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Baby Diaper Rash – Reasons and Remedies

Baby Diaper Rash - Reasons and Remedies

What is diaper rash?Children often have diaphragmatic rashes or allergies, even inflammation. When the diaper is seen in red, swollen swelling or granular part of the part of the body, and when it touches the child, it is understandable that the diaper has been razed. We know that most parents are concerned about the child. They also have different warnings regarding diaphragmatic problems. But after all, a baby sensitive skin may sometimes cause diaphragmatic rays. Typically, in a year of childbirth, diaper rays may be due to various reasons.

What is the diaper rash look?

Diapers rash, children’s soft skin becomes reddish-fiber. Inflammation occurs in places where there is a baby rash. Many times the place is slightly warmer. Sometimes this rash child spreads from the thighs to the liberal. Diaper rash can be seen if it is uncomfortable and red looking at the baby’s diaper rug. If you touch it, space can be hot and swollen. Diaphragm Rash may be light, in a small area, a few pores may have black spots or may have been widespread, red wheels may spread through the wheel and spread on the stomach and thighs.

Why is baby diapers rash?

The diaper rash may be due to the urine of one’s own urine starting from a new food. Possible reasons are:

Wet feeling: The diaper that most people can absorb more viscosity, it also leaves some moisture in your baby’s skin. And when your baby’s urine is mixed with the bacteria of his mole, it takes a form of ammonia that can be very difficult for the skin. Due to this, children with frequent stomach disorders are affected by diaphragm rash. However, if the baby is diarrhea, then the rash is absent, but the child’s sensitive skin may also cause problems after changing the diaphragm for them.

Diaper rash and chemical sensitivity: The rash may also occur on the skin of the diaper rash. The diaper rash may occur if the child is sensitive to the fragrance used in the disposable diapers or the use of the detergent for cleaning the clothes diapers. The lotion or powder that you are using during diapers is not being tolerated on its skin.

New food : If the baby is given the first time solid food and changes in the food list, then the baby’s male changes also. At the same time, the amount of childbirth continues to grow. This can lead to diaphragm rash. A new type of food may increase your baby’s stomach problem. Children who breastfeed, they may also have diarrhea rashes if they eat certain foods.

Bacteria or East Infection: The diaphragm area is hot and humid – bacteria and fungi are spread in such a place. The air that is covered by the diaphragm, especially the buttocks, thighs, and genitals, can not move the air easily. These areas are very easily infected and rashes like red cube appear in the skin of the baby’s skin. Seboria is a type of oily and yellowish rash, which is usually on the face, neck, and head. Due to this, baby diaper rates may be rash. If the bacterial or fungal infection is in any part of the skin, then it continues to spread.

Antibiotics: Diabetic rashes can also be caused by children eating antibiotics or eating antibiotics of mothers who breastfeed. Because of this, antibiotics also destroy beneficial bacteria, including harmful bacteria in the body. Antibiotics cause bacterial infections and bacterial infections in the baby’s body. There may also be diarrhea due to the antibiotic due to which the rash may occur.

What to do if the baby diaper rash?

There is nothing to fear if the baby’s diaper rashes. If properly taken care of within two or three days it is correct.

Alter the diaphragm with the child’s discharge. Repeatedly feel by hand, whether it is wet or not. Many people keep the baby in a diaper all night. At night the diaper has to be changed at least twice.

After changing every diaper, the diapers area of the child will be washed with water. But many mothers-babies do some use of synthetic (specially prepared ingredients for cleaning the tissue paper and cleaning), while some of them remain on the skin. These types of things can be stimulating for the skin, clean the place with light warm water every time you change the diaphragm. It is not right to use alcoholic tissues or wipes in this case. After washing, press the cloth or towel to dry the water. Do not get screwed.

Use petroleum jelly, petroleum appointment. They protect the child from the unhealthy condition of stool-urine in the skin. Racers can also be due to the zinc deficiency. The child’s bum should be as dry as possible. Before wearing diapers, zinc-oxide cream or petroleum jelly can be given. Once dense, it is not necessary to change the diaphragm every time.

Use standard diaper. Change the brand if you are not satisfied with the used diapers. Never use more than 3 hours of 1 diapers. Keep in mind that the diapers of the child should not be too tight. The place is locked and it becomes inaccessible. If necessary, you can teach a bigger size diaper than the child needs.

Let’s play without diapers. The diaphragm rash will recover quickly if the open air in the rash-affected area is allowed. For this, after changing the diaphragm place, keep at least 10 to 15 minutes in diameter. While having a rash, let the child sleep without diapers. In this case, use a Rexin cover, which will remove the problem of wearing baby’s urine and urine on the bed.

When is the doctor important?

If diaper rates are rash, it is not necessary to speak to the child in general, to the doctor. After clearing the regular baby diapers, the rash is removed within 3/4 days. However, if it shows fever, rash or blisters or white pus is emitted, it indicates infection and needs urgent medical attention.

  • If the situation does not improve within two to three days.
  • If the yellow fluid comes out from the rash.
  • The rashes tend to be serious.
  • If the child is feverish.
  • If there is redness on the skin of the baby’s skin.
  • Understanding fungal infections.
  • When the grains like red acne appear.

It is not expected that the children will be able to convince you of their situation. So you have to understand his discomfort. Although the rash is a common matter, there can be a big problem if you do not take proper measures. Do not go to the hospital without knowing it, take expert advice.

What can be done to prevent diaper rash?

If you are worried as a guardian and keep regular cleanup, then diaphragmatic rash can keep the baby better. It is not easy to keep diaper for a long time. Also, the wrong diapers should be replaced as quickly as possible. However, no one should be kept wet for a long time. As soon as possible, diapers should be replaced. It is easy to put this change in the house again and again. So while traveling, keep an extra diaper with this to do the job. Keep in mind that the child’s diaphragm is not very tight.

Due to the change of diaphragm in contact with towels or air dry the skin of the skin. After changing the diaphragm, clean the spot with light warm water. But do not scrub the scalp.

If diapers of the children are repeatedly changed, then diaper region powder is not needed. Many people think that after opening the diaper small baby will need to put baby lotions and powder. In reality, diapers rash cannot be prevented by planting them. Rather it is harmed. The powder of the powder can also enter the nose of the baby and cause damage to its lungs. As the lotion and powder contain fragrances and other substances, they can also cause rashes on the skin. If the child has problems with rash, then you can use a light appointment every time you change the diaphragm.

If you use cloth diapers, use it to wash the perfume-free detergent. You can use hot water to wash the diaphragm. And wash the soap well during the wash.

When the child starts feeding solid food, try a new kind of food before waiting for a while. It will not be easy to understand if you have rash or allergies due to any food. Do not eat those foods that are allergic to your baby’s skin. Because the tendency of diaper rash to increase if the skin becomes sensitive.

If you see the rash on the legs and waist in the baby’s diaper brace, replace the brand diapers that you are wearing, sometimes the skin of the baby may be sensitive to certain specific diapers.

Before stopping the diaper while giving the child to the child, insert the baby’s pen downwards. It prevents some fluid from coming to the waist surface. If the baby’s navel is not yet gone, keep the diaphragm portion close to the place to keep it dry. Continue this after a few days after leaving the nail.

Coconut Oil Effectiveness for Diaspora Rays

For diapers rash, use a cream for children whose main ingredients are petroleum jelly and zinc oxide. However, some children may have side effects due to their skin being sensitive. Again, most parents are afraid to use these things on small children’s skin, considering the side effects of chemical creams. In that case, coconut oil can be used as a domestic method.

Many child experts say that coconut oil is much more effective in diaphragm rash.

In the Indian subcontinent, coconut oil has been used for years in skin care. It’s 1 hundred percent safe. There is no steroid substance and no artificial material.

Benefits of the use of children’s coconut oil:

  • Coconut oil is not allergic to children.
  • It contains fungus, bacteria, viruses and other antibiotics.
  • It provides nutrition to the skin.
  • Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is effective in preventing bacteria and fungi.
  • The caprylic and lauric acid in this oil hinders the growth of fungi and protects the skin from other microbial infections.
  • Coconut oil containing skin fat keeps the skin soft. It also works as a moisturizer.
  • Vitamin E helps keep the skin healthy.
  • Coconut oil keeps the proteins skin inward and outwardly healthy.

So after changing the diaphragm, the skin of the skin should be kept clean for 2-3 minutes to dry. After that, the coconut oil will be massaged. After 5 minutes of oil massaging, you can wear the new diapers.

Although the Food and Drug Administration of the United States has declared coconut oil as safe, children should be careful not to use it. First, be sure that the oil is pure. Secondly, if the coconut oil is in the eye, it can sometimes lighten up. So, in any way, coconut oil should not be seen in the eyes of the child.

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