development. Generally, the children of these ages are most happy with the attention and attention of parents. Therefore, play as much as possible with the child, talk, answer to the words, etc. will be patient.

The child can be given to identifying various organs, such as “where is the nose?” If you say you can show your nose with hands. Or, “Where’s Nanu? The answer to the question of “Where is the father?” May point to the right person by pointing to the finger or face-mouth. At the time, you can give him a lot of colorful photo books, and you can name the words and things you see in the picture.

Take the aged kids to the park or open space. Even if it is not possible every day but at least one day a week. Such communication plays an important role in the development and development of children in social and social development. Sorry, / Thank you – Apply it to family and children too.

It sounds great when the child starts talking right words. But she still can not explain what she wants or how she feels. For some time he will use body language. And maybe he can raise his hand to say “up” or “finger what to say”?

The child may use only one word for many things. Listen to the voice of your voice. He will tell the same words with different types of tone. Seeing all that you are doing and watching. Children love to imitate adults, especially to parents. That’s how they learn. She will duplicate your words and words.

Continue talking because children will learn to talk at this time. Talk about anything like How to do a job. Read the book, play the hide. Try to learn to walk over and over. Let’s play with toys. Do good work or do not do mischief. In this, you will learn what to do or what should not be done.

Child’s teeth

Some children may not have teeth yet. Do not worry, many of the first birthday cakes eat without teeth. It is expected that in the next two months, it will be seen in the lace of sades. The children who grew up in the form of teeth, and some of them have been upset, their mothers ” Auk ” or ‘ohaf’ can scream in the middle of the family. Sometimes a bite is given to feeding mother’s milk, new teeth are said to be.

The care of the baby’s teeth should be started in advance, if not yet done, the appropriate time to start now. Washing a clean thin soft cloth with pure water will clear the baby’s teeth and teeth cleanly.

Eat and sleep

At the time of food and sleep, there will be a little rule. If it does not fit at a particular time or sleep routine, then it needs to pay attention to this issue. It is better not to wake the baby in the evening or evening or in the evening. At the beginning of the night, the kids went to bed. In the interest of the child, if the family has a habit of delaying others, then it should also be changed.

You can add new levels to the baby’s diet with a year’s progress. Such as honey, spinach, egg white, etc.

Worm: How to protect the baby?

At this age, children get worms in their stomach. Your child may become worm from the soil or through unprotected water, and this can lead to illness. Clean your hair on the floor with water soap, crawl or pre-play the floor soap. This will help keep him safe. If you can not clean the floor, then get a big clean sheet or mat.

As your child grows up, she may want to play outside, but there are worsens of worms in some places. Vomiting is caused by soil and mud and may result in pain, pain, cough, and fever in the abdomen.

When your child starts walking out, thick socks, sandals or shoes can protect him. Wash his hands with soap and clean water. It is also important to clean her nails regularly. When he hands his face, it prevents worms from entering the soil from the soil.

If you have a kidney infection then you may not know. If your child is infected with some worms, wormed medicines kill them. Even if your baby does not have worms, they are completely safe for them. Give your antibiotics every 6 months after your child is 1 year old.

Congratulations on the coming days.

Child’s Milestone – 12 months

  • Try to stand up, drag yourself to some extent and can stand up to help or walk.
  • Crawl, learn to sit on your own.
  • Anything you can do in a hurry.
  • If something falls from the hand, it will try to find it.
  • If you take toys from your hands, then protest.
  • Can be able to point to something.
  • If the toy is out of reach, try to reach him.
  • Can be able to pick something with two fingers.
  • Try to speak small words like grandfather, father, mother.
  • Try to give your opinion – what does not want or what not.
  • Try yourself to eat food.
  • Learn to imitate the older ones, such as: Talking on mobile or head tweaking with the comb.
  • You can take a hand and say goodbye.
  • When you call the name, you can respond or look back.
  • If you say “no”, you can understand. Although it will not always do so.

Danger sign:

  • Do not crawl.
  • Can not stand without help.
  • Do not talk about it.
  • Not interested in anything.
  • Do not give any opinion or likes or dislike.
  • Do not dare look at anyone.
  • Not interested in seeing something interesting.
  • Do not make any kind of sound.
  • If you do not have legs, then you can not put it on the legs.
  • Can not bring anything to the mouth by hand.
  • Those who take the maximum care (food to eat) show no interest in him.
  • No word response is shown.
  • Do not give any opinion or likes or dislike.

Knowing what milestones your child is going to achieve at this time, do not forget that this is just a guideline. Every child is unique and the speed of growing is different. The child who has learned to sit at first from others may learn to crawl at the end. Or the 18-month-old child who is still communicating with the word and body can begin to break broken sentences at the age of two. Do not worry about this timeline series because of any kind of anxiety. Every timeline should be considered as a guide. If there is any apprehension about the growth of the newborn or the question of specialist, then consult the specialist.

Best wishes for all the parents and the small gold they grow.

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