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4 Weeks of Pregnancy

4 Weeks of Pregnancy

Congratulations !! If you find out that you are pregnant, but lucky to many. Because many people do not get the gospel of pregnancy in 4 weeks. At this stage, the development of the organs of the child began, which eventually formed the face, neck, and throat.

The development of heart and blood vessels and arteries continues. The development of lungs, stomach, and liver begins. At this time your frown size is equal to a poppy beak. It has two stages from which all its organs are developed.

Your baby is now one-fifth of an inch in length. You will not see his eyes, ears or face, your baby is starting to see, hear, speak and form physical structure. Your small embryo will quickly turn to the finger and toes on the hand.

At the top of the cell is the groove. The fold of the cell and the rear hollow tube which is known as neural tubes. This will be the child’s brain and spinal cord. So the tube has a part of the head and tail of it.

The next five weeks are critical for you because the child’s growth has increased. At this time, the growth of the Rudimentary Placenta and the ambulatory cord, which transmits oxygen and other nutrients from the mother to the body.

Your Body Changes

  • The abdomen may have armpit or stomach swollenness. There may be more gas than normal in the stomach
  • Nausea and morning sickness may start. Some foods may come in disarray.
  • Softness and nipple in the breast may become very sensitive. Drawing and growth of the breast may increase.
  • Frequent urine pressure can press.
  • Light spotting can be seen.
  • Mood swing is unheard of, mood swings, anger. Both feel good or bad, they are very intense.

This week’s taxable

  • Meet and consult with Gynecologist.
  • Do not go to excess heat. Physical temperature increase can be an obstacle to the formation of the child.
  • Develop healthy and balanced diet habits.
  • Do not forget to take folic acid.
  • Remember that it is important to have fathers and roles with mothers in case of pregnancy. Parents should always give their mothers mental support during this time.
  • Olivevel can start abdominal stomach during pregnancy during pregnancy.
  • Exercise will help develop your good muscle, strength, and tolerance. This will help reduce your excess weight (if you have more weight) or help keep weight under control which is very important during your pregnancy. Exercise will help you to get back to the earliest conditions after your pregnancy. You can choose your tolerant exercise. It is not possible to swim or walk. You can also moderately swim or walk. You can also do some simple yoga, there is special yoga for pregnancy. Learn about body exercises during pregnancy.

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