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Baby Constipation, Because, symptoms and remedies

Baby Constipation, Because, symptoms and remedies

Each child takes a little time to get used to new things. Over time, he adapted himself to everything. Therefore, it is also a matter of concern among the parents of the child’s parents. Constipation is a common problem for children in case of constipation. More trouble is when children start new or difficult foods.

If the children have constipation, they cry, stomach upset and reduce diarrhea. They are so uncomfortable that they do so. The discomfort of the baby increases the anxiety of the mother. Even after two or three days of normal lateness, she is not constipated in medical science. If there is a problem or if it takes longer for three consecutive days, it is called constipation.

How to understand the constipation of the baby?

There are no definite rules for how often or when the child will break. In the first few weeks of your child, it will take some time for the production of the goat routine. One day the closet will be thin, and the next day will be tough. Which is normal you’ll soon understand.

As long as your baby is only breastfed, her stool will remain soft and easy to discharge. When it starts eating strong food, constipation may occur, it may become harder for the stool, it will be difficult to quit, and usually, it will not be as often as a toilet.

The symptoms of constipation are easily understood. If your baby cries when you go to the bathroom, it can be a sign. You can also notice that her stomach is dry and strong. He may have fewer bowel movements than usual, sometimes only three times a week can be disinfected. Signs of constipation are also found in malnutrition and stomach odors. Another symptom is stomach hard, swollen.

Sometimes fluid stools are also signs of constipation. The liquid closet can come out around the hard stool that prevents the papal tissue. If you think your child has something like this, then show the doctor.

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Why is constipation?

There can be several reasons for the constriction of children-

Formula milk

Mother’s milk has the right amount of protein and fat, for which the kids do not have constipation. But formulas can sometimes be a child problem for a protein. Formula feeding may be higher due to kidney failure because the formula is less digested than breast milk so that the baby’s closet becomes strong and grown. Baby lactation is usually soft, even if it is closed after three or four days.

Solid meals

When your baby first starts eating solid foods, then there may be constipation. Many children suffer from constipation due to having a low-fiber diet. Rice cereals have constipation because the fiber is very low. If the mother’s breast milk is stopped or reduced, the child gets less water, and constipation may be due to her.


The child may not want to eat milk due to his various physical inconveniences, such as when the tooth starts to rise, in the face of an infection, infection, cold cough or ear infections. If the children who are solid-feeding do not drink milk or adequate water as well as solid food, then the child’s body will become hard and dry when the body is deficient in the body.


Occasionally, constipation may be noticed in various physical problems such as food allergies, food poisoning, or problems in the digestion of baby food, which are known as metabolic disorders. If there is a physical error in the child, such as anorectal stenosis or an abdominal congestion, neurological problems or cerebral palsy, hypothyroidism may also cause chronic difficulties.

Baby Constipation Remedy

If your baby is under 6 months old and if you think that she has constipation, she breastfed him a lot. Breast milk is the ideal. Do not drink water or any other drink, only breastmilk. If your child has started eating solid foods, then give him plenty of fruits and vegetables besides breast milk, and clean, pure water feeding. It will help it to soften the stool. If the child eats formula then after 6 months, give some water along with the formula. But do not add more water to the formula. It is important to have water and formula ratio at formula formation. The child may become dehydrated by the number of formula powders.

If the child is breastfed, then any protein in the mother’s diet can lead to constipation of the baby. If you are sure of what is due to it, exclude it from your mother’s diet. If the child eats formulas, then the gas is in the formula no formula can tolerate the child. If you do, then consult the doctor and change the formula. If you think that due to the mother’s diet, you can reduce the risk of breast cancer by taking a meal at a time.

Exercise your child a little. Let the baby crawl Encourage your baby to cheer with the toy, to crawl. If your child does not crawl, then he can move his feet lightly to cycling. You can massage your baby’s stomach. From the navel down to 3 fingers, you can slowly massage with a fingertip.

If your child is ready to eat solid foods, then reduce the amount of rice, carrots or bananas, that is constipation for all of them. Try a few tablespoons of sesame seeds, apricots, or pears for good results. Give your child first stomach massage, then feed some high-fiber foods.

Children will not want to eat vegetables if they keep feeding feeders in the milk or by sleeping again and again. So when the child is hungry, he will try to feed, vegetables, rice, and pulses.

Proper eating habits are important to solve the problem of child-feeding of solid foods. The child suffering from constipation will have to eat plenty of water, liquid food, vegetables, ripe fruits, different types of fruit juice, canvas, groundnut and frothy foods. However, such eating habits are not only after the constriction of the baby but also the child regularly develop these eating habits. If the child can stay easily, the constipation is free.

If your child’s toilet is dry and rough, see the blood in the toilet, or see a crack in the toilet, then you can put a little aloe vera in there. Keep that place as dry and clean as possible. Consult with the doctor.

If all the domestic methods do not improve the constipation of the child, then the doctor can suggest the use of laxatives for the children. Contact your doctor about your child’s treatment procedure. Ask whether it will be able to use a stool softener. But, do not give laxative at any time without permission. It can cause more damage than your baby’s best.

If you keep an eye on food and some things, the child can easily recover and avoid constipation problems. However, in the case of birth or long-term constipation, the doctor will have to be discharged.

When to go to the doctor?

If the newborn’s toilet is seen differently than normal, then the doctor should tell. That’s the rule. If you do not eat your baby, lose weight or have blood with the toilet, then take them to the doctor. If the first aid, such as changing diets, does not work, consult a doctor.

If your 4 month old child has not had a closet more than 24 hours from normal time, then the doctor should tell. Without a doctor’s advice but not a laxative.

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