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Baby Food Recipe – Chirer Polao

Baby Food Recipe Chirer Polao

Recipe description and nutritional value: Lime polio also provides a variety of nutrients that come from three-class food. The chill used here, which is representative of grains of food grains, is easily digested and there is a lot of sugar that acts as a source of instant energy.

There is also a good source of Chira Vitamin B complex. The recipes used in these recipes provide good quality of protein. It provides strength and micronutrients without helping to build body cells. Various types of vegetables used in this recipe are good sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The food oil is used to increase the taste of food, which acts as the source of energy, increases the amount of aroma and dissolves the dissolved vitamin adhesion in oil. (Eg, carrot beetle carrots).

Total cooking weight: 230 grams (1 bowl)
Number of changes: 2
The time required: 25 minutes
Iron source: chira, egg, Palandak
Age section: 9-11 months, 12-23 months.

Chirer Polao Recipe

Prepared Phenol

1. Clean the chili well and keep it washed in water. Take good water after 10 minutes.
2. Wash all the vegetables and onions thoroughly.
3. Heat the oil in a cooking vessel, and when the oil is hot, add onion.
4. If the onion is a little brown then pour the vegetables. Shuffle a little. Add salt according to the taste. Bring the pot to cook vegetables.
5. When properly cooked, pour an egg well into it. Keep stirring quickly so that the egg mix well with vegetables.
6. Give it to the water sprinkles. Shake well so that all materials are mixed together.
7. Cook for a little while (5 minutes). Lime poles are ready to serve.

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