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6 Weeks of Pregnancy

6 Weeks of Pregnancy

This week of pregnancy is very important because at this time many changes in your baby’s baby begin to come. At this time after catching the shape of the baby at the ultrasound. The child is 5-6 mm tall at this time. The baby’s nose, mouth, ears slowly begin to take shape.

The size of the head is relatively large and it can be seen in black spot, where the child’s eyes and nose formation begin. There is a little pressed on the side of the head where the baby’s ears begin to take shape. Muscles are seen on both sides of the body, which can be seen in the hands and feet slowly.

The heart of the child is divided from one cell to the four chambers. At this time the heart rate is 100-160 times in the minute, which is near twice the number of adult people. The heart starts blood flow throughout the baby’s body. The process of formation of internal organs of the child begins and starts.

In this small body, liver, kidney and respiratory formation begin. The baby’s body is still coiled. His head is still bigger than the body. He does not understand the son or daughter ultra-sound scan yet. Although she has only passed six weeks, she still understands the feeling of touch and responds accordingly.

Body changes this week

There may be many tiredness in pregnancy this week because you spend a lot of energy on the baby’s development.

There may be some changes in your behavior this week. You may sometimes become emotional and may become cheerful. You may suffer from discomfort in pregnancy symptoms.
Maybe more vomiting, smell sensitive and mood swings than previous weeks. This is because of the body’s hormonal changes.

Breasts can become more sensitive than ever before. And the size may increase. Spitting or vaginal discharge is normal at a time, which is only about one-fourth of the mothers. However, if it is high and feels pain with it, then consult the specialist. Because it may be a warning of a micro’s or a pregnancy.

Some mothers may have a headache. But in that case, you should take adequate rest by not eating that medicines. A lot of water, bath in hot water, or massage in the head massage. There may also be symptoms of frequent urination, constipation, abdominal pain, food disorders, etc.

This week’s taxable

Since the pregnancy has a significant change in the child’s time, avoid all the unhealthy foods from now on. Take precautions of any type of medicine and consult an expert before using any medicines. According to the National Women’s Health Information Center (NWHIC), a pregnant mother should receive a daily 4-milligram folic acid. Folic acid is available in many foods.

Such as vegetables, broccoli, lettuce, citrus fruits, lentils, pulses, peas etc. During pregnancy, at least 8 glasses of water should be consumed daily. Juices can be eaten and eaten. But remember, there are many calories in the juice. Coffee, tea or soda drinks should not be eaten at all.

Add more protein, folic acid, and urine rich foods to your daily diet list. These ingredients are very much needed for the growth of the baby growing in your womb. Avoid external junk foods. Due to junk food, get attracted to fruits. Many pregnant women suffer from constipation. Take a short stride through the leafy vegetables and fruit foods.

If you eat a lot of food at one time, the mother will also be under pressure, so start eating a small number of small breaks, it will not ruin your taste or get some relief. Try to eat six or more of your meals at a small break without consuming three meals a day.

If there is a lack of vitamins and minerals in the mother’s body during pregnancy, it will also affect the baby’s body. So take the advice of the doctor, additional minerals and vitamins rich medicines. But never take it without consultation with your doctor. Also, make sure you have enough amounts of Folic Acid that you are taking Vitamin Drugs.

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If the mothers of pregnant mothers are good all the time, then the emotional development of the pregnant baby is good. At this time, the family should help keep the pregnant mother away from stress. At this time husband’s role is very important.

It is its main job to have proper co-operation with the honey relationship with the wife. Since the size of your breast is bigger then buy the bra according to the size of the breast.

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