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Baby dental care – When and how?

Baby dental care - When and how?

There may be many problems due to the negligence of children’s teeth and gums. Before and after your tooth’s tooth needs care and care. Children in our country often suffer from a toothache and stomach problems, but in the day-to-day care of the child’s dental care, the habits of which children need to be taught or educated from a childhood. Children have to take care of the teeth since the beginning because the baby’s tooth starts to grow in pregnancy, and usually, it appears at the age of six months. It is very necessary for parents to learn to take care of soft-hearted babies and to teach them with their other lessons in a short time.

The time of babies first toothache is very important. During this time, you can take adequate care and caution to ensure the child is in a good and disease free condition in the future. Many people think that the teeth that arise first and they fall after a while, then what is the need to take care of it? This is a very wrong idea. Remember, each tooth is valuable. Due to negligence in dental care, there may be a bacterial infection of the tooth. Not only that, if the first-to-let teeth grow quickly, there may be problems in the lifting of the tooth at the time of maturity and there may be problems in talking to the baby. So be careful about baby’s face and future dentist before teeth grow.

At the beginning of the toothache

The primary deadline for children with a toothache is between 6- 12 months or 1 year of childbirth. But in general, most of the baby’s teeth get up in the middle of the 6 months of age. The process of forming his teeth has begun since the child is in the mother’s womb. At this time, the mothers that take vitamin and mineral content (calcium and phosphorus) with food, play an important role in forming future teeth of her pregnant baby.

Keep in mind that
When the child first gets the tooth, the place where the cavity gets up, the place can be faded or reddish. The place may also be swollen slightly. But the teeth are not there anymore.

What to do
Keep the mouth and mouth of the mouth clean with a finger or clean cloth. Nevertheless, the baby’s mouth and gums should be kept clean even if you do not have it. Before a new tooth, there may be small holes in the place of gums. Here bacteria can hide and infection. Do it every morning before going to bed and before going to sleep, so that your baby becomes accustomed to brushing teeth.

After brushing teeth

During your baby’s first birthday, there will be several teeth going on her face. In general, at least 8 teeth. If your baby does not get a toothache even after 18 months, do not worry, consult a doctor. Generally, in these cases, doctors ask to rub or rub the fingers of the children with their finger, so that it is easy to get the tooth started.

You need to be more careful in the care of baby milk tooth because the milk powders fall gradually from seven to eleven years of age and grow again. It is very important to take care of her baby milk so that there is no problem in the next permanent teeth of children. Due to indigestion and negligence, the permanent dental damage is caused if the milk inflammation of the milk is persistent for many days. Due to such many reasons, permanent teeth grow in scraping or unevenly. Due to this, there is a need for special care of the baby during breastfeeding and permanent teeth.

Keep in mind that
Notice the number of teeth that a child is raising, how they are positioned. That is if the child’s teeth are empty or thickly embedded. The child will have to “floss” in the teeth. Consult a doctor about how to do dental floss for children.

When new tooth starts to grow, the children are delighted to be stabbed in the tooth, because the sounds are created in the mouth. It’s a lot like playing them. But in many cases, it is indicative of an uncomfortable condition in the baby’s body. Maybe he is tired or feels cold or hot, or he likes it. Keep an eye on them.

What to do
Teeth will be taught to brush teeth at the beginning of the child. Brushing his teeth in order to develop his teeth brush from his childhood, his interest increases very much, and because of imitation fame, he learns very quickly. So, at the beginning of the tooth, give your child a soft and soft brush. Of course, use Baby Jail or Paste for it because there is no problem if you swallow it and as soon as it is grown she will teach her to brush in the right way.

You have to brush your parents. The baby will brush small. Use fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride Drug Disorder. Fluoride toothpaste is the best because it helps in the formation of dental coil enamel. However, it should be noted that children do not eat toothpaste. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a small amount of cavity resistant fluoride toothpaste can be given to children before the age of two years. In such cases, small amounts can be given to children of three-year-old children, such as rice quantity paste and small children’s peas. During brushing, there is nothing to worry about if the child consumes a little amount of paste because it is not harmful to the teeth. Start teaching your child to spit during two years from the beginning of the brushing.

Baby’s toothbrush must be soft. Before brushing the brush, brush the bristles will become softer after brushing the brush in some hot water. Keep in mind that the brush’s head is very small. If the child is crying or feeling pain due to new teeth, then clean his teeth and pimples with fingers or clean clothes.

Traditionally, we wake up in the morning and brush it. There is no good result in this. If the food gets accumulated after dinner, it can easily attack the bacteria by decaying the teeth. Brush should be done at least twice a day. After dinner at night and after breakfast in the morning. To teach the child to brush this way. The brush is 1-2 minutes. All teeth should be taken care of when the brush arrives. Brush up and down. Wash the tongue and palate with the backside of the brush. And of course, after brushing, water the cold water to enhance the glass or mug, not the water of the call. Regular monitoring of whether the baby is properly brushing teeth. By the age of three, the baby’s teeth should be brushed in this way.

It is better not to use a toothbrush more than 2-3 months. Many children have yellow eyebrows. They are due to various medicines and extra fluoride. We forget to show the tooth doctor to the dentist. The American Dental Association said that before the first birthday, the child will have to show the doctor to the dentist. Then at least twice a year will have to go to the dentist. Pain in the tooth, dusk or yellow fever, it is necessary to go to the doctor quickly without delay.

More tips on baby dental care

It is known to everyone that breast milk is the only ideal diet for six months after birth. Many mothers mix chicken milk in feeders, sometimes sugar to increase taste. It is bad for the nutrition and health of the child, it is also bad for the teeth. It also increases the risk of caries or erosion in new milk shops.

Be careful while breastfeeding your baby. Be careful that your breasts and hands are clean. Use special caution as long as you do not breastfeed after birth. The milk layer may become infected by rubbing it in the stomach. So should be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth.

Children are sweet food fans. Additional sweet foods are the main cause of dental problems. Playing sweet is more of the bacteria in the mouth. If the teeth do not brush regularly, dandruff gets accumulated in the teeth. This food and bacteria create plaques around the teeth. Pluck bacteria turns sweet foods into acids. Due to dental erosion that occurs. For this reason, children cannot eat more than sweet foods. Teach your child to wash your face with chocolate or sugar food and wash your face with water.

If you have a problem with a dentist, then it is better to consult an experienced dentist. Doctors should be shown at least twice a year. It should not be dragged when the baby’s tooth stops, if it is good to move in a light shade, it is wise to do the closest dentist. There is no need to tear down the broken teeth. There is no relationship with beautiful teeth.

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