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40 Weeks of Pregnancy

40 Weeks of Pregnancy

You say delivery at the back but your child does not stop growing. Until the baby was born, its growth continued.His hair and nails also grow in equal proportion. By this week, the size of the baby will be roughly equal to a large jackfruit. By this week, the size of the baby will be roughly equal to a large jackfruit. Now she is ready to come out. His hair will grow bigger and the nails roughly to grow on the edge of the fingers.

Take a pair only for a child in the hospital bag. The baby can be with a lot of nails. It is not ok to have a baby nail after birth. You can put you, hands in the hands of the child so that the child can not touch his body with nails. It is not possible to say how big or how big your baby will be born with. But usually, the weight of healthy vigorous baby birth is 3.3 kg or 7.3 pounds.

The baby will not move much longer anymore, and the doctor will tell you how many times the child has spent counting on the day. CTG, Cardiotocography) can be done to determine whether the heart’s heart is functioning properly and its muscular strength. Your baby’s head bone is not quite strong yet. The bone of his head is not strong so that he can exposable out with the uterus. During delivery, these will move on one another or move away from the mother and welcome mother with the vagina of the mother. It is called molding. For this reathe comet shape of the baby’s head is somewhat drawn-curved, especially if you give birth to a normal child. It is normal and a matter of little time. Within a few days, the shape of the head becomes normal. But the bones of the head are soft for one year. Many women get normal birth by 42 weeks. Your doctor keeps your eyes on you and your baby.

Pregnancy you 40 weeks

Normalize the last week of your pregnancy and your baby is ready to be born now. Be prepared for a variety of dramatic moments, whether it’s time to break the water and the beginning of childbirth. You may be under intense mental pressure when it starts. Instead of doing it, keep yourself calm with a long breath. Take a look at whether others everything is perfect for the last time. The bag should be rolled out in the same. Check whether important phone numbers are in hand, whether the phone is charged or not. bit more Braxton Hicks contraction this week, but you also need to understand when the start of the original collapse. Your pelvis will now be very tight and heavy because the pelvic wheel will work extra to give the uterus that is expanding. Take a break after a while and sit down whenever possible. Sleep may not be possible at all, but as much as possible. Sleep even when possible for a short period of time, because if the child once falls to the ground, nothing will remain in the dictionary for a long time.

You may think that you are not giving birth to a baby at the right time. The date given is actually a guess. In most cases, it is back I the past. In most cases, it is back in the past. There is nothing to worry about. In 40 weeks, doctors do not think your child is delayed from prescribed time. After 40 weeks, once a week, the doctor has to go for a test. If your pregnancy is normal, then in 41 weeks the doctor may ask you to try naturally in any manner. If you do not have a child future after passing a certain possible date, what are the ideas about what to do?

Some things to do this week

You may have problems sleeping in the meantime. If you do not sleep at night then try to sleep on the day. If there is a problem sleeping in bed, sleep on the sofa easy chair. Take plenty of rest and keep the energy stored because there will be plenty of energy during delivery. Your eyes may get a little blurred. This is because sleep is low. Do not worry, it will not harm your child. Do not worry, it will not harm your child.

It is very important to keep the child’s movements in mind this week. If the movement seems less, tell your doctor without delay. Until childbirth, there may be any signs of childhood movement and this can be a shortcoming of the movement.

Do you disturb your friends or relatives by calling them again and again? If so, tell them not to take the psychological pressure, and you will call them after their birth. Check for the last time, whether there is a full charge on mobile, whether there is oil in the car, or whether the hospital the bag is fully prepared. This is the last chance to go to your partner before going to the hospital. During this time, two people can spend some time alone. Many women break the water during delivery, but many may break the water before delivery. In the mother,’s womb, a baby called ‘amniotic sac’ became big in the womb. This bag breaks down on the baby’s delivery and during this time the notice water comes out. Anyway, you should contact the doctor right away. Most mothers start bleeding before the water breaks. However, in some cases, the water may break before the pain of labor. But even after the water broke down, mom’s pain began to rise soon after. However, if the pain does not get hurt after a few minutes, then the doctor will artificially remove the labor pane (Induced Labor). Because of this, children may be infected with germs in a very short period of time without the safety of the potter.

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  • From the beginning of delivery to the baby until the birth (normal delivery).
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If the child’s name is not fixed then fix it quickly. From the first day, the baby’s nineteen should be kept clean. Learn how to keep the baby’s nurse clean. Your body also needs to be careful with your baby. Find out how to take care of your body after birth. If you think your labor pains have started but you are not sure, call the doctor and tall the symptoms.

Be careful when going to the bathroom. The types of sandals that have the slightest risk of slipping legs, they can be quickly discarded and use ‘safe’ pattern sandals. Make sure your bathroom is dry during use.

Mother always has the courage and courage of the family members. In any way, he cannot be scared to speak out of fear. A mother and her family can give birth to a healthy, beautiful and vigorous child. Preparation and emotional courage are nothing. In a short time, you can kiss your grandfather’s face.

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