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8 Weeks of Pregnancy

8 Weeks of Pregnancy

Your child has reached almost six weeks of its development. This is a great time for the week to increase. Your father’s leader has started folding and ear formation. Small fingers on your hands and feet, which now look like poultry, are developing and it starts cutting your pregnancy.

At this time the size of the baby is equal to a plum (30 mm or a whole one inch) and about one mm daily. Its size is increasing in size, in which the tail has been nearly matched and there are some signs of humans. If you do not get anything, you’ll have to start handling the fingers and toes in between the little baby.

This week your baby can be called fetus or fats. In the meantime, the heart chamber was formed and the connection to the lungs was connected with Conn.

Calcium has started accumulating in the hungry bones, because it looks like full bone, due to the rapid growth of the brain due to its shape and weight, now the head is covered by half of your baby’s body.

This week’s physical changes and do it yourself

This may be due to changes in body hypertension, which may be more vomiting, smell sensitivity, and mood warmer than previous weeks. And the size may increase. At this time muscular seizures can be felt, your muscles seem to be getting stronger by themselves, it would be incredible.

In the six to eight weeks, vaginal bleeding is seen. If the bleeding does not disappear, then it will go to the doctor on an emergency basis. When the heat of summer or warm weather becomes more weak than usual, it means that blood flow will increase in the body.

It may cause excessive work, hunger, and hot headache. That’s why they should be avoided. If you do not get enough sleep in the night, then sleep in the afternoon to do it. This time you can feel normal and it is good to accept it. Night vision may be even more terrible, and your mood may also be palpitated. In the afternoon, if you are happy, pig milk or reading a book can be useful. If you have a sleep problem, consult a doctor.

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Add more protein, folic acid, and ounce lots of food to your daily diet list. Increasing your relevance requires a lot of these ingredients for the baby’s growth
After being pregnant, the weight increases by 10 to 12 kgs of a mother in nine months, that is normal. To increase the baby’s baby’s healthy growth, she will be consuming 300 calories a day daily.

Pregnancy of the baby’s bone formation and prevention of mother’s bone corrosion, calcium very urgent pregnancy and after delivery, the mother will receive at least 1000 m calcium daily. In addition to the formation of calcium bone, many mothers of eggs, milk, fish, pulse spinach, nuts are available to prevent high blood pressure.

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