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7 tips for making the right eating habits for the baby

7 tips for making the right eating habits for the baby

There is probably no day in which a child’s mother is not complaining, “My child does not eat anything. Please, do something “. Actually, the question of feeding kids is the most common question that comes from everyone, but whose satisfactory answer is most difficult. A young mother gets lots of conflicting opinions and advice from a variety of family members, friends, the Internet, social media, peer-savvy friends, etc. and they are influenced by deeply rooted traditional habits, ancient beliefs, and misconceptions about children’s eating habits. For hours trying to feed the child has become a habit of trying to overcome the hours, which are rarely seen, and following this procedure, many parents have become headaches. This is my little effort to make them feel uninterested.


When the baby starts eating the first solid, many mothers-babies become unstable with her food. And this unrest usually plays a key role in creating awareness of the child’s discomfort. Children aged five to eight months play enough of their mother’s milk, they eat too much of extra food. It is enough to take care of the food that is eaten and nutritious. The quantity and taste of a child’s diet are quite different, so keep yourself free of comparisons and unwanted anxiety. If you have leftovers in a baby food bowl, it is best not to stress too much to finish it. This may lead to the disadvantage of food later.

Tips- 2

The first meal made for the baby needs soft and easy-to-be. Then there is a variety of food and food flavors. If the child likes, then our daily cooking spice can be used in his diet. If cooked for themselves is cooked well, then it can be started from seven to eight months. However, it is not advisable to give some advice to anyone, because eating and cooking habits of one family are different. Therefore it is reasonable to add diversity to the food according to the needs and interests of the child. If a child does not like a special meal, it is very unfair to feed him by force or by temptation or fear, even if the food is very nutritious – even then. In the case of Ashdays, stop giving the food to the prisoner, and after a few days, you can serve in some way, it mostly works.


During feeding, feeding the child by launching songs, rhymes or TVs on different devices has become a lot of obedience nowadays. They can never realize that children are consuming them unnecessarily, and enjoying one type of food. It also disrupts the digestion of food. We can see how enjoyable it is to get food and eat food, looking at the children of a little poor family. So the child does not want to eat anything, it is only spoken in high-middle-class / upper-class urban families like us.


Break the baby’s lunch schedule. The only mother’s milk ‘On Demand’ is a meal that can be given at any time for as long as 18 months. But other meals should be offered to the child after a certain time – clearly tell the child to feel hungry. Interval must be at least 3 to 4 hours, at least for full-meal / snacks. Meanwhile, the milk and other liquids will eat. Anyone who is healthy will eat food if he is hungry, so do not offer it to the child after a certain time, or offer food after the scheduled time or if he shows any symptoms of his hunger.

Tips- 5

Avoid tin / packaged foods completely. Processed foods contain preferential and excessive sodium, which threatens both the health and the health of the baby. If you go out of the restaurant or go out, ‘What will one day play?’ Chips, brooch, frozen fries should not be served food, because once the taste of these foods increases, the children are encouraged by them and later they are reluctant to eat their regular food. Therefore, it is better not to give the food to the shop, packet food, ice cream etc., at least 2 to 3 years.


Always encourage him to eat, let him eat from him, but of course, in the presence of adults. Instead of being disturbed if he does not bother, please ventilate for what he has eaten. The children are most happy if they get encouraged.


It is normal that after the illness the kids will express their displeasure for food for several days. This can last from one week to three weeks, and this time the baby may lose weight. However, parents have to be especially patient during this time. It is necessary to try to feed food, not to eat or to eat, but rather to feed more liquid foods, fruits and fruit juices. As soon as the body is healthy, the taste and the weight of the child come back to the state. However, if the aruti persists for a few weeks and continue to lose weight, consult a doctor.

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