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38 Weeks of Pregnancy

38 Weeks of Pregnancy

Your pregnancy this week of pregnancy will be like a sweet pony head. Now it will weigh about 6-9 pounds, and its head and belly will also be the same. Many new babies have 1 to 1.5-inch long hair during birth, and many children do not have hair on their head. In this situation, the child is full of the uterus. During this time the body of the mother’s body antibody is going away. These antibodies protect the child from the first six months of his life. From now on, the child will start slowing down. Its pulse is now 4 times thicker than 20 weeks ago. His prepared fully well-formed and he is now fully prepared to live outside the cervix.

The baby’s body fat will now be thick and its weight freely to grow.Dust the decrease in the stomach, now he cannot move like before. But if you think the child is not moving at all then talk to the doctor immediately.

Before the baby is born, her head may fall along the pelvis in the tall week and doctored ‘engagement’. But sometimes this does not happen before the labor pains start. If doctored a boy, then his testicle will slowly move downwards. For some children t, the testicles are raised upward, which return to the normal place in the year of birth. After birth, the baby’s testicles and testicles for the child’s baby are little swollen, which becomes normal during the week of birth.

In the 38th week, your child is caught in the flower term. Even though your official due date and a couple of weeks later. Generally, 85 percent of the children are born within two weeks of due date. So now you can give birth to any time in the next four week.

You have a week of pregnancy

The mother will have pain in the back and frequent urine. The false peninsula is also possible bonuses the lower part of the mother’s body is now Preparing to give birth. At this time, the doctor will again examine the position of the baby, the position of the road and the condition of the mother’s body. Mom now gives birth to a whole ready baby.

Now you will see it as huge, and you yourself too will feel huge. You will always be ahead in front of your grand ‘pregnant’ belly. Finding a comfortable face for sleeping will seem to be absolutely impossible. There is no way to get rid of sweat. Due to the fact that your body’s blood vessels will cause heavy cervical pressure on the body, it will hinder the blood circulation of the body.

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Your colostrum will already be produced on your breasts. Your breasts look heavy and uncomfortable, but at the same time, they will be ready for the nutrition of the newborn. During this time you will want to be healthy and free from diseases, and therefore you have to stay away from the sick people. If the legs of ankle blossom and blossomed feet become blended, there is nothing to worry about. After the baby is born, decreases (diuresis, extra urine production) will take extra flu, id out of your body.

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The pressure on your chest may become more intolerable due to pressure on the digestive system. There may also be feelings of irritation along with bleeding. If you feel that the pain of childbirth has started, talk to the doctor to be sure. As the child is now standing on the pelvis at the top, the pressure on your bladder will increase again and due to the overwhelming pressure, the mute smell will not hold too much urine anymore. As a result, now you have to go to the bathroom shortly after.

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The intestine of the baby’s womb will now make the black adhesive material in the meconium. The first few days after birth, he will leave this substance as a stool. When the baby swallowed amniotic fluid while still in the stomach, the substances started to grow slowly. If the melons having problems during childbirth, the child may start taking out this alongside the cervix. Which of course is a bad symptom. Which of course is a bad symptom. If your water breaks down and you see that there is a feeling of water in the budget, then the doctor will have to report it immediately.

Some tips for pregnancy this week

Your delivery plan should already be made. It’s important that you decide what to do, how and where you want to be delivered during delivery. If you have more children, then you have to decide who will be in the care of him/her while you are not there. To get to the hospital, start packing the bags so that at any time when the pains start, only the bag can be taken away. There may be several types of expenses during hospitalization. And make the necessary funds for that beforehand. Keep your relatives close to your needs. Keep in mind those of your relatives who associate your blood group with them. Make preparations to call them for your blood’s needs. It may be that this is the last week of your pregnancy!

You will have an appointment with the doctor this week for the last time, unless the child is delayed from getting pregnant. Write down all the questions you want to ask the doctor on paper so that you can not miss any questions. You can unless fed hospital on a day-to-day basis to get a test drive so that you know beforehand when it takes time to go to a street, it cannot be reached at any street. If this is your first pregnancy, then keep one with someone other than a husband to be with childbirth. Maybe your husband is more nervous than you may see. Nobody wants to handle him.

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Be careful when going to the bathroom. The types of crusade that have the slightest risk of slipping legs, they can be quickunless red and use ‘safe’ pattern sandals. Make sure your bathroom is dry during use.
It is also a misconception that pregnancy can never be used in pregnancy. Without special physical problems or problem, after the first two months and the last month after the conjunction, all the time, the intercourse is safe. Condoms should always be used for physical intercourse during pregnancy. In this case, there are many types of germs in the crusade.

At the same time, the risk of Uterine contracting or sudden bleeding is very low.Many people spent the entire time sitting in Pregnancy. It should not be at all. If the doctor tells you not to stay on bed rest, and have no other complications, stay active. Do light work at home. Spend your doctor with advice. Go for morning and evening. The weight will be low, the body will be healthy, the normal delivery channels will increase.

Check out the doctor about safe delivery. It is important to have a mental preparation for the mother. Know your mother’s duties after birth, during pregnancy. After the delivery, the mother needs adequate food and rest. Immediately after birth, the baby will be given breast milk. In addition to the child’s eye care, immunization rules and delivery, know about the method of birth control.

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