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31 Weeks of Pregnancy

31 Weeks of Pregnancy

The weight of the pregnancy week is 1700-1800 and the weight of 42 is Mr. Is tall. The baby can be compared to a pineapple this week. She will become so big that the pressure on your lungs will increase and you will feel like your breath stops. His movement will be more than ever before and after some time you will feel his kicks. The signs that your baby is healthy. So if he does not let you sleep all night, you should rather be happy. She will now spend a lot of time at REM (Rapid Eye Movement) level which is very important.Because at the same time, his brain will develop, and his nerves will become stronger and stronger to adapt to the outside world.

By now the skin of the skin and the body of the skin in its skin will become much smoother now.His hands and feet will become very nutritious and nutritious. From this week the child will start to grow fast. You can get this change once you measure weight once per week.

The baby’s nervous system arrives at such a stage in the 31st week, when it can control body temperature. The bone marrow of the body now produces red blood cells of the body which liver before it.

Pregnant 31 Weeks You

Find out if your weight gain is normal, with the help of our pregnancy waif this is your first child, then the doctor will measure your stomach in the 31st week and see how much the baby is sitting above. This is important because- If your baby’s head is not in the right direction then complications may arise during delivery.

This week, the doctor will examine your blood pressure, check whether the protein balance is correct or not, examine the urine and discuss the results of the tests that were done during your previous appointment.

Now maybe you’ll be a little more unhappy and forget about the important thing! This is not a complicated scientific problem, but a common occurrence of pregnancy. If you are thinking more about it, the sense of humor can increase.

From your breasts, now a small amount of milk (pre-milk / colostrum) will be released. The first few days before the preparation of milk suitable for the feeding of the baby, the fluid is produced. Put wipes on the tissue or nursing pad under the bra to avoid any uncomfortable circumstances.

Feeling like going off? The feeling of being close to pregnancy is very normal. It is believed that your abdominal stomach pressure (abdominal and chest curtains) may occur. Nails may change during pregnancy. Problems like breaking nails or becoming rigid. But it is not known why.

Braxton-Hicks Connection: Pregnancy is a very normal occurrence. The stomach pressure was felt due to contraction of the uterus muscles. This can occur at least 37 weeks of pregnancy. False Pain or “Braxton Hicks” is a natural practice for the preparation of uterus before being a real labor pane. The rest of the trimester fills a lot of Braxton Hicks and nobody else does it. But the problem is that the fruit pen and what is the real labor pane that first-time pregnancy does not understand many times. If there is a lot of problems then definitely tell the doctor.

During the pregnancy, the uterus develops and increases the pressure in the urine bag. That is why urine pressure is felt before urine pouch is full. Because of that, there is frequent urine, there is nothing to worry about. Due to frequent urination, water should not be eaten less, but drink enough water. However, the doctor advised urinating to check if there are any infections or whether diabetes is there or not. If you have to take treatment accordingly.

This can occur at the end of pregnancy, especially when there is a slight cough or not able to hold urine while raising a little heavier. If there is a problem in the urine, it will be beneficial if the doctor advises you to exercise urine and muscles around the anus.

There may be some water on the foot near the end of the pregnancy. If there is a lot of blood pressure in excess of the leg swelling or legs, then pre-ekalisacias are thought to be treated, then the doctor should consult with the advice.

Some Tips for Pregnancy This Week

During pregnancy, body weight increased. Apart from this, the ligaments of the limb are also somewhat soft and flexible, which can cause pain in the back and waist. There should be some rules to solve this problem.The spine should be kept straight while standing or sitting. Sometimes you have to sit back and sit on a long stretch or sit down. Low-heeled shoes should be used without using high-heeled shoes. Usually due to lack of calcium, this type of pain is, so it will be beneficial to eat calcium-rich foods. Calcium tablets can be eaten as per requirement.

Pregnant women do not have too much urinary tract infection compared to other women. However, if the pregnant women get infected with urinary infection, the infraction can spread to the kidney in most cases. According to several reports, about two to four percent of pregnant women are infected with urinary tract infections. Scientists believe that due to hormonal changes in pregnancy and the position of the urinary tract is removed, bacteria can easily reach kidney in the kidneys. That is why during pregnancy, at least once a month, urine examinations should be seen whether there is any infection.

As such, there is no other infection than many other people, such as listwise, Urien Examination Sulla Bay Shin. Benefits of eating oily food, fried foods, and more spicy foods are also available. Drink less water while eating. Do not fall or fall into bed immediately after eating. An Antidepressant-bused medication may be used for the doctor’s advice. Do not take medicine for any type of gastric problems without advice.

If you smoke in pregnancy, then your baby is underweight. Indirect smoking also has the same damage. Avoid drugs without prescription: Side effects of medicines can cause physical and emotional damage to the child’s abdomen.

So no medicines can be availed without the prescribed doctor’s prescription. Not lying down and sitting on the floor, it is not a day’s breakthrough. Want to get enough rest in the job Do normal activities. However, avoid heavy work, such as sweeping clothes, lifting heavy items, moving on fast. Be very careful about the first three months and the last two months of hard work. Slow down the stairs.

Little extra calories should be in the food. Apart from this, the baby needs extra food for the pregnancy. Must have food for Vitamin and Mineral salt necessary. Vegetables, fruits can be found in these fruits. It’s good to eat fish. Drinking enough water every day.

During pregnancy, some seats, breathing, and freehand exercises may keep away nausea, gastric, pain, sore pain and emotional stress. At this time, the body produces Relaxin hormones, which makes the pimples smooth. Unrest in the body during pregnancy. The lower abdomen causes pressure on the spinal cord, resulting in increased back pain, and decreases sleep during the night. However, these problems will get comfortable with the pregnancy and some other timely exercises.

If your pregnant mother is a working woman, consult your doctor about what kind of work and how long you can do that work. Your health and your pregnancy will depend on whether or not to work on your condition.

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