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Baby Chikungunya: Signs and Remedies

Baby Chikungunya: Signs and Remedies

Many people now know about Chikungunya disease, children like adults, but this disease can be. So it is necessary to know about this disease. It can be a very young child and even children under 2 years old. On the other hand, if the mother is not infected with the disease, the pregnant baby is not likely to be infected, but if the mother is infected within a week before the baby is born, the newborn can also be suffering from chikungunya. In that case, there are many disadvantages of the brain that can appear as long-term complications.

Chikungunya is a viral disease. This disease is not a direct threat to life; But if there is a serious physical inconsistency in the attack. If the virus is attacked, headache, flux, nausea, knee joint, and knee joint pain, blisters and body can be twisted. For this reason, locally it is also called ‘Langara fever’. The name Chikungunya comes from the East African McDonald language. It means ‘which bends’. There is so much pain in the fever that the patient is curly in pain. The virus comes from mosquitoes to humans, and bites the infected people, mosquitoes are infected and spread the disease as a carrier. However, this virus does not spread from people to humans.

This disease can only be caused by the bite of a female Edis mosquito. Symptoms usually appear on the body after 5 days of biting. But one-fourth of those who do not understand this disease can understand their disease. Dengue and chikungunya outbreaks occur at the same time and symptoms are almost the same.

Symptoms of the disease

Symptoms of this disease are fever, headache, bone pain, pain in the eyes and eyes. When it starts decreasing in 3 to 5 days, itching and red-red grains continue to appear. This RAB lasts for 2 to 3 days. But children do not have many grains. Instead, there are brownish brown or dark brown grains. There are fewer children who suffer from bone pain like adults. However, the pain of pain in those children who suffer from bone is intense. Another exception to children is the problem of the brain or nervous system, which we call neurological symptoms are more of children. Such as congestion, encephalitis Generally any virus increases the fever gradually; But many children with chikungunya may suddenly bring a severe fever.

This disease, like dengue, is spread through the mosquito of ADIS, but there is some difference with the dengue. Dengue, such as bone pain, does not cause inflammation or inflammation, but this disease is bone inflammation. In Chikungunya there is severe pain in bone and thighs. Again, there is a danger of blood transfusion, such as reducing blood molecule or platelet in the dengue; But in Chikungunya there are fewer doubts. Reduced blood pressure can reduce blood flow in the dengue, due to the internal fluid vascular fluid, even the infants may go away, But in Chikungunya there is less risk of plasma leakage and shock.

What to do?

Dengue and Chikungunya’s medical management are almost the same. Dengue NSWAN antigen or dengue IGM antibodies have to be diagnosed and diagnosed. Until then there is no recourse for treatment. If the problem is not acute, stay at home. Drink plenty of water and liquids (day two liters, with salt-water, cobbing water, saline etc.). Paracetamol can reduce fever and reduce pain. Have enough rest. A cold drink can be cooled to reduce pain, light exercise can be done. Aspirin or painkiller cannot be taken before diagnosis.

When to go to hospital?

In such cases, chikungunya is not as complex as dengue, but there is a risk to the person affected by sixty-six or small children, pregnant women and kidney, liver or heart disease. If the blood pressure decreases or the amount of urine is less than 500 milliliters of day, after three days of treatment even after the pain remains intense, then hospital needs to be admitted. In this case, the vein may be given to the saline. PCR, culture or antibody can be tested to detect chikungunya disorder. There is nothing to worry about. There is no permanent damage to this disease, it is not airborne.

Warning to live from Chikungunya

Since mosquitoes are spread due to mosquitoes, mosquito bites will be provided as the main caution. For example, the verandah, courtyard or roof should be kept clean so that the water does not accumulate for more than five days. Even if there is no water under the AC or refrigerator, you also need to make sure.

Since this mosquito bites day by day, so anyone in the daytime must use mosquito in the daytime. Spray can be used to kill mosquitoes.

Children should be taught to replace the shorts instead of shorts, and everyone should be careful not to have the opportunity to lay eggs.

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