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Why do baby body massage – how to do?

Why do baby body massage - how to do

Body Massage is a regular part of child care. Healthy mosquitoes also play a significant role in the development of the child’s mental and physical development. And if the regular massage, the child will be restless and future. The rules for massaging 0-3-year-olds have already been there. The baby is massaged in the whole body which stimulates the internal structure of the body and the blood circulation process.

The massaging of the child’s body is really very important, but it is a matter of regret that many of us do not know its exact rules. So know how to massage the baby and its nitty grammar.

Benefits of Massage

Massage is not only a child, parents also benefit from a variety of ways. The benefits that a child can get through massage may be-

  • Enhances the child’s immune system and reduces chances of cold, fever and stomach disorders.
  • Helps in the formation of the baby’s brain.
  • Helps the child walk quickly after he is in pain and strengthens the bones of the baby.
  • Accelerates mental, physical and social growth of the child.
  • The baby is calm and does not easily get upset.
  • Cry less.
  • Sleep is good.

One study found that newborn jaundice is good early due to the massage. When the child is smoked, his central nervous system is stimulated. There are several chain reactions at this time, for example, when the child produces cereonean serotonin, which keeps the child’s mood very good and produces less cortisol, which usually produces brain during the stress period. As a result, the child’s breathing and heart rate decreases and the child are very calm. Colic Baby and mosquitoes are very useful. This also helps the child’s constipation.

You may find that your own mood will be very good as you massage your baby and you feel very fulfilled as a mother. This time of muscle will be your special time because when you massage the baby, more talk is done with the baby and I contact is done so that bonding becomes stronger in the middle of both of them.

For those mothers who are suffering from postpartum depression or are at risk of it, it is also useful to massage the babies. By doing massage to the baby, the relationship between the mother and the baby develops, which also helps the mother’s sadness. Not only for the mothers, massage for the baby can bring many benefits for the father. Many parents may not be able to give time to the child due to busyness. In this case, father and child bonding can become regular massage in the father’s hand. The struggle of the office work of the father’s office and it will be over.

Massage Pre-Matching For Children And Many Benefits

This helps in increasing the weight of a pre-matching baby. Massage stimulates the “vegas nerve” of the child, which connects many important organs with the stomach of the child to the brain. By stimulating this nerve, leaving the child’s ointment and digestion process improves, thereby increasing the weight of the child.

As a result of the massage, our nervous system improves, which controls the different parts of our body. As a result, the pre-matched baby’s heart rate remains stable. Also, the pre-match routines that are performed regularly in the baby’s brain are found to be normal.

The right time for the calf muscle

The baby’s muscle is never filled with the stomach. So the child should not be on an empty stomach. Because we all know that hunger is a little irritable during the stomach and sleep. So it is best to start after one to one and a half hours after eating the baby. The best time for massage is 1/2 hours before bathing or 1/2 hour before sleeping. Absolutely be aware that the child is calmer than other times because it is very important to have peace of the baby so that the baby’s muscles can enjoy the full. If possible, keep the TV off and keep listening to small volumes when you love listening to children. Always try to keep the room quiet. You can sing songs by multiplying with Babi if you want. The baby is the one who will enjoy more.

What is the need to start before the massage

The place to give body massage should be light-breathable and comfortable. As a vegetable oil, you can use vegetable oil, baby mineral oil, olive oil or a good moisturizer. The baby’s body should not be mashed with sesame oil, almond oil, mustard oil or cream. Because they can cause allergic reactions in addition to skin damage. In this case, a good company should use bottled oil without using open oil. This oil refinances have a low risk of allergic reactions.

The mustard oil is very dense, it can cause skin infections by closing the lymphocyte, so olive oil can be a good solution. However, if any oil gives the skin adhesive, it can easily absorb dust. So do not put oil outside. It is a good time to take oil after bathing. At this time the skin has the most watery part. And this watery part of the oil kept for a long time.

Choose a place to massage where you and the child will feel comfortable. Keep in mind that the room is not cold. Lay the baby on soft towels or sheets. Urien can give Matt below the sheets. If it is winter, you can put light clothes on the child.

As it is a special time for you and the child, keep all kinds of distractions from the room. Keep Mobile Off. Have fun with the baby during massage or continue with light music. It will look good and improve your child’s relationship with you. Keep the words of music small so that the child can listen to you.

Keep it with soft cloth during the massage, so that you can remove oil or lotion. After the massage, keep the baby wearing clothes and the diapers near the hand.

Why not use oil or lotion for baby, first put a small child on the skin, whether there are any reactions in the baby’s skin. Make sure to check the baby before starting the massage. If the child has a disease, use the doctor’s creams.

Things to keep in mind

First wash your hands thoroughly. Keep in mind that the germs in your hands do not come in contact with the skin in any way. Take a little sweat with your own hands before baby oil. Matching oil temperatures with your body temperature is very important.

Start the body’s body with her feet so that she gets time to adjust. Touching on the legs is comfortable for the child because he is accustomed to touching his diaphragm during a change. Try to follow the rules during the massage, such as the first legs, then the stomach, and the chest hands. In this, the child will understand which one will come after it and he will feel comfortable in it.

Try to understand the child’s needs. The child himself will tell you when the masseur needs to be stopped. If the child starts crying at the time of muscle, stop the mucus.

The whole body of children is very flexible. And so any action is to be done carefully. Most of the common mistakes made by mothers are to be massaged. Your little baby does not have the ability to tolerate friction on your palms. Use flexible part of your fingertip rather than hand palm. Remember that as much as possible to massage the baby’s body, the better it is for him. So avoid refraining from hurling or massaging.

How to massage?

In six steps, the baby is well massaged. These are:

Step one: First of all, it is necessary to begin to massage the baby’s legs. The two hands should be gently stretched from the two feet of the hands to the knee. Then gradually massage the upper part of the upper part of the upper body. Children will get comfort if tapping gently with both hands. The fingers of the toes should be gently massage.

Step two: Muscles should be done on the lower side of the stomach. Wandering around the stomach, like a clockwise, will have to be done.

Step three: After the stomach, the muscle starts to the chest. Gently pressing fingers to massage the baby.

Step Four: Then the child will have to stretch his hand lightly and then massage him. The fingers should be spread through the hands of the fingers to the massage.

Step Five: Then the baby’s face should be gradually massaged. Children need comfort with small pressure around the face of the baby.

Step six: Lastly, the baby will have to be properly massaged. The spinal cord should be stretched straight up to the neck so that the spinal cord can be straight and tough.

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