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Baby Growing Up: 11 Months

Baby growing up: 11 months

The 11-month-old baby will now learn many things – like ‘no’. Let’s say ‘Yes’ for the children we know of children’s campaigns. But you will have to say ‘no’ to this petit crab-master many times in the day. Some baby, however, can start walking to the halt. Standing with support or support, rolling around or crawling will be fast enough to reach the house. So if you are interested in something dangerous, do not tell him fast.

However, the amount of time not to say this is so much that if the child starts to ignore your ‘no’, then the child will have to try to take the attention of something else. It should be remembered that at this time the child does not understand the feeling of parental or disobedience of parents. His curiosity is very much at the time, and he ignores most of the orders and advice in the pursuit of ever-new inventions. So, without showing any annoyance or rift, take him away from the dangerous or unwanted task or place. Throat tones can be changed for order-direction.

Teaching children to speak

Bright colorful books, activity tables etc. are very attractive to him. So you can take a book or shop nearby if you have a children’s library. During this time, trying to imitate various organs, jobs or many kinds of words of older adults. ‘Get the ball come in’ or ‘spoon to get gold’ – you can start giving such instructions, if he does not understand, there is nothing to worry about. It is expected that within a couple of months, he will start to understand many things when he starts talking with a child in a fluent language.

At the time, he can show the names of books or magazines by showing pictures of things. Give him as much time as possible, and keep on talking to him. As you may be taking the ladder with Babu, you can multiply each by two or three times while giving each step, and you can rhythm the counting.

Introduce any relatives or acquaintance to your home just like adults. But yes, many children do not want to be strangers at this age, in those cases, give them a little time to feel comfortable. Talk to yourself, talk about yourself, avoid family disputes or quarrels as far as possible, but the child is not happy, but most of the time the mother and the family are dependent on the behavior of the mother and the family in a relaxed and smooth manner, because the child feels safe in a healthy and sunny environment, And naturally accelerate the mental growth and socialization of the child.

Your child did not teach to walk?

Many children in the neighborhood may see that 9 to 10 months have been able to drop step by themselves. And your child is still crawling or is it just holding the furniture or your hand? There is nothing to worry about, most children begin to fall independently without any support, and between 11 and 14 months of age. In some children, it can be 17 to 18 months old to start walking manually. If you do not start walking after 18 months, you should take necessary check-ups.

You can teach your child to walk very fun. Increase your hands by standing in front of him or kneeling in front of him. Take him by his hands and walk towards him. He may spread his hand on the first walk and fold his hand from the elbow. To handle the problem, he can move both legs outwards and raise the back.

Breastfeeding midnight

For two years children should be given breast milk like Chadihah. However, from time to time, the intervals of breast milking can be increased gradually. If you do not have the chance to breastfeed or other reasons for breast milk, or if there is any other reason, then the doctor can give advice on the formula for the infatuated formula. Because there is a habit of feeding midnight, there is no scope to clear the face of the child, the mother also has sleep disorders, so you can begin to chew slowly from midnight to midnight.

However, if the child is very upset about this, then Bachar can offer milk at midnight for a few more months. However, if the child continues for 18 months, then if it continues, then after mid-night milking and after two years of breast milk, there may be a lot of suffering, since the child becomes very much matched. So, on a daily basis, if you are breastfeeding properly, you can try some techniques of milking in the middle of the night.

Your child’s teeth grow

In the 11 months, many babies get up to four teeth. Although there is no reason for worrying that babies can get a toothache at any time from 5 months to 15 months. The thing to think about is that if the tooth is not grown at this age, the gums continue to become stiff and separate inside the mouth. Various oral care kits available for this old child’s face. They can use Babu to clean gums and small tooth. Organic good brand tooth-gel is not available if it is not good to use anything else. The most convenient and effective way is to clean the face of a clean soft cloth and soak it in the face of the baby and gently erase it.

Baby food

If you have not started this, you can begin to make the habit of eating the baby independently; if it is not possible at all, you can give anyone. The high-chair can be very good support at the time. Besides, nowadays, saakshan bowl is available, which are stuck with the table high-chair tray, the child cannot easily push or bowl the bowl.

Even if the child is allowed to eat independently, a guardian must be kept under constant supervision until the child’s cooking process is completely finished. Check the amount of hot, how tough or soft, and then serve food in front of the child. It is very important to take care of eating equipment, particularly spoon, to take the child’s hands and face it.

Before and after eating, the hands, face, and surroundings of the child’s premises should be cleaned well. From this age, you can add new levels of baby food, white part of an egg, talk fruit and some vegetables which were forbidden due to digestive problems, they can start slowly.

Ribbon training

Many of them start to put the child on the rook. This depends on the child’s support, the condition of having a child in the roles, and ability to buy manpower and nappy. However, if you want to start roti training from this age, but as long as the child does not have control over his stomach, then it is desirable to expect that if the child is fully needed to sit in the potty and sit at the pottage right away. Usually, two to three years of age, most children get used to bathing in ribbon or in the bath. Some of them may take longer for some time.

Baby’s first birthday is coming in the month?

For every parent, their child’s birthday specials play a special role, especially if it is the first birthday, then there is no mention. With astonishment, you suddenly discover how a year has passed! The child’s first birthdays are very important for all parents and mothers to keep them in mind, but in the interest of the child, parents, and family keep in mind.

In particular, a lot of people do not like crowds of one year old. If you want to arrange birthday festivals for the sake of a child, then only family and close friends can spend some time enjoying it alone or organizing a small family event. In this, the child will be happy with his loved ones, and parents will not be too upset about the invited.

Again, many people plan to organize a big party to celebrate the birthday of the child, which is primarily meant for gate-together with all known people. In those cases, a child with a one-year-old child may not be available for a few hours in a crowded place and the mother-to-be comfortable.

In these cases, it may be organized in a community or at a restaurant. And try to keep the child in the party for as little time as possible to make the necessary preparation. These kindergarten-members usually start enjoying children from 3 to 4 years.

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