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Baby Growing Up: 10 Month

Baby growing up: 10 month

Is Babu in 10 months? The age at which children are most adored by the children, this age falls in the middle of it. Keep an eye on Babur’s physical and mental growth. Most of the children in this age are very happy and working. Crawling is very common at this time, although all the cubs do not mass up the knee.

With a child in the chest and stomach, some try using a knee to move forward and move on different corners of the house. It is normal for everyone to learn and walk within two or a month or so that he learns to walk on two feet.

The child will pick you up or stand in a furniture or try to stand up, and most of the kids begin to take some random steps to support some things. But at the age of ten, the children should learn to sit without any support. Board seats, high chairs etc are most useful.

Child’s mental and personality structure:

The mental structure of your child is now very mature, it will teach you to understand the most words that you have said, and start trying to imitate some of the words. Maybe mumma- or father can hear it for the first time. During this time, the child may be afraid of something or something like that, he could not fear before, just as little children are generally not afraid of the blender or the vacuum cleaner, but later on the children can feel frightened by the sounds, it is normal, in the meantime Stay there and show him the words coming from him. Even after fear, it is better to take him away from that place.

The formation of the baby person is a significant aspect of the time. Since then, different characteristics of him as a separate person will be published. Always remember that every person in the world is a person of individual personality, emotion, and sympathy, and behaviors will be one of the same people, so look closely at Babu and try as much as possible to ensure a safe and clean family environment in developing his personality.

Can understand the child!

Your child now starts to understand the small words and pieces of sentences. Tell him his words again using the language of the elders. Slowly, he will learn to be self-sufficient, and if you leave him you will cry less. But sometimes when you leave him, there will be noise, and many tears will fall.

Your child now understands easy directions. That does not mean that he will always accept ‘no’! And the word ‘no’ is well understood if it is used to teach him to differentiate between right and wrong, safe and dangerous.

Baby food

Babu can add something new to food now. Generally, very simple foods are fed for six months, since this age, you can gradually add a variety of green spinach, fruit, meat and so on. Encourage your baby to eat especially during this time. Give yourself some hands that you can eat, which are usually called fungal food. Many people give a biscuit or a piece of apple to the child- it can bring terrible danger, especially when the child tries to swallow a big piece and suddenly swallow it. So be careful enough to pick up food, and always keep the supervision of adults during the meal.

Which hard foods are the best?

When your baby is 6 months old, he may eat simple meals in a small amount of soft, covered households as well as in breast milk.

Initially, one spoon is enough to give. Sit face down and eat a little soft food with your clean finger or spoon. It may take a bit of time to understand how the food is rotated and swallowed in the mouth. Be patient. He will learn.

In the beginning, let him eat a once-in-a-toned meal, then double it twice a day and then three times a day. Give him breast milk before and after feeding him.

With the increase of self-esteem, he may be allowed to eat more sticks. First, you can give her a well-cooked suji, sabudana (paise or khichuri), rice and pulse, so that she can learn to eat her many delicious foods. After eating solid foods, your baby will change in the toilet, it will become more dark and festive. It’s normal.

When your child starts taking up the things manually, then it will be time to give him more stomach food. He can boil well, clean the thorns, chopped fish or bone meat, potatoes and beans, or if his teeth begin to rise, then see with dry bread or roses.

Wash his hands with soap and clean water before eating it. Your breast milk is still healthy for her, so when she wants to breastfeed her. Now because he is growing up, he can eat clean water but do not give him tea, coffee, colas or sugar drinkers.

Child safety

We’ve talked about childproofing for safety for the child. During this time, the child can reach the dangerous places of the crawl or crawl, or catch some harmful things or face it. So if there is any step left to take action, take it fast.

Throwing something away, now in one of his favorite games, he’ll throw it, and then he’ll get a lot of work. If you give a pick-a-boo with your face, you can not stop it once it starts. This age of kids is especially fun for parents and children, and all the pendants of the child have an easy access to any other entertainment medium.

Talk to the child as much as possible, try to understand the child and play with them for a short period of time. In his various activities, taking part in others in the family and getting excited he will grow as confident. If you bring something to someone’s hand, or if you see someone, say salam or hello, bye-bye during departure, children are learning from this age.

Take your child to the doctor as soon as possible if:

  • She has a stomach lavender for more than one day.
  • Her skin or lips dried up.
  • His urine color shows dark yellow and is less frequent urine.
  • They do not want to drink any water, they eat blood with the toilet or the stomach swells.
  • Vomiting for more than one day, or fever more than one day.

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