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Baby Food Recipe – Vegetable Puree

Baby Food Recipe Vegetable Puree

Recipe description and nutritional value: Vegetable made from rice, pulse vegetables, and oil is a very nutritious meal. This is a major meal that provides adequate calories to meet the energy requirements of children. Due to the addition of rice and pulses, their supplementary properties increase the quality of so much protein.

Due to the oil used in cooking, the concentration of energy increases and it increases the absorption of vitamins and beta-carotene from vegetables.

Weight of prepared food: 280 grams (1 bowl)
Number of services: 3
Iron source: pulses, nuts, spinach
Age limit: 6-8 months, 9-11 months, 12-23 months.
Time required to prepare food: 25 minutes.

Vegetable Tasty Food Recipe

Ready recipe

1. Dry rice and pulse thoroughly and keep it washed in water. Take good water after 10 minutes.
2. Crush the nuts with a light whisk.
3. Wash all the vegetables and onions thoroughly.
4. Heat oil in a cooking vessel. When the oil is hot, add onion, ginger and garlic tomatoes.
5. Pour onion and spices a little spoon and pour a mixture of rice pulses. Shuffle a little. Add turmeric and little salt according to the taste. Stir a little bit (1-2 minutes).
6. If rice is slightly fried, add water (hot water if possible) as needed. And cover the vessel with a clean lid for cooking.
7. When the rice and the lentils are half cooked, pour the vegetables in it. Shake well so that all the ingredients mix together. Cover the vessel again.
8. When all the ingredients are well cooked, remove from the oven. If necessary, soften the dough with the spicy spoon and serve the baby.

Things to keep in mind

When giving new foods to the baby, please be aware that somewhere in the body is rash, vomiting or laxative amount is high. The amount of tears in the baby has suddenly increased or the stomach swelled, the change in urine and the toilet will stop the food. If you think of a condition, then you must quickly visit the doctor.


Recipes are derived from the booklet made from manual development research on “Supplementary Food Preparation for Households for 623 months old”.

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