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Baby Food Recipe – Egg Hodgepodge

Baby Food Recipe Egg Hodgepodg

Recipe description and nutritional value: Egg Hodgepodge are a nutritious food that has been prepared with food from different food groups. This diet provides plenty of energy, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins.

The use of lentil pulses in the recipe ensures adequate protein intake. Although lentil is low in methionine lysine is high. On the other hand, the grains used in food have a lot of methionine. That is why when they are eaten with cereals and pulses, they work as a complement to each other.

Eggs contain plenty of protein, which helps protect health. It also contains calcium, vitamin D, B12, selenium, and colin. Among all the essential amino acids in the diet, all essential amino acids are available. Efforts have increased due to the increase in oil.

Increasing the amount of vitamin and mineral salts of the recipe by using different types of vegetables. Adding oil increases the absorption of these vitamins in the body.

Egg Hodgepodge Recipe

** Instead of sweet pumpkin, other colorful vegetables such as carrots etc. can be used.
** Instead of spinach, other leaves can be used such as halacha, puriakh etc.

Weight of prepared food: 576 grams (1 bowl)
Number of deliveries: 5
Time to prepare the meal: 30 minutes
Iron source: spinach, egg, musk dal.
Age limit: 6-8 months, 9-11 months, 12-23 months.


1. Dry rice and pulse thoroughly and keep it washed in water. Take good water after 10 minutes.
2. Wash all the vegetables and cut the onion thoroughly.
3. Heat oil in a cooking vessel. When the oil is hot, then add onion and gram flour, stirring for a few minutes.
4. Pour onion and spices a little spoon and pour a mixture of rice pulses. Shuffle for a while. Add turmeric and little salt according to the taste. Stir again and a little bit (1-2 minutes).
5. If the rice is slightly fried, add the water (hot water if possible) as needed and cover the vessel with a clean lid for cooking.
6. Pour all the vegetables in the rice and half-half of the pulse. Shake well so that all the ingredients mix together. Cover the vessel again.
7. Break an egg well. When all the ingredients are well-cooked, pour eggs into it and keep stirring well so that the eggs are mixed well enough. Cook a little for a while and cook it out of the oven. If necessary, soften with a spicy spoon and serve the baby.

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