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7 Weeks of Pregnancy

7 Weeks of Pregnancy

The length of your womb is now about 1 centimeter. Your fetus is slowly becoming a small person. At this time the bone structure began. This week the baby’s brain development has been fast.

About 100 new cells are created every minute. Kidney formation of the baby has started, but it is no longer operational. The genitalia continues to develop slowly but it cannot be caught in the ultrasound right now.

Your pregnant baby is still in the embryo. In the form of it, it is equivalent to a kalam. But now its size is twice the previous week. There will be a new swell to its head where hundreds of cells are growing in the minute, which will turn into a brain.

In front of the head, the eyes of the small dotted areas look like tolls, and the thick spots will be visible. Besides, other swelling in the body at different places will grow in the form of muscles and bone.

There will also be a few swollen sections, which are called limb buds – from which hands and feet will be made. As the other organs grow rapidly in the body, the tail-like part of the back will slowly disappear.

Body changes this week

Pregnant mothers may suffer from constipation this time due to excessive emission of progesterone hormone. Normally you may feel nausea at the beginning of the day. It can be said to be the primary symptom of pregnancy. During pregnancy, this type of feeling can occur at any time of day. Pregnant mothers cannot eat anything at this time. Even they can not smell and tolerate any food.

During pregnancy the uterus increases in size. This increase in size increases the pressure on the uterus urine bag. That is why before urine pouch is full, urine gets repeatedly.

White labor can go on for hormone estrogen and blood supply during pregnancy. Loose dress should be clean and clean. If you have a bad smell or white itching, then consult a doctor quickly.

Breasts can become more sensitive than ever before. And the size may increase.

Due to excessive emission of progesterone hormone, acidity/chest burns are created this time.

Hormone levels and increased pregnancy anxiety can lead to sleep problems and your dreams may also seem alive. Thus sleep deficiency and excess stress can tire you, but your condition improves after the first three months of pregnancy expire.

This week’s pregnancy can be done

Add more protein, folic acid, and urine rich foods to your daily diet list. These ingredients are much more needed for the growth of the baby growing in your womb. There is no need to drink plenty of water for constipation. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. There are fiber foods such as vegetables, fruits, banquets, pulses, flour etc.

No medicines can be used to remove constipation without consulting the doctor. Even if you have acidity, you will have to eat a little less frequently. Eat less of oily food, fries, and more spicy food.Benefits of eating more food together are beneficial.

Eat less water while eating. Drink more water between the two meals. Do not fall or fall into bed immediately after eating. Talk to a child specialist doctor beforehand for your child so that if there is any problem, then he can get the call besides him.

During pregnancy, dental care is very important. Dump should be kept clean during this time. During pregnancy, there is a lot of blood flow in the mouth. Therefore, care should be taken from morning to morning care. The need to brush the teeth before bedtime every morning and night. Consult a dentist for any problems with teeth or gums. To keep the body healthy and exercise for pregnancy during pregnancy is absolutely necessary.

All-hour walks in the evening all evening and helps in the proper movement of blood and muscles are healthy and vigorous.

This week is most likely to have a miscarriage. According to the statistics, two pregnancies per week were abortion. Be cautious about signs of miscarriage and know what may be the reason. If you have become accustomed to during pregnancy, something that can cause a serious mental disorder.

During this time, your doctor will be able to help you with physical issues, problem-solving and treatment, but discuss this with your partner too, because if something happens, he can also break down.

Discuss this with other women, and you will be surprised to know how many more people have gone through this experience. Try to increase the amount of food. It will help you with abdominal cramps. Herbal tea is also beneficial. In this, maybe the doctor’s appointment was correct. Make a list of what to ask the doctor.

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